Saturday, 8 November 2008

Cyril Smith: How to win friends and influence people

The Rochdale Observer has reported on the move to strip Cyril Smith of his knighthood.

Although not quite in the rebuttal style of a previous article reassuringly entitled "Cyril: There was no cover-up on asbestos", it was still a gentle poke by the local newspaper.

The was no reporting in the Rochdale Observer of the direct damning quotes that Cyril gave to The Mirror, such as that asbestos cancer is not as bad as the flu, or that it is not infectious to husband to wife, or that he had allowed Turner & Newall write his parliamentary speeches for him on the cancer-causing but profitable material.

Cyril Smith

Rochdale Observer readers were not treated to the gem of a quote from Cyril published in The Mirror:

"Of course the speech was extremely useful to me because it made it sound as if I could speak intelligently on a subject I knew little about"

So, many readers in Rochdale could still be in the dark about what Cyril has been caught out on, absolutely bang to rights.

Instead there is a photo of Cyril with the pityful description: "under attack again". Just the sort of inflamatory comment that will allow some who know little about the issues to defend the former T&N shareholder and parliamentary promoter of a product that is currently killing over 4000 Britains a year.

However, depite suggesting he "didn't have much to add" Cyril has come out fighting and has accused Kevin Maguire's Mirror article as not being factual, but then added "beyond that, I don't want to say anything".

Isn't suggesting The Mirror and its associate editor are liars enough to be getting on with?

Surely not the way for Cyril Smith to win friends and influence people?

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Anonymous said...

This is new ground for Cyril. He is used to getting his way, either by bullying or cheeky charm.

Cyril knew what he was doing when allowing a Mirror reporter into his home. He thought the old Lancashire soft soap would wash away his sins.

If proof is needed that Cyril is out of touch with today's issues then this is it. For the last couple of months he has been able to get his fawning minions to agree and support his perverted view that he did no wrong and that asbestos was a blessing to Rochdale.

4000 preventable deaths a year and beautiful young people like Leigh Carlisle dying from asbestos cancer, yet Cyril thinks he can get away with phrases like "its not as bad as flu".

Get real.