Saturday, 8 November 2008

Rochdale Observer or Obscurer?

An insight into how the Rochdale Observer treats its readership like mushrooms:

"Cyril: There was no asbestos cover-up" and "Call to strip Sir Cyril of Knighthood".

1. Wind up the readership with descriptions of nasty, "political" attacks on the Godfather of Rochdale politics.

2. Don't allow the facts to be known. Make some vague reference to documents being in "the public domain" but don't print them for the newspaper readers to actually see.

3. Add photo saying old man is "under attack again".

4. Tell people to comment online (or "@nline" as those cheeky chappies may want to avoid a copyright dispute with the internet news service called "Rochdale Online").


5. Make sure the news article isn't @nline to comment on.


Perhaps those who want to express their views about Cyril's knighthood could go HERE to an old news article that allows Cyril to attack The New Statesman by daring to descibe Cyril's connivance with the asbestos industry in the 1980's.


Anonymous said...

nothing new with the Rochdale Observer protecting Cyril. it has gone on for years. Don't worry, it will all come out in the end.

Anonymous said...

what the hell are the Rochdale Observer scared of?
Cyril has bullied his way through Rochdale politics for well over 50 years. He is no shrinking violet and has attacked people with his gob and the letters page of the Ob for decades.

rochdale observer observer said...

To put a moderated message on the Rochdale Observer website:

Go to

In the top right is a box to "sign up" or "sign in" to a Guardian Media Group Passport.

To sign up, fill the online form in. Email address and other personal details required.

After filling it in an email will be sent to you.

Go to your email,open the message from GMG and click on the link (or cut and paste the link)

This gets a confirmation on the GMG website that you now have a "passport". Choose a user name and password.

Then go to

find a news story you want to comment on. The latest Cyril Smith article isn't on the website (despite the Ob suggesting readers go online and comment).

To find Cyril Smith articles type "Cyril Smith" in the left hand search box.

(BTW type the word "spanker" and you get no results- not a Googlewhack but a "Rochdale Observer whack" so to speak)

When you find the article you want to comment on, eg "Cyril- There was no cover up on asbestos", click on the "submit comments", enter your email address and password.

Then, eventually, you can write your comment.

It then disappears for moderation and may appear. (rumours are that anything 'colourful' about Cyril is never seen again).

If all of this seems too much trouble, fear not.

Just wait by the phone for Cyril or the Boy Hennegan to ring. Confirm your name and address and they could do the rest for you.

"Turners was a wonderful place, Cyril is a wonderful man, the jobs put food on the table, it was dying workers' fault for working there, Cyril was worth his salt, this is a communist plot, the public at large are not at risk, all we are talking about is a few spanked bottoms and squeesed testicles, leave this wonderful man alone who has done so much for Rochdale, what is wrong with taking cash off local businessmen no questions asked, the Daily Mirror tell lies. [delete where applicable and post the SAE when done].

'Our kid' Norman has been using this excellent service for years. it makes him look intelligent on things he knows little about.