Monday, 30 March 2009

Postcards from the Edge...of Rochdale

Pisspoor Paul Rowen is at it again. Looking for opportunities for some cheap, meaningless headline that allows his name to be associated with the big boys.


The Charlie's angels Brains Trust that is Rochdale Lib Dem HQ have come up with a corking way to put some vim into Rochdale's economy.

Paul Rowen has sent Prime Minister Gordon Brown a "wish you were here" postcard.

Holidays? "Shop local" Paul Rowen? Where does he wish he was?

Paul likes a holiday. He often goes away with local "philanthropist" second-hand car dealer Terry Mason and wife.

In December as Gaza burned, Paul was on a sunlounger in Thailand.

Paul likes Thailand. He was there with "the Masons" in 2004 when the tsunami struck. Then again the year after.

Paul also likes to travel to Africa to have Ugandan discussions about charidee. Modest? He certainly doesn't like to talk about his links with Rochdale "businessmen" and his charity involvements.

Dressed in his white suit - like the Man from DelMonte - Paul Rowen likes to say yes - if the cash is going to a good cause.

But no, Paul's present press release is a postcard from Rochdale aimed at having a dig at Gordon Brown

Rochdale's current MP gushes:

"Tourism could provide one of the routes out of the recession...while I can do my bit to support tourism in Rochdale, it takes increased government support to do it for the whole country.”

Shallow, opportunist bollocks and nonsense. So nothing new there then?

Paul Rowen promoting Rochdale?

Is this the same MP...

that invited GMTV to do a hatchet job on his own town by visiting the Falinge flats that Cyril helped build?$plit/C_71_article_515340_body_articleblock_0_bodyimage.jpg

that allowed the Rochdale Devilment Agency to commission photos of Manchester to promote our town centre?

An advertising campaign promoting the attractions of Rochdale in Greater Manchester

That has allowed the wheels to fall off our town with almost a billion pounds of shattered dreams and failed regeneration jobs-for-the-boys?

What tourist activities would Paul Rowen promote for a spankingly good time in Cyrilville?

  • Greased piglet sumo wrestling at Emma Street?
  • Cruising Rochdale canal by the new £2 million RDA offices at Lock 50- while the local cider louts lob bricks at the tourists?
  • A spot of shopping in our town centre, after the parking attendants have mugged our visitors?
The sad fact is that more people are leaving Rochdale than anywhere else in Greater Manchester.

Here at RAW we love our town.

Rochdale needs help - not stupid press releases from an MP that is failing his constituents by allowing some of his "business" mates and executive officers to grasp our town by the balls.


Anonymous said...

Rowen is to tourism what Cyril's cheese and asbestos pies are to gastronomy.

Have you ever seen such a stupid press release?

Oh, and news just in.

The latest MPs expense claims out today show that Rowen claimed an extra £10,000 on the previous yer and is claiming over £23,000 on his second home. Over £164,000 in total.

This guy is ripping off Rochdale every way he can.

Anonymous said...

Rowen is a nonse who has similar stamps in his passport to Gary Glitter.

Smith, Rowen, Heyworth- Rochdale Liberal Democrats are a bunch of sex offenders.

The only postcard they should be sending os from B-Wing, Strangeways.

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you how I read this - A grubby attempt to talk Rochdale down becuase it doesn't vote for the Labour Party.

The people behind this site are tossers who probably have never been to Rochdale. Labour know that they aren't gonna win Rochdale in the next GE, so they are happy to undermine it in any way possible.

This site would make me less likely to vote Labour than anything!

No fan of Dave said...

There's nothing grubbier than Dave Hennigan trolling about trying to save his useless boss from any kind of scrutiny whatsoever.

I see Rowen's put in a few travel expense claims for his staff this time round.

Were they taxis for Dave from the pub back to Stockport I wonder?

Rochdale Rapper said...

If Paul Rowen is a keen recycler then surely his Parliamentary expenses for stationary must be lower this year.

Those fat brown envelopes can be used again.

Rochdale's Alternative Website said...

Aw bless Anon 01:31 - (Dave Hennignan's 'second home' computer)

There is a strong whiff of hatred for the outsider in Rochdale Lib Dem circles.

The love of "local". Very Royston Vasey.

Surprising coming from a Brains Trust that includes blow ins such as Adam:Power and diddy Dave;Hennighan (former intoxicated Levenshulme Councillor who recently moved to Cyril's theifdom
from Stockport).

But unlike the overt racisim of some of the older Rochdale Lib Dems and the covert opportunism of some of the younger ones- we at RAW actually welcome incomers to our town. Even some of those who live in caravans.

Young Master Hennigan, we were supping our pints and lamenting at the destruction Cyril was bringing to our town long before you were drinking Calpol with vodka and cakking your nappy.

Anonymous said...

The real eejits that really run Rochdale are at it again. A huge 'rebranding' project for Rochdale has just been announced.

Numb nuts Deputy Mayor Keith "ou be do be do" Swift has been hard at it quoting the carefully crafted media message about Rochdale having acres (yes count them acres!) of "green fields" (plus hundreds of acres of Somme-like muddy fields at the Kingsway fiasco theme business park.

The elected representitives are not the ones pushing this obscene amount of council taxpayers cash to be trousered by image consultants.

So who is pushing this image makeoever?

You guessed it- the million pound a year senior executives that are screwing Rochdale - the mafia of the mediocre.

-headed by the Chief Executive Roger Ellis.

Rochdale keeps getting Rogered.

clever monkey said...

nice to read you all love each other in Rochdale. I live in burnley lancs and we have the same kind of thing going on here with big chuncks of money going to waste on gardens, second homes everything is mad the UK is like the US one big daft ars at the top with lots of little prats doing lots of nothing and getting paid lots of our cash. when local and national leaders going to stop milking us all dry.