Thursday, 29 January 2009

Rowen AWOL in Strasbourg?

Has anyone heard from Paul Rowen this week?

(Is that a masonic handshake? 3rd Degree?)

He missed the Lib Dem fireworks at the Ramadhan Foundation Gaza "conference".
The official line is that he had to catch a plane that Sunday to Strasbourg to push a "european-wide (sic) debate on Gaza"

Word from Strasbourg is that it took the plenary session a few minutes to sort this out. No need for Paul to be there at all really. The speech that Dave Hennigan was not allowed to deliver even cheekily suggested that Paul was to head the EU-wide ALDE alliance - "Promoting Liberal values in Europe, from the Caucasus to Cork".

Paul Rowen as Gaza debate leader? Well, is that news to the President, Vice Chairs, Sec Gen and Eighty-odd other members of the ALDE group?

Tumbleweed can be seen around the Google newsbots searching for comment from Paul Rowen, ALDE and the Council of Europe on Gaza.

Even Dave Hennigan isn't spinning on this. Instead he has been a busy bee on making his landlord Cllr Peter Rush a geriatric Facebook star.

Councillor Peter Rush - Embracing the Facebook Revolution!  (photography: David Hennigan)

Together with nights at the Drake Street office, should Dave be getting a rent discount from Cllr Rush for all this work? Or is the taxpayer footing the bill for this Heywood Lib Dem flannel?

According to RAW's sources in Strasbourg, Paul hasn't been seen. It is a lovely sunny day over there after all. Perhaps he is doing a bit of sightseeing?

Or visiting posh restaurants to enjoy Alsatian cuisine?

If Paul can make it to the Council of Europe offices, perhaps he could lend support to the child protection programme. Paul Rowen could do the decent thing and come clean about allegations of Cyril Smith's past abuse of vulnerable young apprentices and 15-16 yr old lads at Cambridge House. Late night hostel spanking, bottom sponging and testicle squeezing in the early 1960's?

If not, Paul could always sign the online petition challenging violence against children and corporal punishment.

As the Council of Europe says:

"Hands should nurture, not punish".



Chris Paul said...

Who is that 'brother' Rowen is knuckling so gymnastically?

Anonymous said...

Was the Labour Party THRASHED in Chris Paul's area tonight?

Chris Paul said...

Is there something wrong with your time setting RAW ... that anony was commenting on mine like billyo between 2:30 and 3:30 ... references to Rowen even ... very odd indeed.

Labour wasn't thrashed. But sadly progress of a couple of percent was insufficient to prevent the good people of Didsbury West electing Leech's Stopford Wife who claimed at the hustings that as a councillor she'd be able to get nothing done at all. Maybe that's what the people of Didders and especially the ex-Barlow Moor crew want?

Anyway, RAW, pray do tell us who the brother is mangling Rowen's sweaty hand in your first picture.

fallen lewis said...

Looking back at the Th'Ob a few weeks ago, another masonic reference was seen.

It was in a report of the death of former Liberal Councillor Walter Ridgeway MBE, former President of Rochdale Liberals.

A close friend, ally and election organiser for Cyril Smith when he was MP.

Any mention of his long career at Turner Brothers Asbestos (whilst he was councillor)?


As Part of Paul Rowen's tribute, he mentions Walter was "was very active in the local masonic lodge".

The pieces of this sordid jigsaw are starting to come together.

fallen lewis said...

the photo can also be viewed at Rochdale Online's Rotary Club page-

Rochdale Online's John Kay is currently Rochdale Rotarian Grand Poo-Bar.

Some Rotarians don't like to mention the 'F' word. Is it like a sort of Sein Fein / IRA deal?

Given that the Richard Street temple is home to both the local Freemason lodges and Rotary club, they both piss in the same pot- or urinals.

Rochdale is a very odd place.

Rochdale's Alternative Website said...

now now FL, that is not very nice.

There is officially clear blue water between Freemasonry and Rotary International.

As for the time difference Chris, that is probably because the RAW blogsite was set up by friends across the water at RAW's offshore office on Tracey Island in the Pacific Ocean.

But worry not, the palm trees, the little dormant volcano and blue lagoon will be forever a special past of Rochdale.

Anonymous said...

WBro Acton is higher than 3rd degree. Isn't he Royal Arch.
These elite go right up to 33rd degree.

Anonymous said...

Paul Rowen and the Three Degrees?
Does he sing- like a canary?
Or does he prefer a Tenner (or a bag of them)
The rotund Rochdale rotarian MP is getting the profile of Pavarotti.