Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The naked ambition of Rochdale Lib Dems

Cllr Alan Taylor, Lib Dem Leader of Rochdale Council, has been ill recently. We genuinely wish him a speedy recovery.

However, it seems as though his local Lib Dem colleagues have the knives out.

Who ate all the pies? "Et Tu" said Alan's greedy old boss Cyril Smith: "Ney lad, we come to praise you".

Wrap up warm Alan and watch out for Lib Dems sneeking up behind you.


Anonymous said...
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Rochdale's Alternative Website said...

It seems RAW has touched someone with a nerve.

What, with posting on Rochdale Online tonight and making defamatory comments on here, someone has been a very naughty boy.

Keep this up and we will be getting Cyril's old table tennis paddle out.

Bing Crosby said...

posted tonight on Rochdale Online-

Dave Hennigan
Posted - 16/12/2008 : 22:31:36 This is a huge mess!

Anonymous said...

and is Dave Hennegan paying a market rent for his flat in Heywood- Landlord Cllr Peter Rush?