Thursday, 18 December 2008

Rochdale Observer airbrush out criticism of Cyril Smith

The Rochdale Obscurer is at it again in its remarkable defence of Cyril Smith.

The crime scene is the Readers Letters page, yet again.

At the top of the page it boasts "your views, your page" at the bottom is the caveat about complete editorial control.

In the middle of the letters page are a few postings from

or "@nline" as Th'ob calls it.
Does an incorrect use of an @ make the Editor a silly tw@ ?

The posting from A Carter in the print version has been cut when compared to what is @nline.

Here are the offending words, missing from the print version:

"Bad town planning and some very dodgy decisions steamrolled through in the late 1960's and 1970's" REMAINS BUT THE FOLLOWING WAS CUT
" domineering politicians like Alderman Cyril Smith MP".

ending with

"This mess began decades ago. Weak, bullying politicians handed the reigns of power to unelected officers.


With such media censorship protecting Cyril Smith perhaps some in Rochdale will continue to slumber.

But probably not for much longer.


tony said...

I Suppose You Dont Have BackCopies of Rap? If not, can you suggest where i could sight of some ?Im looking for a particular story from wayback.

Anonymous said...

if you are looking for The Strange case of Cyril Smith (May 1979) and the follow up article (June 1979)- they are online at:


(scroll down the comments)

They are word for word transcriptions from the original magazine articles.

Bound volumes of the original RAPs can be viewed in the North West at Rochdale Local Studies Library, Whitworth Library and Chethmams Library, Manchester.

Stuart C. said...

The Rochdale Observer censors a lot of its readers comments. I have posted quite a few critical of Rochdale Council and the Rochdale Development Agency to no avail.

Advertising revenue and the threat of press releases drying up?

RAW- Keep up your work exposing the Fatman and bent goings on in Rochdale!