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Mohammed Shafiq: Yet another Rochdale Lib Dem Man of Mystery.

Self-appointed Muslim yoof guru Mohammed Shafiq is no shrinking violet when it comes to promoting himself.

diversityexchange by shafiqjcp

Some say the Deeplish Lad was getting too pally with the US media. (He was on Panorama don't you know). So lately he appears to have toughened his act up.

Many of his recent comments on the discussion board of Rochdale Online are true gems of high farce. His views on community relations can often be a sight to behold with liberal sprinklings of phrases such as 'genocide', 'holocaust' and referring to Israel as 'Zion' and describing them as Nazi's. Yet his public comments are tailed with the ironic tagline:

M Shafiq - Working to promote understanding between communities.

Is it too much to conclude that Brand Shafiq's inflamatory references to “Zion” ensured that racist and religiously bigoted thugs vandalised a Rochdale Baptist chapel last week? Fear not, Mighty Gob Shaffiq hath made a public pronouncement. Talk about having his cake and eating it?

All Children of Ibrahim are welcome to sup at young Shafiq's table (providing he can get a photo/press release and perhaps a TV interview out of it. -He was on Panorama don't you know). Apparently whilst at St Peter's Square in the Vatican, pilgrims were heard to ask who the old German geezer was stood talking with young Master Shafiq -the boy off the telly- (who has also been on Panorama).

Shafiq's ego has really been in overdrive recently. It must be costing him a fortune in vain texts to 'supporters' informing them of when he is to appear on satellite link ups for the BBC, Canadian and US television news. (Has he mentioned Panorama?)

Mohammed Shafiq on BBC Panorama by shafiqjcp

In true, push-me-pull-you Lib Dem style he has managed to inflame both sides of opinion regarding Prince Harry's recent 'P'-Gate debacle. But at least he gets two bites of the international media cherry- first by calling Prince Harry a “thug” who should atone for his racism by coming up north to meet him. Then he publicly retracts some of his previous comments with a flourish and apparently receives a grateful email from Clarence House for his sycophancy. Double bubble.

No wonder Donal Blarney compared Shafiq to Private Eye's Glenda Slagg.

But has Shafiq created a truly awesome feat of community cohesion? It seems folk from all sides, left/right, black/white, gay/straight find him an irritating, jumped up, opinionated moron.

But who is Mohammed Shafiq?

There is a lot of stuff on the web about him. A lot of it looks as though he put it there himself. Nevertheless it gives an intriguing insight into the public face of a self-promoting fool (who has appeared on Panorama).

Young Mo doesn't say a lot about his job or education but does a quick internet shufty show Shafiq in a shady situation? For those who are LinkedIn it appears Mohammed Shafiq doubled as both a “Chief Executive” and a civil servant- working for Her Majesty as an Administrative Officer in a JobCentrePlus in Stockport. Prior to that (according to a modest article in USA Today) Shafiq worked in the Job Centre at Bolton. Shafiq's MSM moniker is “shafiqdwp”

There is a talk, from within Rochdale Lib Dems, of Shafiq getting a ticking off for using Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) notepaper for some of his illiberal rants.

So, does this international man of mystery find the time to work for a UK government agency? How does he find the time to appear on Sky, BBC (Panorama), CNN etc etc? Does a servant of the Queen not have to be careful what he says in public- especially on delicate issues of race and religion? Is there more to this working relationship than meets the eye?

Mohammed Shafiq on BBC News 24 by shafiqjcp

Modest Shafiq has a blog – where he describes himself as:

one of the most recognised faces speaking on Muslim issues in the interantional (sic) arena, he talks about his life, outlook on news and views in general. He appears on regular programmes across the globe”

Shafiq makes no mention of his education. Being the sort of trumpet blower that he appears to be, if he had qualifications we would all know about it. There was talk of him starting an NVQ but the work on building his hollowed-out volcano and media appearances must have got in the way.

Shafiq has his own personal website. This vain piece of digital masturbation is a sight to behold. There is also a chance to donate cash to him online. What do his government employers or the Inland Revenue think about this income stream? Is all the cash accounted for?

His personal website also has a “media centre” page. He has not one, but two mobile numbers.

There is a collection of Shafiq's TV appearances (including Panorama) on YouTube and his photo album on Flickr. What a busy boy he is.

It seems young Shafiq was once Vice Chairman of Rochdale Liberal Democrats until it was discovered he had foot-in-mouth syndrome.

