Monday, 16 February 2009

The Power of the apostrophe

Just who is writing Rochdale Lib Dem's press releases at the moment?

As Rochdale continues to go to pot, rumours abound that Agent Dave Hennigan is on a "special mission" of sleeze while Agent Adam, and a few more little helpers, mind the shop. Is taxpayer's money involved in all this intrigue?

Will Paul Rowen, stout campaigner on Parliamentary Freedom of Information, allow public scrutiny of all the financial accounts of his Drake Street HQ?

In all the recent negative spin that is upsetting some rank and file Lib Dems, the pincer movement appears to involve dishonourable, unparliamantary shenighans from Dave Hennigan, and the Johns - Swarbrick and Heyworth. Have they been spreading slurs and rumours on discussion boards such as Rochdale Online whilst Adam (I don't work for Paul Rowen) Power helps out with press releases that get posted on Rochdale Online?

A recent 'news' article on Rochdale Online includes a telling gaffe.

Posh Councillor William Hobhouse gets jiggy wid da NHS in a shameless opportunity to get coverage for Rossendale PPC Cllr Cricket Jnr (Dale Mulgrew) plus 'health campaigner', asbestos/Cyril Smith apologist Jean Jeanie Ashworth. (of "what is Nye Bevan"? fame)

The son of Lord Hobhouse is attributed to a quote that includes the line "After speaking to member’s of staff...."

"Member's of staff?" Why the apostrophe?

Cllr Hothouse had a proper Eton education. His classical education would never allow for such bad form in grammar. So who is really responsible for this ignorant faux pas?

OK, it's not that important in the whole scheme of things, but is this an example of 'someone' at Rochdale Lib Dems penning the supposed words of elected members - without their knowledge?


Anonymous said...

OK so Adam might have made a mistake in a long and complicated press release. Only 'special' people don't make typos or the odd mistake.
Why didn't Rochdale Online proof read properly before publishing?

Barack Obama said...

Here's an excerpt from Dale Mulgrew's latest councillor diary written by Adam Power. Is Dale happy at Adam Power making him look like an illiterate berk? I doubt it.

They seem to be quite contempt to sit on the sidelines when it comes to developing Rochdale’s future,

Anonymous said...

Piss Crawl- have you nothing better to do with your time?

Anonymous said...

this is gramatical correctness gone mad. let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Leave Rochdale Online alone, OK it isn't a fully blown news service but it is a success story all stated by a sick man in bed who is now starting to walk again. Malcolm is a talented guy, a businessman and an musician and now a photographer. and he has a Bentley- but lefties are jealous, they all want us to drive trabants or use the metrolink.
Rochdale Online also has a Forum that is good too. There are lonely people who get a lot of comfort from being able to talk with other like minded people about local issues. how many other towns can say they have all that? get over it and stick you're apostophies were the sun don't shine :-P

John B Dull said...

What are the people supposed to do now that Turners has shut down?

There's nowt wrong with Rochdale Online's forum.

Eeeeh happy days

Anonymous said...

you think you are clever don't you.
You won't be laughing when you realise that Malcolm J has very close links with Zen Internet and can find out a lot of things about anonymous web posting from RAW amateurs like you.
You can't hide behind ISPs, passwords or pseudonyms. Your game will be up soon.

Chris Paul said...

Anonymous 10:26: I have nothing to do with this RAW blog. they are very naughty boys or girls. If Cyril was still ruling the roost he'd have them whip their pants down, put them across the knee, and give them a good "what for?" with his own clammy chubby vicious old hands.

"Grind" says the word ver.

Anonymous said...

Cyril would only 'punish' the boys

Anonymous said...

Adam's press release can now be viewed on the Rochdale Fib Dem website.

It has been churned out- word for word (and bogus apostrophe)on Rochdale Online's "news" section.

Anonymous said...

Paul Rowen in bogus nurse shocker:

On 9th March 2005, in a speech to Charles (hic) Kennedy in Rochdale a youthful and slimmer Cllr Rowen described Cllr Jean Jeanie as a nurse.

"Paul : Can I just say Charles that Jean is a nurse. She's been single handedly, I think, leading a campaign to make politicians aware that there are some drugs you can get if you have certain illnesses."

Hardly Modest. More like dishonest drivel.

Lib Dem Cllr Jean Ashworth is NOT a qualified registered nurse. and she has not been "single-handedly doing anything.

She even gets other to help blowing her own trumpet or playing politics with health issues.

To search the Nursing and Midwifery Council register go to-

Less reasons to shop at a Morrisons said...

