Friday, 13 February 2009

Paul Rowen in Brown eye danger...

No, nothing rude.
And not a reference to Clarkson talking through his arse about Gordon Brown's eye.
Rather, its a reference to a health and safety scare caused by Paul Rowen's appearance at PMQ's this week- talking through his arse about Gaza. (He's been to Stasbourg don't you know, and shoe horned a reference to the International Criminal Court into the only short speech he made whilst there).

2009 is definately the year that Rochdale's current MP discovered Palestine. But why?
More of that later.

The "Brown eye" reference is a result of a scurrulous anonymous comment made about Rowen talking tripe at £6.66 a word.

The naughty mystery observer wrote:

"Portly Paul fluffed his slot in this week's PMQ's.
Well meaning drivel designed merely to get a headline that included "Gaza" in the title.
MP's were transfixed. Not by Paul's oratory but by the sheer tension of his shirt buttons under the extreme pressure of his gut. No belt tightening with the Rowen parliamentary expenses on food and 'entertainment' by the looks of it.
If a taught [sic] shirt button fails it could fly over the chamber and have someones eye out.
"Paul Rowen in Brown Eye Scandal"
Now that is a headline that could make tongues wag!"

We have seen the photo on Rochdale Online that accompanies Paul (or Dave Hennigan's) triumphant press release about him being "disappointed" with the PM.

Paul does look like Mr Greedy in the Chamber.
(Although this may be a stock(y) photo, seeing that Paul is also using this photo of him 'talking to the Prime Minister' on another pisspoor press release).

If Paul Rowen's shirt buttons did pop they would have the trajectory of jet powered tiddlywinks.

For goodness sake Gordon (and others on the Front Bench) wear safety glasses if Cyril Smith's protégé has his unfeasibly tight shirt pointing in your direction.


Goldmember said...

Rowen's shirt is "taut" not "taught"

But the misspelling is like the dutch "toight" as in "toight as a toiger".

Smoke and a pancake Mr Power?

What was Paul doing in 1975?
Cyril's little helper?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha- Rowen is certianly living off the fat of the land and turning into a bloater.

The Little Britian photo of Daffyd is funny- but Rowen isn't the only fat MP in the Westminster village!

Chris Paul said...

Perhaps Rowen is building up hi circumference with cheese and onion and asbestos pies so that he too will not be able to fit through the doors necessary to attend work at Westminster. There are certainly no signs of malnourishment there.

SIR CYRIL DO NOT TOUCH STYLE TIP: "Always wear a stout cardigan or westcoat under your suit Paul. Acts as as a truss. Or scaffold."

Love of Labour said...

I find the whiff of homophobia that runs through this website very similar to that on Chris Paul's. Can anyone explain that?

Anonymous said...

well Adam "Love of Labour" old son, many find the whiff of hypocricy and fake sentiment running through most things written by Dave (the exclamation mark!!!)Hennigan for Rochdale Fib Dems to be stinking vile drivel paid for by the taxpayer.

And don't come all prissy about Paul Rowen. If he wants to be a man for all seasons, especially with muslim voters in Rochdale then he needs to come clean about a few things.

As for Cyril Smith- any outing of this minster is not about sexuality- it is about ABUSE.
-Cyril Smith's abuse of power, constituents' goodwill and young vulnerable lads far from home who had no-one to turn to after after he forced himself on them by humiliating fake medical examinations and corporal punishment.

For present day elected politicians to cover this up- whatever their sexuality- is a disgrace.

Love of Labour said...

There's that whiff again. Slowly rising to a stench.

Rochdale's Alternative Website said...

Whatever do you mean trollmeister "Love of Labour" (with a familiar IP?)?

We applaud Matt Lucas, a comedy genius, who happens to be gay.

As for stench, yes there are stenches in Rochdale- of corruption, abuse and hypocricy -especially from a local political establishment that has taken the people of Rochdale for granted for far too long.

What Rochdale needs is a breath of fresh air, away from old farts like the monster Cyril Smith and his fawning minions.

Emma and Drake Street CCTV operator said...

