Monday, 24 August 2009

Will Paul Rowen MP sue Tesco over TV banana taunt?

At the height of the Parliamentary expenses scandal, Paul Rowen described the ongoing public row as the hardest week of his political life.
Paul Rowen's expenses included a claim for a 40p banana. This from a politician whose combined Parliamentary salary, expenses and allowances since 2005 are probably over £1,000,000.

And that doesn't include "double bouble" additional claims such as the overlap when Paul Rowen remained a Rochdale councillor for 2 years. Or his Parliamentary Light Rail Group trips or Council of Europe visits abroad. Or his second wage working for a Ugandan property company with close links to Rochdale and tenancies via or with Rochdale Council.

Yet still there was a claim for a 40p banana. And 15p knob of butter and 5p carrier bag.
Some scurrillous grafitti wananbees have had the bareface cheek to express their painted opinions in the form of a rat holding a banana under the tag "Spanksy"

Rochdale's current MP "Million Pound Paul" has come out fighting with bully boy legal tactics. Libel action is threatened against mention of bananas.

Political commentators such as Hugh Muir have dismissed such nonsense with mirthful scorn. The Guardian even went to the trouble of publishing an unflattering cartoon caricature of Paul Rowen grasping a banana...

Paul Rowen

According to Hugh Muir's column, Paul Rowen's lawyers suggest that reference to bananas equates to their client being 'insane', 'unbelievable' or 'ridiculous'.

In what could be seen as an insensitive taunt against Rochdale's current MP, Tescos have just begun a nationwide advertising campaign. Double Clubcard points. Then, as if to rub salt into the wounds of the troubled Rochdale MP, Britain's biggest retailer illustrates the "double bubble" Clubcard bonanza with... bananas!

Is the writ already winging its way to Cheshunt, Herts?

After publicly complaining the indignity of eating baked beans on a camp stove, and the neverending references to the 40p banana claimed on parliamentary expenses, Paul Rowen's "worst week" could be turning into an 'Annus Horibilus'.

But at least the next purchases of bananas and knobs of butter can attract double Clubcard points from Tesco.

Every little helps!

(Even if it is the hardpressed taxpayer that ultimately foots the bill).


Get Real said...
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Rochdale's Alternative Website said...

naughty naughty Get Real.

let's not spill too many beans shall we?

we don't want the old Spanker to be toast just yet...

there are still a lot of important unresolved issues that he must explain first.

Chris Paul said...

What on earth can Get Real have posted? Perhaps some remark about Cyril Smith being used as illustration when he's been a bit poorly? I'm guessing.

Meanwhile those "bananas" Lib Dem's issued a press release moan-moan-moaning about the NHS services of Rochdale ... only to praise the NHS in a following press release ... updating on Cyril's sickness.

Which is it PR Paul? Is the NHS in Rochdale complete shit as you and your "bunch" often claim? Or is it fucking brilliant? Make your mind up. Or we'll think you really are "proper bananas".

Word verification is "nonse". Which is a bit unsettling.

Anonymous said...

Quote: "Paul Rowen's lawyers suggest that reference to bananas equates to their client being 'insane', 'unbelievable' or 'ridiculous'."

How pathetic of Rowen. You can't sue anyone for them calling you "ridiculous" or "unbelievable" surely? If that were the case then politicians the world over would be taking legal action on a daily basis. Yes, to suggest Rowen is "insane" would be potentially libelous but to suggest he's ridiculous or unbelievable is not - it is part and parcel of being a politician.

Cpl. Punishment said...

they don't like it up em!

Anonymous said...

Rochdale Observer has gone with the "bananas" reference.

Looks like PR Paul Rowen will be busy not suing them either.

They are currently diverted on other "cunning plans".