Thursday, 19 February 2009

Cyril Smith warns "you don't get owt for nowt"

Apparently Cyril Smith has just received an unexpected brown envelope.

As befits shy and coy 'Brand Smith', Cyril gets diddy Dave Hennigan to issue a press release and a photo with brother gormless Norm (MBE).

Paul Rowen MP with Norman Smith MBE and a copy of the letters.

The bogus letter said that Cyril had won the lottery - 915,510 Euro.

In a turn of phrase, probably once used to defend his nightime visits to Cambridge House boys' hostel in the 1960's- Cyril is quoted as saying:

"I have never heard or entered such a thing".

915,510 Euro. Not the lottery?
Cash offers from strangers?
Not Paul Rowen's Council of Europe jamboree expenses?
Not old asbestos company share dividends?

Cyril Smith, the old conviction politican, 'pleads' with old folk not to be fooled with false promises and lies.

“This letter is obviously a con and I hope that no one falls for it. Nobody gets free money...".

Wise words Cyril - "Nobody gets free money" from letters.

Perhaps Cyril could properly explain his own 1982 letter when he asked T&N to write a speech for him on asbestos?


Paul Rowen has been silent on Cyril Smith MP's 1982 work in Parliament for Turner Brothers Asbestos.

However he is now gushing with concern about Cyril's bogus lottery win:

"I have forwarded this letter to the police for investigation".



Anonymous said...

would that be Cyril Smith denying entering:

1. Cambridge House Boy's hostel?


2. Cambridge House hostel boy's?

Get the police to investigate that.

Rochdale's Alternative Website said...

That is a disgraceful thing to ask about Cyril Smith Anon 14:05.

There should be no apostrophe in "boy's"

Anyone would think it was Adam Power anonoytrolling

Rochdale's Alternative Website said...

oh, and another thing- the RAP investigation into Cyril Smith and Cambridge Boy's Hostel did not mention forcing penetrative sex on his young victims.

Non consenual testicle squeezing, abusive corporal punishment on bare buttocks then the humiliation of the sore backsides being wiped by Cyril with a cooling sponge. Late at night at a place where young people were supposed to be safe. No-one in authority to complain to. A cover-up by the local Establishment.

The signed witness statements held by RAP refer to thuggary not buggary.

Chris Paul said...

Quite right too RAW.

The blessed apostrophe must be protected from carelessness and deliberate abuse.

And, you're right, those signed witness statements and the official Liberal leadership response: "Och Aye, it's just a few bare backsides of minors smacked by a senior Liberal Party "member". Och Aye. We're all Liberals here." (or something like that) - well these do not mention any buggery whatsoever AFAIK.

And - what you didn't say - the whole thing is unproven because TPTB stopped a very thorough and rather conclusive looking police investigation ahead of court. And - of course - Sir Cyril didn't even send a warning letter to Private Eye never mind taking any legal action ... because then those pesky affidavits, and even the Liberal leader's incriminating de nada comment would get tested in court.

Cyril and Norman would of course argue that the bare buttock, pants down over the knee smackings were consensual. As the lads - threatened with police and sacking - gladly submitted to battering and a different kind of "sacking".

Offering to go to these physically abused lads' rooms with a soothing sponge was I suppose giving them an option for further "bum fun" or not. And they could simply say:

"Why thank you Mr important person who tanned my arse and freaked my ball bag instead of not reporting me to the police or not getting me sacked. (Were my bosses in on this by the way?). Very kind to offer and all that, kind sir. But I've troubled you enough. I'll organise my own soothing sponge thank you very much. Kind sir. For letting me off with a good battering and a quick grope. Very kind. I'll not be surprised if the Queen makes you a Lord if you keep your nose clean. Kind sir!"

But most reasonable people would agree that this was appalling bullying, thuggery, duress, blackmail, abuse of power, sexual perversion, sadism, gratification, a cry-for-bromide-help. And so on and so forth.

But at least none of this was as bad as the goings on at the Smith Street (no relation) lavvies with the boys of the Knowl View home for vulnerable special needs lads. The affidavits held by RAP do not link the Smiths with that carry on. Phew! Thank goodness for all that is great and good.

rochdale rapper said...

what about the letters Cyril's mum used to steal from the wastepaper bins of the Town Hall whilst she was a cleaner in the 1950's and 1960's?

Wasn't it odd that she kept her menial job whilst her young son was doing so well in office?

Caesar's mum went on to become Mayoress in 1966 when Alderman Smith MBE became Father Christmas for a Year. It was on the telly at the time. I recall Cyril spent a lot of time being filmed with children. Not sure if this was sexual or more tellingly something to do with a domineering bully being able to tower over impressionable little people who would not question him.
His whole life has been one big abusive ego trip that has shafted Rochdale.
Great legacy Cyril.

Anonymous said...

When in orifice as Counillor (with MBE), gormless Norm often lost his memory.

He often used to shout at people

"don't you know who I am?"

Once, mid-stream whilst delivering a speech in the council chamber Norm stopped. There was silence as he shuffled his papers.

"I can't read Our kid's writing" he confessed.

Big Brother Cyril.
Mr Rochdale.
Boss Hog.