I would just like to say a welcome back to EHC (see previous post).

I always enjoy your questioning and observations on the boring lies peddled by Piss Crawl. You seem to constantly run rings around the annoying little turd yet he always comes back for more. I hear he has a lot of time on his hands nowadays so I expect the multiple bullshitter to be updating this (his) blog more often.

Just to let you know, I hear Councillor Ibrar Khan (Matty Baker’s a.k.a. Ruth Luger’s sock muppet) really wasn’t happy with the Councillor’s diary that Barack refers to above. The every tired and emotional Morrison’s shelf stacker apparently rang Lib Dem Councillor Dale Mulgrew’s mobile last weekend and lambasted him with a tirade on what he saw as a personnel attack. LOL!!!!

Apparently he accused young Adam Power of writing his diary for him (a bit cheap considering he has allowed Matty Faker to write every letter to the observer, Councillor’s diary, and full Council meeting questions/speeches over the last year or so). When Councillor Mulgrew informed Councillor Khan’t that this wasn’t the case he apparently went on to claim that ‘spin doctors’ such as young Adam, Hennigan and even his comrade in arms Matty Faker were ruining politics in Rochdale.

You’ve got to laugh.

Rochdale's Alternative Website said...

Hello 14:59 posting. looks like the homeies from da Rochdale Lib Dem massive are hard at it.

Now then, what's all this about Cllr Cricket (Dale Mulgrew)?

Allegations that Adam writes for him and publishes them without seeing them first?

Obviously such serious claims are up to Cllr Cricket to deny. That is a matter for his conscience and that of his Lib Dem colleagues who might know if this is the case or not.

Has someone put their golden welly in their own gob?

"Come here. There's more I tell you, there's more".

Anonymous said...

The poster 'Anonymous' (posts 4 & 6) is not only an embarrassment to him/herself but is also embarrassing Mr Journeaux simply by association. What bearing does Mr Journeaux's choice of automated transport have on the price of corned beef in Argentina? And what's the silly implicit threat in post 6 all about?

Hang your head.

Anonymous said...

bully beef? Or is that too corny?

Don't know what all the fuss is about Rochdale Online. No one takes its 'news' site that seriously. It just churns out Rochdale Council and Lib Dem press releases and advertises for Kingsway Business Park and Link4Life in return for radio silence on council critics.
There only a few forum members anyway and some of these are Malcolm and his Stepford Staff trying to spice things up.

Anonymous said...

The threat is real about

"Malcolm J has very close links with Zen Internet and can find out a lot of things about anonymous web posting from RAW amateurs like you.
You can't hide behind ISPs, passwords or pseudonyms. Your game will be up soon".

This does happen in the sad world of Rochdale Online.

Camapigner Mohammed Shafiq from the Rammadhan Foundation was the victim of cyberbullies and his private information being tapped into on Malcolm's website. ("Deeplish Lad" - with a supposedly secure password and an ISP address).
Instead of honouring someones privacy, Rochdale Online then made a news story out of it.
No wonder only about a dozen people now post on the RO forum. It is like North Korea- no dissent allowed and sad cult of personality is encouraged.
Recently there have been posting by people who are supposedly Muslim. The posts make english references to Islamic teaching. Any idiot could see it was Wikipedia and web research dressed up to look Halal. It was a blunt attempt to stir up an attack against Mohammed Shafiq and the Ramadhan Foundation helped by Malcolm's friend Lib Dem party spin doctor David Hennigan.
Be warned!!!

Anonymous said...

@ above - That doesn't surprise me TBH, from looking at Rochdale Online it's always seemed to me that Mr Journeaux dug that particular little pond with the sole intention of being a big fish in it.

Anonymous said...

the Rochdale Online discussion forum does have the feel of the schoolyard behind it.
Some nice people but also some sad bullies.
Almost as if there is frantic emailing going on to ensure certain calculated responses are posted.

Walter Whackwell said...

As for grammatical correctness, would the appropriate way of describing a hobby of one of Paul Rowen's many paid spin doctors be:

Adam Power: Explorer.

But then again it might get miscontrued.

Adam Power colon Explorer ?

Would that make diddy Dave Hennigan
semi colon Explorer ?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, Walter - there's a 'distinct whiff' of homophobia about your comments there lol. By refferring to Adam Power as 'colon explorer', are you alluding to the idea that he may enjoy backdoor shennanigans?

However, the idea that anal sex is an exclusively (male) homosexual persuit is, in itself, homopohobic - so on you go Wally, more power to ya.