Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Cyril Smith portrait mystery. Lib Dems recycling...

With shameless Cyril Smith facing national calls to be stripped of his knighthood, Rochdale Online has just published (11th November) a curious article about a peice of art featuring the Old Spanker being donated to the National Liberal Club.

The Great White Asbestos Knight is no oil painting. It appears to be a watercolour.

Why has this news been published this week?

Is it to distract attention from the exceedingly serious claims of historic sexual abuse in Rochdale, such as that reported by Rochdale's Alternative Press in 1979. Or other exceedingly serious claims about historic sexual abuse at other places that held vulnerable children years ago, such as Knowl View School?

Is it to distract attention away from the real news about Cyril Smith being a shareholder, apologist, consultant, advocate, event organiser for asbestos giant Turner & Newall? Cyril Smith's recent comments on health and asbestos are a disgraceful embarressment for his party.

Is it to divert attention from the questions about Cyril Smith's role in Lib Dem party fundraising? Cash donations arriving at Emma Street then consolidated into easy, fresh smelling payments to the local and national Accounting Units?

So why has this article about a Cyril Smith portrait been published this week?

Especially as it is a shameless rehashing of old news. Lib Dem recycling?

Here is the very same press release - from 3 months ago - 15th August 2008

But take another look at the press release from 15th August 2008- it features a photo of Lib Dems raising a toast to at the newly commissioned portrait of Cyril the spanking, straight-talking, asbestos-loving Lib Dem party cashcow at the National Liberal Club in MARCH 2008.

A Novemember news article, really from March 2008 but also used in August 2008.
A 200% shameless recycling record.

Art-loving Rochdale Liberal Democrats are geting quite a reputation for spin and downright lying in good faith to the media.

or should that be

Perhaps the Rochdale Lib Dems could commission (or re-hash) a portrait of Rochdale after Cyril's 60 year political tenure?

Guernica, 1937
Or for those really classy art aficionados, how about a portrait of the Rochdale Liberal Democrat Accounting Unit?


Chris Paul said...

The portrait is not even life-like is it. Apart from being bloody useless.

Anonymous said...

Is that the Rochdale Town flats in the corner of Picasso's Guernica?

Where is the post modern rendition of a brown envelope?

cillit bang said...

Uncanny, The Homer Simpson Scream picture looks like Adam Power after he realised his MySpace info had been looked into and his attempt to kill the Cyril Smith knighthood story by saying that Tony Lloyd's office had not endorsed the comments had been sussed out.


P45 bekons.