Thursday, 6 November 2008

Rochdale criminals could wear high visability bibs...

A pilot scheme has just been announced.

Although his autobiography "Big Cyril" makes reference to his past criminal record, Cyril currently has a clean slate.

But given his published track record, could he do his bit to show solidarity for the orange high viz textile industry? Standby for a big order?



Chris Paul said...

"Big Cyril" was published in 1978. Before the latest crimes against Rochdale, as it were, began.

Anonymous said...

what about the crimes at cambridge house in the 1960's?

Chris Paul said...

Indeed. And as Leaders of the Gang did the Smith boys have any fingers in any pies relating to the more recent Knowl View troubles ... with a major locus of that Rochdale-Special-Needs-Kids-Rent-Boy-Scandal being the public bogs at Smith Street (no relation).

Is there really still someone suspended on full pay after 20 years? Just because they know where the bodies were smacked and groped and by whom?

Anonymous said...

Check the photo. Jeremy Thorpe's little head is poping out of the top of Cyril.

I missed that headline in the 1970's-

"Jeremy Thorpe gives Cyril a little head"

I'm sure it wasn't in the Rochdale Observer.