Sunday, 14 December 2008

Paul Rowen MP sings like a canary?

As the wheels fall off Rochdale's economy (Woolworths, Kingsway, Metrolink and the TIFF bid)
Rochdale's current MP has appeared on BBC North West's Politics show singing for his supper.

As Cyril Smith's home area of Falinge has yet again made national news for all the wrong reasons, we are treated to a few flat notes of Twelve Days of Christmas.

Rochdale Online has posted former choirboy, Dave Hennigan's press release (minus the usual superfluous exclaimation marks).

Those designer spectacles don't seem to be helping poor Paul in all sorts of ways. Cruel critics have suggested he is turning into ventriloquist's dummy Archie Andrews

If Paul has trouble singing the high notes, perhaps Cyril Smith could use his old Ugandan techniques.

Cyril Smith having a firm grip of the current MP by the balls could be why Paul Rowen is not chirping on other issues just yet...

Black holes in local party accounts and donations?
A secret asbestos brotherhood?
Interesting planning decsions?

Cyril Smith still has a firm grip. To have silenced the extremely serious allegations of long-standing sexual abuse is remarkable.

But rumours abound that investigations will happen.

Who will start singing like a canary then?


tony said...

The Dark World Of Rochdale Politics.You & Your Readers Might Be interested in my current story about Rochdale?

van der graff said...

is that the baths on entwistle road that s becoming ever more minging? I heard that it was supposed to have been replaced with a new leisure centre in a deal with Tescos. but seeing as it has to do with the useless Rochdale council it has all fallen through. Leisure services have been taken over by some outfit called link4forlife. shitty and shifty. They are up to no good taking over a park for a private golf driving range. Rochdale is a bent as a spring.

tony said...

a private golf driving range? That Will Really Help The Community!

Dogbolter said...

Dave Hennigan will be singing like a canary soon when he sees pictures of himself crouched over a toilet!

Zebedee said...

Rochdale as bent as a spring?

Is that an old Fred Ratcliffe Spring or a spring from Smiths Springs Ltd?