Rochdale - the stench of corruption, a love of gold and fat bast*rds.

It could be a film, coming to a screen near you soon...

Rochdale Rapper said...

The running joke on Little Britian was about perception, denial and lack of self awareness. All things that the public face of Paul Rowen MP can be taken to task on.

The Daffyd character wants people to think he is something that he isn't.

In order to create that perception he keeps telling people, again and again and again statements that aren't back up by substance or a track record of demonstrable behaviour.

He is in denial about what he really is. In Daffyd's case- probably hetrosexual, but the real metaphor is not sexual or gender related. It is about denial- pure and simple.

He lacks self-awareness. He wears clothes that he thinks suit his perceived image but they don't fit him. He appears ridiculous but cannot acknowledge it.

We have seen all this before with Cyril Smith.

Anonymous said...

or it could be a lot simpler than all that deep psycological stuff.

In "Big Cyril" the autobiography that Cyril has wriiten for him, there is a poignant teenage memory of sad youth with little confidence fancying a nice lass who didn't seem to know he existed. Well drafted fiction that clevery allows the 1970's reader to feel sorry for Cyril and explain why he never married yet instead put all his vigour into doing civic good.

Tripe. A complete whitewash of over 50 years of the real Cyril Smith - a bullying and abusive monster- irrespective of the gender of his victims.

As for honesty in politics, Paul Rowen has not been shy in appearing in family style photos with a woman and children for his leaflets posted in areas of Rochdale were 'traditional family values' are vote winners.

Love of Labour said...

"Love of Labour" (with a familiar IP?)?

Which you would only know if you were Chris Paul himself.

So please cut all the bullshit about this being a totally independent and free-standing site. You are your own glove-puppet. What do you do with the other hand?

Must rush. People to tell, rumours to confirm and all that.

Rochdale's Alternative Website said...

More haste, less speed, ickle troll "love of labour".
Be careful where you spread your rumours, you could end up with egg on your face.

Fat Man said...

Word on the grapevine is that Rowen is working hard to cultivate a Cyril gut.. He thinks it gives him gravitas. Makes him look like a big beast. A heavyweight look to hide the fact that he's a political lightweight.

A secret memo found in the skip outside Drake Street also reveals he's had more success in building a flabby girth since he's switched to Wiener sausages. Apparently, the boy Hennigan had been supplying him with 95 per cent fat free Bowyers sausages previously. Despite the fact that Paul was guzzling 300 a day they were making no difference. It took a moment of inspiration from young Adam Power to convince Paul to move on to the Weiners. Rowen was so angry at the time that he even signed an EDM last December calling for more pork to be put in sausages.

But of course it'll take more than sausages to get to Cyril's level.


Cheese pies....

Love of Labour said...

I think you've been uncovered, Chris. Time to spit it out. You know it isn't gentlemanly to swallow!

As for more haste.... Sorry. Too late.

Anonymous said...

Spitting or swallowing?
Is that the whiff of Fib Dem perversion EHC?

Anonymous said...

With his potty mouth "Love of Labour" sounds like an old visitor to the Smith Street toilets where children from Knowl View school got cash from local politicians and businessmen. The good old days when Cyril controlled Rochdale.

Everybody Hates Chris said...

As I seem to have had a mention in dispatches, I though I would add my two pennuth worth.

Well, Chris. It seems you have now been unmasked as a multiple liar. Yet again, in a desperate effort to prove your own cleverness you haev actually revelaed yourself to be the author of this site.

On your own site you regularly quote from RAW telling 'them' off for being rude but reperating exactly what has been said.

Just the sort of tactic you deplore in others.

You have also been revelaed as regularly posting anonymoys comments on your own site as well as those of others. And you have also been proved to pass yourself off as a supporter of other parties so that you can make derogatory comments about them seemingly from within.

Tazke up Pilates or do something useful, you sad, twisted, no-life emotional cripple.

Anonymous said...

that's not very nice EHC.
Are your piles playing up?

I recognise that dull whine...

...How's the 'classical Madchester' sound these days?