Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Rochdale Council demolish homes to plant poppy fields...

In some parts of the world, poppy fields are destroyed in an attempt to destroy the heroin trade.

Someone must be on some pretty strong drugs here in Rochdale as the reverse is happening.

Homes have been flattened and the resulting wasteground has now been planted with wildflowers. But fear not, this time Rochdale Council hasn't gone to pot. Instead, have they gone straight for the Class A's? Opium Poppies?


The story has come out as a result of some pretty far-out spin...even by Rochdale Council/RDA standards.

Despite millions of pounds being pumped into Rochdale through the government Pathfinder scheme for new homes, word on the (bombed out) streets of Central Ward is that the scheme has spectactularly gone to seed.

It seems that in a work of sheer genius, the Rochdale Development (sic) Agency and their buddies have actually demolished more houses that have been built.

In the past few years, confident billboards where put up around the demolition sites bragging that "Rochdale is Booming". Today those embarressing reminders of civic waste and mismanagement have been quietly taken down. Rochdale is officially not booming - yet the huge salary cheques to the architects of Rochdale's failed regeneration are still being cashed. Obviously not performance related pay.

http://www.investinrochdale.co.uk/images/john_hudson_2.jpg http://m.gmgrd.co.uk/res/402.$plit/C_71_article_1107055_image_list_image_list_item_0_image.jpg
Dill ? Doe ?

About £250,000 a year covers the salaries of RDA boss John Hudson and RMBC Chief Exec Roger Ellis. Put together the two form a full wit. But the joke is on Rochdale.

"Much needed homes" is the cry whenever politicians and regeneration consultants want their friendly MP to pursuade the local planning committee to approve profitable development schemes. Rochdale has had its fair share of dodgy planning approvals but even the straightforward ones have led to civic mismanagement that is now being covered up with expensive media spin and waffle.

The recent poppy fields press release is gushing:

"...Comments such as 'beautiful', 'stunning', ''it lifted me' and 'why can't we have that in our area' have been used to describe a formerly unused piece of land in Entwisle Road..."

Eh? Formerly unused land? Until recently people lived there in perfectly serviceable homes.

As the wheels continue to fall off regeneration in Rochdale, local communities are being badly let down.

But at least they get a bunch of flowers for their trouble.

TRANSFORMATION ... the new wildflower site created by the council


Anonymous said...

I tune into RAW whenever I can to catch up with our calamitous council's latest capers.

Now that Bernard Manning's passed away it' good to know that the spirit of the comedians still lives in Cyril, Rowen and Couzens.

This is the funniest post I've read in ages. Keep it up guys!

Aristotle said...

Bernard Manning and Cyril were good friends. There are quite a few Rochdale Lib Dems who still share rather quaint views on "coloured folks" and "western oriental gentlemen".
There are also some who privately fully support the Iraq war and long term occupation of Afganistan. Quite a few support Zionism through their clandestine Freemasonry activity. Paul Rowen supports nuclear power and is against windfarms.

Rochdale is one hell of a screwed up place. The screwing started years ago and has become institutionalised.

Go to any civic function and you will spot the usual dry humpers who have no idea the distain ordinary decent hard working people have for these deluded freeloaders.

Church Stile Mole said...

Check out the saga of the Dale Mill site off Albeert Royds Street.

A major RDA 4cup. Roger Ellis has been going bonkers about the failed development of the site. Barretts pulled out at the same time as Kingsway going wobbly. He has been that worried about egg on face that a deal has been done to funnel shitloads of cash incentives to bring new investors in.

And just down Halifax Road decent old residents of bungalows have had a terrible time with the RDA planning to boot these vulnerable very old people out of their homes.

Perfectly good houses have been demolished all over Rochdale just so these tossers can present "exciting" overpriced, substandard regeneration.

Rochdale cowboys!

Anonymous said...

there are a hell of a lot of emails doing the rounds in Rochdale at the moment. It looks like an orchestrated campaign by Drake Street Lib Dem HQ pulling the strings of some disaffected millitants who are willing to tell lies and spread vicious rumours in an attempt to damage reputations. It smacks of utter desperation and ordinary people will see right through it.

Hugh Muir's has a fair assessment of Rochdale grubby smears in today's Guardian. From London this looks like a whimpering backfire for the dirty tactics of a desperate Team Rowen (and little helpers- including Peace Off Gilligan and the Famous Five).

And now Robin Parker has written himself off. The same man who Dave Hennigan was smearing about old social service shenanighans just before Cllr Pasrker was to be made Mayor. Dave doesn't pay his ddebts given his bragging that Mayor Parker would be "gone" within a month. Funny old world.

Some of the emails doing the rounds have come from the Malcolm direction of Rowen Online (the troubled Rochdale Online) that gratefully accepted a substantial sum of money from Paul Rowen's Parliamentary Communication Allowance for "web services". These services seem to include some highly suspect attempts at journalism, swift editing of readers comments and a backdoor corraling via email of reliable regular forum contributors.

