Thursday, 20 August 2009

Camp Leader Paul Rowen - "has beens" and "toast"?

The comedy crew at Rochdale Lib Dems Drake Street HQ have made the news again with another ridiculous press release of Paul Rowen "demanding action".

Struck by a power cut, Team Rowen were forced to "Carry On...Camping".

Today's Manchester Evening News carries the full sorry tale.

swiftly followed, across the office floor, by the Rochdale Observer

and national infamy for their half baked bean exploits in The Independent.

So what is Paul Rowen publicly "demanding action" about?

Apparently, The Sultans of Spin "our office is open from 9am-5pm" were about to sneak off early at 2.30pm but the power cut meant the shutters couldn't go down on both 144 and 142a Drake Street (Landlords, and recipient of taxpayers' cash, to "both" office(s) is the Rochdale Reform Buildings Ltd).

Messers Swarbrick, Power, Hennigan and Rowen didn't appear happy campers. They had to wait 6 hours. No amount of Parliamentary expenses and allowances could make things better. The cupboard was bare of 40p taxpayers' bananas. They had to rough it round a camp stove, forced to eat a slap up meal... of beans on toast.

If those in the know at Drake Street spill the beans about certain scandals... there would be a huge stink. And that is not hot air!

Recent coverage of Paul Rowen has an increasing air of comedy about it.

Paul Rowen

The apt photo used by MEN is from a recent banana protest. Camp leader Paul Rowen's woggle looks a bit skewiff.

MP Paul Rowen was had to cook his beans on toast on a camping stove

What else could possibly go wrong for the Drake Street Dream Team?


Anonymous said...

Beans on toast? Why didn't they just re-heat one of dave Hennigan's kebabs from the fridge?

Enid Blyton said...

washed down with lashings of ginger beer.

Either that or WKD and Smirnoff.

Anonymous said...

Paul Rowen just doesn't get it does he.

A few weeks back he bleated away on the front page of the Observer about how he'd had the "worst political week of his life" because his expenses had been put under scrutiny.

Now he's whining on about eating beans on toast.

What planet is this idiot on? Unemployment in Rochdale is the HIGHEST in Greater Manchester.

People are suffering big style and what's he doing?

Worrying how he's going to cook his veal excalopes now that his oven's on the blink.

Idiot, idiot, idiot. This man is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

did the tin opener this foolish MP used to open his beans come from the John Lewis list?

Why didn't he support local business and have a take away?

Paid from by his own money not ours?

daft whinging twat.

Anonymous said...

dim-sum cream of sum-jun-gi

or is that too salty for blood pressure of the red-faced bloater?

Rochdale Rapper said...

Poor Paul should have put a shilling in the electricity meter. He could have claimed it back on Parliamentary expenses- after all he did claim for a 5p supermarket bag!!!

Anonymous said...

Rochdale's Alternative Website said...

thanks for your concern Anon 06:32. Given that that RAW is published from Tracey Island just off the coast of Californ-eye-hey then a US court decision about Google is of interest.

Of course in good old England the best defence against libel is the truth.

Our lowest-form-of-wit opinions and views of those meddling and messing in Rochdale and legitimate questions about potential corruption, spin, mismanangement, shenanighans and skullduggery is, in our humble opinion, substantiated fair comment.

We always remember the legal advice once given to RAP regarding the publication in May 1979 of "The Strange Case of Cyril Smith" and the shocking allegations of serious sexual abuse at Cambridge House Hostel- an investigation backed up by signed witness statements.

"If it is true then publish".

LGA Observer said...


"million Pound Paul" (a combined figure for Parliamentary Salary, expenses and allowances- PLUS mystery double bouble Rochdale Council Allowances for 2005/06?) must have a lot of cash to play with on expensive lawyers to defend his honour?!

Wasn't Cyril doing a whip round in 2005 for Cllr Paul Rowen's General Election fighting fund? Wasn't the open letter sent out by Cyril a classic? But the question is simnple- if Paul Rowen was asking others to help with fundraising just 4 years ago, then how can he afford to thrown cash at very odd "banana" libel actions just a few years later?!

Surely the Phantom Parliamentary banana claimer isn't going to take on the entire blogosphere and might of Google?

Now that could be utterly bananas!?!

Has he got such deep pockets for insurance to protect his "meat and 2 veg"?

Chris Paul said...

You people are obsessed! Well done.

You can't shine a turd. But the PR Paul Rowen PR Crew appear to be trying to do so just that. Their motto being:

"The mediocre lightweight Paul Rowen MP may be Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know ... but he ain't bananas and don't you dare say he is bananas!"

Now these would be turd polishers have begun a deflection campaign involving traditional eve of Ramadhan Santas, reindeer, puddings and crackers being strung up from the lamp posts of Pennine Rochdale.

This Lib Dem conspiracy is surely aimed at making Rowen's banana fixation - demanding a seven paragraph admission/refutation and all kinds of barnpot legal letters - seem "Normal For Rochdale".

Well, it's not Paul, it's not. You are a fucking clown. Lacking only a sense of humour, a sense of pathos, any physical presence, comedic timing, or even a custard pie. Yes we have one banana. A knob of butter. A scone. A filthy little Maccy D burger. And a shiny red nose and big feet. But no-one's ROFLing at your low rent antics.

Hennigan is a fucking clown. And the rest of them are fucking clowns too. A troupe of fucking clowns paid by the taxpayer and by the council taxpayer.

The only question for the Rochdale Labour people is whether they ought to fight fire with fire and start competing with Bananas Paul for the pratfall applause and the longed for belly laugh.

Anonymous said...

"Did the tin opener this foolish MP used to open his beans come from the John Lewis list?"

Under section 2 of the MHA the Rochdale Lib Dems are confined to ring pull beans.

Anonymous said...

ring pulling clowns

says it all

The one eyed sage of Mordor said...

Is Paul Rowen's parliamentary office at 144 Drake Street the side door or round the back?

This is a serious question and not a cheeky chance to refer to "Backdoor shenanighans"

Are there 2 seperate Council Tax bills for the "split" Drake Street offices?

Was there planning permission sought and granted for this split?...and the new improvements to make some of the rooms into a Licenced Speakeasy for candlelit soirees and spanking fundraising do's?

Not that it is hard to get planning permission in Rochdale anyway. Favourable decisions are quite liberal apparently.