Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Adam Power - International man of mystery...

Adam Power is certainly having his 15 minutes of fame. He has now become an international man of mystery. His Myspace chums will be chuffed.

The USA Today blog has picked up on Kevin Maguire's article in today's Mirror about the bare faced cheek of Adam Power telling bald lies to protect asbestos apologist Cyril Smith.

What sort of idiot phones the media to say an MP (from another constituency and party) didn't make a particular statement and was taking libel action? Didn't he think that such serious claims wouldn't be checked? Is this hubris or just naiveity in the Rochdale Lib Dem spin machine?

No wonder current Rochdale Lib Dem MP Paul Rowen is trying to distance himself from young Adam Power. At best this is stupid behaviour and likely to be considered as unparliamentary conduct.

There are vague statements suggesting that Adam is beyond the Pale and doesn't work for Paul Rowen's office.

Such weasle words and spin simply won't wash.

Here is a photo of cheeky young Adam and Paul Rowen joined at the hip.

Paul Rowen MP with Adam Power launching the surveyIt is from a recent Rochdale Online article about Paul Rowen and Adam Power launching a young person's survey.

Someone fitting Adam's description was spotted close to Dave Hennigan as the often tired and emotional agent heckled Jack Straw's visit to Rochdale earlier this year.

The Manchester Evening News didn't cover the naughty boys' shameful shenanigans in heckling the Minister of Justice but there is mention of Adam Power "a Lib Dem agent in Rochdale" on Dave Ottewell's blog

Why is there such a mystery behind Adam Power and his work with Paul Rowen and Rochdale Lib Dem HQ?

Why is he such a secret agent?

Is Rochdale taxpayers' money being properly spent and accounted for?

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