Foot in mouth #1:

Shafiq called fellow Rochdale Lib Dem, Cllr Elwyn Watkins a racist on TV (not Panorama). Thats not very nice given that Elwyn spends a lot of time in Saudi working for a mystery Sheik. Perhaps Shafiq could make amends by producing a private video where he calls Elwyn his “little Taffy friend”. He could issue an edict criticising himself, then another issuing a profound personal apology. Double bubble.

Foot in Mouth #2:

Shafiq was caught in flagrante massaging his own ego on the Rochdale Online message board. Writing as “Deeplish Lad” he delivered purple prose about himself. Things got messy when he was metaphorically caught with his pants down whilst on the internet.

Foot in mouth #3:

Shafiq made national news (but not Panorama) by calling for the sacking of Trevor Phillips- then Chair of the Race Equality Council. In words that caused a wry smile from those that knew the Moron from Milkstone Rd, Shafiq had the brass neck to say about the Head of the REC:

He is more interested in being a personality than doing what he should do and promote community cohesion." Fancy that eh?

Foot in mouth #4:

Shafiq also accused the Bishop of Rochester, Dr Nazir Ali, of “whipping up hatred against muslims” The barmy Bishop basher suggested Dr Ali's comments would “remind people of the road to nazism”.

After these outburst of drivel, the vice chair of Rochdale Lib Dems was too hot for Shafiq to sit in.

He says he remains an advisor to Nick Clegg on diversity matters. Wow.

Nick Clegg MP with Mohammed Shafiq by shafiqjcp

Does Nick mind Fib Dem shapeshifter Shafiq speaking (to) Balls?

Ed Balls MP and Mohammed Shafiq by shafiqjcp

Strangely there is little written about any Shafiq's relationship with fellow Rochdale Lib Dem Paul Rowen, the current MP for Rochdale- a man who has only just discovered Palestine. Why are they both so coy? Doesn't Shafiq advise Paul about Gaza? Isn't Paul Rowen a shadow shadow minister for the work and pensions- a ministry responsible for an H.M Government department that Shafiq gets a pay cheque from?

Shafiq and The Smiths.

Cyril Smith and gormless brother Norm have kissed the Shafiq Ring. Cyril gave him a double thumbs-up. What words of wisdom were shared during that meeting?

“Now then, all you have to do sprout daft opinions, look busy, be in lots of photos taking the credit for the work of others- and don't get caught squeezing bollocks or with your hand in the till. If it all turns to shite, deny everything and get your followers (or yourself) to write supportive letters in the Rochdale Observer.”?

No problems with that. A chip off the Spanker Smith's block- Shafiq is a fine asset to the Rochdale Lib Dem Brains Trust.

The only thing is- it appears he isn't that bright. Plus he has a remarkable talent for getting up the noses of most factions of the fractious Rochdale Lib Dem party. The old, white, illiberal stick-in-the muds don't like “his sort”. He is truly hated by several Muslim members. He has even managed to annoy and patronise the most liberal of party members with his moronic pronouncements to the media. Quite a loose cannon on the tinder box issues of race and religion. His association with the shadowy Ramadan Foundation is both an embarrassment and a mystery.

What is the Ramadhan Foundation?

The Ramadhan Foundation describes itself as “UK's Leading Muslim Youth organisation”.

How is such an accolade calculated? By membership? By income? By appearing on Panorama?

The Ramadhan Foundation is not a charity. There is a limited company listed with this name. It is registered to a unit in an industrial trading estate in Oldham. There is no share capital. No accounts have been filed and an overdue penanlty beckons. There is a proposal to strike this company off the register. Is this another Shafiq success story or something unrelated? Perhaps Panorama should investigate?

The Hotfrog business directory lists the Ramadhan Foundation under the heading voluntary and charitable organisation. It gives an address in Rochdale and one of Shafiq's mobile telephone numbers.

According to the T'interweb, Shafiq is/was the Ramadhan Foundation's:

Founding Member, Project Manager, Press Spokesman, plus there was a recent “annoucment” (sic) of his appointment as Cheif (sic) Executive.

(oh, and he appeared on Panorama).

The Ramadhan Foundation says its Advisory Board is made up of “ international Scholars and intellectuals”. It lists Mohammed Shafiq as Chief Exec but doesn't say whether he is an international scholar or just a mere intellectual.

So there we have it. Mohamed Shafiq- Rochdale Lib Dem international man of mystery.
Mohammed Shafiq 1 by shafiqjcp.

Is he a hard working, modest hero doing his bit for all communities in his spare time from his job as a civil servant? Or is he a self-appointed, bishop-bashing, egotistical moron, whoring himself to the western media by delivering spicy soundbites about Islam to western news organisations desperate for a friendly young Muslim face to provide lame reassurances and faux debate?

Or he might just be a bit of a tit.



Tariq said...