All blindingly obvious to those in the know.

Is it any wonder that Rochdale Council and many local businesses are wary of being associated with the Rochdale Online brand- despite Brotherly efforts at Richard Street.

Anonymous said...

Dear RAW,

You are normally very much on the ball when reporting on the political scandals that hit out town.

How have you managed to miss this:

Danczuk divorced for adultery
Date published: 09/09/2009

Sonia Milewski, wife of Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate Simon Danczuk, has secured a Decree Nisi against her husband (though the divorce will not be finalised until it is made absolute) on the ground of an irretrievable breakdown; the divorce papers state: “the facts found proved being the Respondent’s [Mr Danczuk] adultery”.

Despite his earlier denials, 42-year-old Mr Danczuk now admits he is the father of 27-year-old Karen Burke's child - and of the child she is currently expecting.

Mr Danczuk is at the centre of controversial allegations made against him, by party members and others, and there is to be a Labour Party disciplinary hearing into seven local party members who called for a full investigation into those allegations. The disciplinary hearing is being brought against the seven on the ground that they have brought the Party into disrepute, and if found guilty, they could be expelled.

The hearing, on 13 and 14 September, will take place in private, at the Broadfield Hotel in Rochdale, but it is understood that the seven will defend their actions, and will be supported by Mr Danczuk's estranged wife Sonia Milewski and Ms Burke's brother Steven Burke.

MJX Pornography said...

I see that serial pornographer - and knocker of 10 years from his age when paying moggels to pose naked for him - Malcolm Porn-O has been making a tit of himself at the Broadfield. Telephoto lens a go-go.

That Parliamentary Communications Allowance is paying for itself as the wheeled webmaster is doing one for the Queen toaday as Rochdale Onlines mystery "reporter".

All this talk of adultary, alledged abuse and sexual shenanighans with younger women or "mistresses" is interesting stuff.

At least Paul Rowen doesn't have the worry of ex-wives or children. But the ring he wears on this wedding finger is a mystery.

Cyril loves kids- that why he is still so active with the charidee he founded- Rochdale Childer. Suppose Cambridge House was just a warm up.

And Malcolm Porno? Cunning plan to be the next Tory PPC for Rochdale. Brilliant- he has worked hard enough for it- especially with all the emails and calls he has been making. Then there are the new Forum members on Rowen Online that have doubled the usual sad crew. And what with chaperoning young moggels at Rochdale Town Centre Awards ceremonies poor Pauline must never get chance to see her born again 40, er 50 year old husband.

As for the gang of Militant disaffected oddballs. The Lib Dems and Tankie Peace weirdo Gillighan have been circulating emails and "strategies" for ages.

With this bunch of Phoenix Night and Royston Vasey cranks Rochdale is becoming a laughing stock.

oops-whose had all the vodka said...

Added to that you have the leader of the British section of an International Trots organisation, (for this post to be named the failed trot) as one of Danczuk's main men-a man who for years openly worked against Lorna and Allan Brett but his now one of Brett's co-op and Danczuk buddies!

Drunkagain , Rowen,the failed Trot and Danczuk, the magnificent 4 of Rochdale politics. Fib dems and Danczuk Labour USELESS.

Bring back Lorna Fitzsimons-at least she was open about her right wing pro Zionist and Blairite policies!

Yes its time to bring Rowen, Smith and the rest of the motley crew down but there has to be a positive fight to win the seat from the useless Libs, not a campaign based on bananas.

Batman and... said...

ah yes Lorna Fitzsimons, former Rochdale MP. The woman that a few disaffected oddballs in the local labour party refused to help out at election time- so were then suspended. Now they attack her elected replacement, together with some aggressive bullying of those close to him.

It follows a nasty familiar pattern.

Do I also detect a whiff of anti semitism to go with the patronisation of women?

Zionist Lorna? Sounds familiar. MPACUK were appauling in 2005. "Leading" Lib Dem Mohammed Shafiq was at the town hall with them that night- the Police needed to be called with all the antisemetic chanting and threats that were witnessed.

Who stayed silent and who benefitted points to the true disgrace of such behaviour.

The full truth will out.

He's not the Labour PPC. He's a very naughty boy said...

I'm very disappointed with RAW. For all the current upheavals in Rochdale CLP you seem to have precious little to say.

Maybe that's because it is even beyond your peurile humour to work some of you usual cliched knob jokes into the narrative of a Labour PPC kicking out 7 Labour activists for telling the truth about him.

I think the Daily Mirror knows something about the whole story, don't you, children?

cider gives you gut rot said...

or the whole attempt by Paul Rowen's expensive little helpers, Tory boy Malcolm Porn-O, the armed wing of Rochdale Peace group and a small bunch Michael foot-in-mouthites may be just spinning the mother of all slurs against a guy who is effectively taking to task the current MP and bent local set up.

He must be doing well for the venemous bile that is spewing forth in such a clumsy and cackhanded manner.

