Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Time to get tough on crime- and the causes of crime?

A photograph has just been released of 2 suspicious looking characters lurking around on Oldham Rd.

Appearing somewhat unkempt and dishevelled, they were taking photographs of a crime scene. When spotted they ran off in the direction of Drake Steet.

Was this morbid curiosity or something more?

It is suspected that the 2 characters are none other that Rochdale Lib Dem paid "agents" Johnny (the machine) Swarbrick and Adam:Power (in clever woolly hat disguise). They have both salaries paid for via, what appears to be, some rather creative accountancy with Paul Rowen's
Parliamentary expenses.

Paul Rowen MP with Adam Power launching the survey
"Agent" Adam:Power (with another silly t-shirt but no woolly hat) pictured with the older man who insisted does not pay directly for Adam's services.

FOI requests are still being processed to get to the bottom of how Paul Rowen MP's expenses pay for staff and rent at Lib Dem HQ at Drake Street. There is also a need to get to the bottom of mystery cash from local benefactors to the local Lib Dem cause. Very murky.

[Rowen.jpg]And all very odd from Paul Rowen - the supposed champion of Parliamentary transparency.

It looks like people are starting to see through him.

Back to the recent crime scene:
In 'tagging' circles it is often the vogue to photograph ones own grafitti. In 'dogging' circles some like to take photographs of other people's activities. Some photographers just have too much time on their hands.

Obviously if this is a criminal matter currently being investigated, it would be inappropriate to engage in conjecture as to why 2 paid staff members from Paul Rowen's office were acting suspiciously on Oldham Rd with a camera. Then running off when they were spotted.

Are there any similarities with past shenanignans that have attracted the attention of Paul Rowen's paid staff?

During the last Labour Party Conference, diddy Dave Hennigan openly bragged about his achievement in getting a scoop in the Daily Express.
Some naughty unknown person had accessed the open webpage of the Rochdale DLP and changed the picture of Gordon to that of Miliband (Anyone with access to member information could have done it). Within hours of the cyber-vandalism, Lib Dem Voice and diddy Dave were posting furiously. Dave got busy with a non-denial denial, cyber-trolling and a press release suggesting "disloyalty" within Rochdale DLP.

What a great use of Rochdale taxpayers' money?

Gaza burns, world credit markets crumble, Rochdale goes to the dogs through inept political local leadership yet a highly paid Dave Hennigan (together with 2 taxpayer funded helpers) engage in childish tactics?

If Rochdale Lib Dems have drafted a press release on a recent act of criminal vandalism then a disturbing pattern is emerging.

At this stage everyone is innocent until proven guilty. All paid staff for any MP will know that aiding, abetting, conspiracy, procurement, and promotion of criminal activity can certainly be unparliamentary as well as illegal.

As for vandalism: Is it time in Rochdale to get tough on crime- and tough on the causes of crime?

Have those cheeky lib dem soap dodgers pictured above scored a coup by getting Dave Ottewell to put their photo on his blog? Was it their handywork? The photo was taken from a lower angle than that Chris Paul has published. Rochdale Lib Dems have form on very low angles. Was the Ottewell blog snap taken by the chunky Milk Tray boy Adam Power? Or was the shot taken by the scruffy man by the grassy knowl?


Anonymous said...

could it be that the same people who organised the spraying of the wall also organised the funeral wreaths for Simon Danczuk beore he was elected as Rochdale PPC?

Is someone working others like a glove puppet?

Anonymous said...

Piss Crawl with too much time on his hands!!!

A big boring bald labour loser.

Nobody will play with him in Machester so he has to hang around in Rochdale.

He is the real wierdo.

Anonymous said...

Re Anonymous 13:50

Are you really accusing Cllr Khan of writing that grafitti? You had better have good evidence for that.

Dave Hennigan is a fool said...

Ah, three moronic anons.

See how they run. See how they run.

Swarbrick, Hennigan and Power.
Paid for by the taxpayer.

To spread lies and bile
To spread lies and bile

Did you ever see such a sight in your life?

As three moronic anons.
Three moronic anons
(repeat to fade)

Anyone Khan Dream said...

It seems that at least one Rochdale Labour councillor is involved in nocturnal activities.

What else could explain the fact that he fell asleep DURING this week's meeting of the Town Centre Redevelopment Committee? He had to be shaken awake by a Lib Dem councillor - nothing new there.

Does it count as attendance at a
meeting if you are not conscious?

Nominations as to the identity of dozy councillor on a postcard please.

Cyril's Golden Shower said...

Sleeping in the Chamber- yes of course it counts.

Norman SSmith did it for years.

It was the main requirement for any new Liberal recuit for Rochdale Council- brain dead and room up the jacksi for Cyril's warm, guiding hand.

Joker said...

I can imagine that sitting in a Rochdale Town Centre committee with the combined brain power of the Liberal Democrats could have a soporific effect. It reminds we of the time when an opposition member in Parliament was droning on and spotted Winston Churchill with his eyes closed. When he drew this to the attention of the Seaker, Winston opened his eyes and said 'No, Mr Speaker, I was not asleep; but I wish I was'.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Rochdale Lib Dems were hawking photos of the vandalism to hacks and bloggers a few weeks back? Before the RAW posting?

So RAW was right? Taxpayer funded employment supposed to be doing constituency work for the current MP but instead wasting time on sleezy political shenanighans?

Does Paul Rowen declare everything?

Anonymous said...

Bet he doesn't declare a fat rabbit or nipple rings.

And unlike Jacqui Smith (no relation to Cyril or T.Dan)the plug Paul has bought doesn't cost 88p or gets wedged in the waste pipe of the sink.

Lets not even get started on the blue movies that Paul, Dave and Adam would blush about and shake an indignant fist at.