It seems the Murdock Media outfits worldwide love this character.

I wonder why?

Mohammed Shafiq said...

Sir, how interesting that you find that as a small person who is trying his best to work for the community, you promote your intolerance, lies and character bashing. I have never claimed to speak for Muslims or Asians; rather I speak for the Ramadhan Foundation.

How much of the stuff on here can you stand by, you attack me yet you fail to reveal your true identity, I wonder why that is?

It sounds very much like someone I know, how about you revealing who you are so people can see your real reasons for this personal rant, or would that blow your cover?

Walls have ears said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention BBC's Panorama

Barack Obama said...

Shucks. What a disappointment this is. I was planning on getting young Mohammed in the White House next week to sort out Gaza. We saw him on Panorama.

Mohammed Shafiq said...

Your false and libious allegation that I called Lorna Fitzsimmon a Fucking Jew is a lie, I give you 24hours to withdraw this remark who I will instruct legal proceedings.

I am up to attacks from loony lefties like you and rigth wing bigots but I will not be accused of something I did not do, I am seriously consider legal action if uoi do not remove the last comment about calling Lorna a "Fucking Jew".

Rochdale's Alternative Website said...

As a reasonable response to Mr Shafiq's request that a specific comment from "Walls Have Ears" has made, the post is deleted and posted below with moderated comment.

The claims and threats of legal action and his denial of him using certain, specific words against Lorna Fitzsimons in Rochdale Town Hall at General Election night 2005 have been noted.

RAW reserve the right to investigate these exceedingly serious allegations relating to aggressive racially and religiously motivated abuse. Given Mr Shafiq's public position on community relations then the claims made about his behaviour, witnessed by several people, is a matter of public interest.

RAW will investigate.

In the meantime, here is "Walls Have Ears'" comment, moderated as requested by Mr Shafiq:

Walls have ears said...
Oh Mohammed, when will you ever learn?

First, you make an immediate assumption about gender.


What next? Bigoted generalisations about race and religion? After all, you do have form.

Go straight to jail. Do not pick up £200. Do not pass Go.

What planet are you on when you say:

"I have never claimed to speak for Muslims or Asians; rather I speak for the Ramadhan Foundation"?

YOUR personal blog and website hoists you by your own vain petard:

From your website is your personal message:

"From this site you can learn about my contribution to the UK and its political life. I am a major contributor on media outlets and my views are well received by all.

I have already made huge progress and people are responding to that major change in the Muslim community."

and your personal blog says:

"one of the most recognised faces speaking on Muslim issues in the interantional arena, he talks about his life, outlook on news and views in general. He appears on regular programmes across the globe"

That is your personal message not that of the Ramadhan Foundation.

As for this Ramadhan Foundation, you (or the mysterious webmaster) described it (before the banner was taken down today) as:

"UK's leading muslim youth organisation".

(you can't hide from past stupid comments from suddenly removing them- the internet has archiving facilities you moron)

The drivel YOU have expoused in the past has claimed to represent a standpoint on matters regarding: "Mohammed Shafiq", "Muslims", "Asians", "Pakistan",Israel", "Genocide","Terrorism","Osama Bin Laden", "Extremism", "Lib Dems". ALL those words were taglines written by YOU in YOUR blog you tit.

As for your accusations about RAW telling lies about you, pray tell, what falsehood have been published?

As for your repeated public claims about seeking to promote community understanding, how does that square with your public comments witnessed by several people at Rochdale Town Hall on the evening of the general election in 2005?

What would Nick Clegg, Paul Rowen, Ed Balls, CNN, USA Today, The Times and the Department of Work and Pensions have to say about someone who verbally attacked Lorna Fitzsimons by shouting the words [MODERATED- WORDS OF A VERY ABUSIVE/RACIST NATURE] at her?
16 January 2009 18:47

Frank. N. Furter said...

Hey Mohammed

you are spending a lot of time on Rochdale Online during the day. What's up? Don't you work for JobCentrePlus anymore?

Surely speaking on world issues for the Ramadhan Foundation is more important about giving local advice on a leaky roof- and then demanding fauning acknowledgment and thanks for it?

You will be asking for a donation via your website next.

If you are not careful, people might get the idea you are a self-seeking, opinionated fool who wants to make a name for himself in politics by jumping on bandwagons.

But they can't take Panorama away from you.

By the way, seeing as you have publicly stated that those in politics should be fully transparent about funding- does the Ramadhan Foundation declare its income? Is RF the limited company that RAW has identified as registered in Oldham? If so then, as 'Cheif Executive', why have company accounts not been filed?

