Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Adam Power, Rochdale Lib Dem man of mystery.

Adam Power, Rochdale Lib Dems shagadelic man of mystery is today known to 2 million Mirror readers. It seems Adam has been a very naughty boy. He has recently been caught out lying 'in good faith' in a sorry attempt to spike news about calls to strip Cyril Smith of his knighthood.

Here is what Kevin Maguire's column in the Mirror has to say about the groovy Mr Power:

Mystery surrounds why bad news about Spanker Cyril sometimes never appears in the Manchester Evening News and Rochdale Observer.

What gets said by Lib Dem spin doctors to protect Cyril Smith?

An insight into Rochdale Lib Dem spin shenanigans can be found on Rochdale Online who followed the curious tale of Adam Power's unparliamentary conduct in briefing against the office of a nearby MP:

Tony Lloyd MP was a former T&N asbestos worker so he has every right to comment on the deadly mineral and company that Cyril Smith shamefully promoted and still defends to this day.

If Adam Power has attempted to deceive the media by:

  1. actively claiming Tony Lloyd's press statement wasn't authorised by him and

  2. that the Manchester MP was to sue the Rochdale Labour Party about this

then these shocking, malicious lies appear to be a serious breach of Parliamentary protocol.

But current Rochdale MP Paul Rowen's office probably know this and appear to have demanded distance from Mr Power.

Adam's last sentence in the Rochdale Online article is very mysterious:

“Mr Power wished to point out that he did not work for Mr Rowen's office, as suggested by Mr Danczuk”.

How very odd, given there is ample proof of a very close working relationship between Adam Power and Paul Rowen MP's Rochdale Lib Dems.

“Straight”, “single”, "Scorpio” Adam's public MySpace page was very clear about his work. “Occupation student/intern for an MP” and “Income: Less than £30,000”.

Then, take a peek at the Rochdale Lib Dem website. Look at the bottom (of the page) to see who publishes and promotes the work of that fine brains trust:

Published and Promoted by Adam Power on behalf of Rochdale Liberal Democrats, all at 144, Drake Strett, Rochdale, OL16 1PS

Adam Power, “all at 144 Drake Strett” (sic), Rochdale.

Who pays Adam Power (who says he works for an MP)? - Is it the taxpayer?

Who pays for the office at 144 Drake Street? - Is it the taxpayer?


Anonymous said...

And how many times the market rent of 2004-5 does the tax payer pay for the privilege?

And are the building owners still laundering the money back into party funds as they did in their one declared donation, back in 2005?

Rochdale's Alternative Website said...

400% apparently.

The Electoral Commission need a call.