Have patience RAW. The truth will all come out in the wash. But will Rochdale be cleaned up? Will there be a grubby dirty tidemark if the neer' do wells and bar room pontificators turn out to be shabby conspiracy freaks and liars.

Dave Hennighan must be spitting feathers. He planned that this dirty little smear campaign should build a head of steam in early 2010.

Plan B is emerging. To try to split the labour vote instead. Encouragment for a "Real Labour Party" or moves to have a Respect (sic) candidate is coming from Master Hennighan, aggressive peace campaigner and sex abuse expert (but Cyril denier) Gillghan, yoof anti Zionist and Ramadan Foundation Ltd CEO EIEIO President Mohammed Shafiq and former Mayor and social worker Robin Parker (the guy Dave Hennigan was trying to "retire" last year).

Let the coalition of the wierd and unwashed speak. Anyone rerally bothered in Rochdale will have the measure of them. That includes the dozens of people that read Rochdale Online (not counting the handful that comment on the forum after encouragment via email).

Meanwhile Rochdale is going to the dogs.

Anonymous said...

"7 Labour Activists"?

What has this tiny bunch of moaning millitants actually done in the past 5 years that is positive and active?

Such inert beer-soaked soap doging inactivity has been a gift to Paul Rowen.

Get Real said...

RAW you are right to stand back from all this at the moment.

There has been a lot of bitter unfounded smears published via widely circulated emails and so called news by Rochdale Online.

Smear. No proof or sustantiation.

From whom? A tiny band of disaffected crackpots that helped make Labour unelectable in Rochdale for a generation?

Bitter ex employees. One that has been ostracised from his familiy as a result of the vile lies he has spread using the medium of the lib dems and their supporters to do so.

Another ex employee that appears to be unemployable given he hasn't worked since.

Using an ex wife going through a divorce for political smear tactics is particularly low.

To harrass a young woman at vulnerable times and to bring the legitiamacy of her child is inexcusable. What are these people? Narrow minded Tories from the hanging and flogging 1950's. Hardly progressive, inclusive purveyors of social democracy?

The bile that has been whispered, emailed and annonymously published on the internet certainly has damaged the reputation of the Rochdale Labour PPC in the minds of those ordinaary people who have come into contact with it. Thankfully it is mostly only on Rochdale Online that is read by about 50 people, but nevertheless mud sticks. No doubt there will be consequences for those who have allowed it to be published.

Is it any wonder that fewer good people want to get involved in politics and civic service? Rochdale is a crazy bear pit. No doubt it began years ago with the aggressive personal attacks and bullying developed by Cyril Smith. Weak and corrupt politicians from all parties have played a part.

Those that have revelled in spreading unfounded secondhand smears and lies must look at their consciences.

Just imagine if the sort of unsubstantiated rubbish was maliciously spread about their lives? Especially those involved in education or contact with young or vulnerble people?

But this small band of bitter crazies don't see the world that way. They are blinded by venom and dogma. They prefer to attack others rather than address their own failings and shortcomings.

Rochdale deserves better than this.

Like PPC, like agent said...

Ah yes, that old favourite. Apparently Danczuk must be doing a good job otherwise so many people wouldn't be against him.

Cider may give you gut rot but it certainly gives you brain rot.

Could any of you Labour cronies explain to me how Hennigan, Parker, Gilliagn. Journeaux or anybody other than Danczuk himself could deny the fact that he was the father of somebody's child or cut down the payments he was making to his former wife for the upkeep of his children?

This is the collective fuckwitism of Rochdale Labour Party on display.

You ask that RAW stand back from unsubstantiated smears. It has never stopped Chris Paul in the past, so why now?

Anonymous said...

The private matter of paternity and the cash payments due from a divorce settlement hijacked by the Lib Dems and a small raggle taggle band of unwashed malcontents?

Despite having a mystery shiny ring on his wedding finger, at least Paul Rowen will never have such things to worry about.

The private issues relating to a failed marriage - especially when they involve children - are only aired by those who are desperate after losing the political argument.

Failed marriages are not fair game. That is why Bernie hasn't been contacted and asked to participate in a scoop.

Bat Maker said...

Chris Paul refusing to cover a matter because it is private! Come off it.

People only giving evidence because they are being used by the Lib Dems! Come off it.

Anybody that states the Labour candidate is a bully must be a malcontent! Come off it.

Pull the other one, it plays The Internationale.

Anonymous said...

Chris Paul would never go after Bernie Henneghan and ask that she spills the beans on Dave's sordid antics. Dave's collapsed marriage is his business.

The Lib Dems just don't understand that because they're horrible nasty bastards.

Got Real said...

So you support Chris Paul never mentioning the travails of others by mentioning the things that he won't mention????

Either I have missed something or it is you that is the horrible, nasty bastard

Unlike Chris Paul, you can't have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

potty mouth "Got Real"

how very dare you mention "having it boths ways". Politically speaking your boss Paul Rowen has the bare faced to cheek to do that often.

But probably not in any other way.