If, as Linkedin now suggests, your only job is as now as Cheif Executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, how much do you get paid? I hope you are not on any form of government benefit due to lack of formal employment.

Come on sweetie - 'fess up or shut up.

Anonymous said...

another title that Mr Shafiq has given himself is "director" of the Ramadhan Foundation.

It can be seen on the screenshot of his Panorama interview (the one he modestly doesn't like to mention).


Then if the Ramadhan Foundation is a limited company is Mr Shafiq a company director (as well as Cheif Executive)?

Is all revenue and expenditure fully accounted for?

Is any money that Mr Shafiq receives from his "donate" button on his personal website, plus any cash that gets collected in a bucket at meetings etc fully accounted for?

Without answers all mystery this gives the impression that Mr Shafiq and the Ramadhan Foundation is not really what it presents itself as to the global media?

Perhaps the image of a sad, vain opportunist ranting on the internet and phone from a little box bed room on Oldham Road just wouldn't have the same media impact?

Anonymous said...

Have just found this posting on the internet from 2005 from a Lib Dem that was very worried about anti-semetic racism that seems to have helped Paul Rowen become the Town's current MP.

David Hennigan, Mohammed Shafiq and MPAC -the Muslim Public Affairs Committee.


United Kingdom
4 Posts Posted - 16/08/2005 : 14:39:29 Show Profile Reply with QuoteI have had a sleepless night thinking over the comments made by David Hennigan when he wrote:

"I will personally make him pay for this by retiring him - and ask Labour in Manchester or Lorna Fitzsimmons - I don't mess about!"

Speaking as someone who votes Lib Dem and was proud to see Paul Rowen elected, I find such thretening comments from a party worker very disturbing.

Many people in Rochdale expected Paul Rowen to win with a far bigger majority- to think that party workers see themselves as "terminators" of political opponents behind the scences is an insult to those voters who voted for Paul for positive reasons.

Those words keep repeating through my head:

"I will personally make him pay for this by retiring him - and ask Labour in Manchester or Lorna Fitzsimmons - I don't mess about!"

Something nasty happened during the election campaign- in Rochdale and another constituencies in the North West including Withington, where a labour candidate was "retired" as Mr Hennigan makes references to later on this thread.

Lurking behind the legitimate criticism of the Iraq war were very nasty comments and rumours- the sort that all decent pepole from all races and creeds would abhor.

An example of this public front to a nasty campaign was seen on the website and posters of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee -MPAC-UK.

Religious intolerance is usually peddled by scum such as the BNP as a 'clever' way of criticising muslims for their religion rather than the colour of their skin. Any party that tries to benfit from such dangerous nonsense is not worthy of respect.

I am sure that truly decent people like Paul Rowen and his fellow elected collegues would be disgusted if such tactics were ever considered.

Unfortunately, during the election, I heard something that I though would never be spoken in Rochdale.

Little friends of my granddaughter were whispering and giggling to each other

"Lorna is a Jew"

this was Rochdale in 2005 not Nazi Germany.

These innocent asian children did not understand what they were saying. Their parents- decent, hardworking Rochdalians, were shocked and embarrassed with what was being said.

Racial and religious intolerance was being peddled in Rochdale and Manchester quite openly by MPAC-UK.

Certain candidates were targetted, including Lorna Fitzsimmons and Manchester sitting MPs.

They said that these candidates were zionists and friends of israel- that was just on the posters and websites- goodness knows what was being said in private.

The consequences were apparent with small innocent children calling people "Jews" as if it was an insult.

Those words keep haunting me...

"I will personally make him pay for this by retiring him - and ask Labour in Manchester or Lorna Fitzsimmons - I don't mess about!"

Rochdale is a town with a good history of race-relations.

Paul Rowen eaned his seat through hard work and despite of some nasty negative rumours being said about his opponent.

With all the death and misery that is threatened on britain's streets with suicide bombers and religious intolerance - there should be no room for such dangerous bigotry.

I sincerley hope that comments such as:

"I will personally make him pay for this by retiring him - and ask Labour in Manchester or Lorna Fitzsimmons - I don't mess about!"

could never be connected in anyway whatsoever with the party that I vote for.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute... could this Mohammed Shafiq be the same Mohammed Shafiq - or Shaf - who just a few short years ago was a very well known face on the Leeds gay scene?

THAT Mohammed Shafiq - Shaf - worked for Jobecentre Plus and worked his way through many a young man. Also shared a home with a lesbian couple and his then boyfriend, a male sex worker if memory serves. He also lost his deposit standing as a Lib Dem candidate in Leeds.

But it can't be the same person can it, as THIS Mohammed Shafiq is married with two daughters.