Monday, 26 January 2009

Ugly scene at Galloway Gaza gathering

Lib Dem Agent eejit Dave Hennigan ejected.

Late this afternoon the Castlemere Community centre held a meeting about Gaza.

Arranged and promoted by the Ramadham Foundation's Mohammed Shafiq (RAW's passim)

The main speaker, George Galloway was almost overshadowed by rather ugly shenanigans.

Despite a promise he would attend, current Rochdale MP Paul Rowen was a no-show. Was it a crisis of confidence or conscience?

In the tangled web of Rochdale politics, was the cruel plight of the dead and the dying in Gaza just a backdrop for local opportunism? A platform for young Mohammed Shafiq to relaunch his heady political aspirations? A chance for reconciliation? Not between Israel and Palestine but actually for Shafiq to re-enter the Rochdale Lib Dem bosom?

At the meeting George Galloway gave his usual excellent oratory. A genuine call for justice and assistance. He spoke of real aims- a fully laden 100 vehicle convoy for Gaza to leave London on St Valentines day. George spoke to an appreciative audience of mostly genuine souls who wanted to help brothers and sisters at a time of terrible distress. At such events it is inevitable, but nevertheless distasteful, to see a minority of crackpots, bigots and shallow opportunists.

Cue: Paul Rowen's “Agent” troubled Dave Hennigan. To add insult to the injury of the current Rochdale MP's disappearance, the use of such an understudy to give the Rochdale Lib Dem messsage was too much for the 'Cheif Executive” of the hosting Ramadhan Foundation. In the kurfuffle some say Mohammed's Shafiq's veins were popping out with anger.

Dave had his speech ready and was determined to have his say about Gazza.

Using the oft quoted mantra of many z-list celebrities and Amy Winehouse, Dave was heard to shout “don't you know who I am?”

I'm Paul Rowen's Agent

Was there then a Spartacus-like call from a young Adam Power whimpering the words-

Dave no, I'm Paul Rowen's agent!

Shafiq's stormtroopers gave short shrift. There was a noisy and messy ejection from the community centre.

What did the poor Hobhouses think of such Shenighans?

Picture the scene of Dave's telephone call to his boss Paul, eager to hear news that his thousands of pro-Gaza votes are in the bag. Did his agent triumph in the Galloway glow?

Gulp...did Dave need some dutch courage before reporting on what really went on?

Another fine mess? The tears, the excuses, the tantrums...the empties?

As the twisted bodies lie in the rubble of Gaza. As millions of innocent souls suffer without the most basic of services. As disease and hunger threaten children in Palestine, it is sickening to think that a meeting to call for humanitarian aid and assistance was hijacked and harmed by a Rochdale Lib Dem spat between vain hubristic morons.

Tomorrow will see handbags at dawn between the Shafiq and Rowen camp.


Azad Kashmir said...

Today's Rochdale Online has the following gaffe in its report-

The controversial MP, who is an ex Big Brother housemate, told Rochdale Online in an exclusive interview that he has fond memories from when he was last here 20 years ago.

He said: “Rochdale is a town I remember well; the last time I was here I was making a speech about Cashmere.

Cashmere? Expensive woolley jumper material from goats?

No doubt when corrected, Malcolm Journeux will go on a long rant about how the 2 names are interchangable.

No they are not. Using the word "Cashmere" has associations with British colonialism. It is an insult.

'Cashmere' instead of 'Kashmir' shows woolly journalism at Rochdale Online.

Anonymous said...

As predicted by RAW, the handbags were out at dawn between shifty Shafiq and the Rowen camp.

Eyes are expected to be scratched.

Here is Rochdale Online's report-

MP's agent marched out of Gaza peace conference

Reporter: Kirsty Rigg
Date online: 26/01/2009

A representative for Paul Rowen MP was marched out of a public conference because he asked the speaker if he could read out a speech.

David Hennigan, who works as an agent for the MP, was thrown out of Castlemere Community centre during a Gaza conference with George Galloway MP, because the committee decided he had acted in appropriately.

This caused outrage among the other lib dems who were present, who subsequently stormed out of the meeting.

Paul Rowen MP was invited to the event but was unable to make it, so he sent David to read the speech out for him.

Mohammed Shafiq, who organised the event said: “Dave should not have spoken out to the speaker with this speech, it was decided early on that we didn’t want him to speak, we are not happy with the way he has acted towards us in the past”.

Councillors Wera and William Hobhouse also stormed out of the meeting.

William said: “Why is it that George Galloway can speak and Paul Rowen can not. This was outrageous behaviour and in no way acceptable.

David Hennigan said: “To say this was a meeting meant to be promoting peace I am disgusted with the way I was treated.

“I did nothing wrong, they way I was removed from the meeting was appalling, Paul Rowen is not at all happy and is writing to Mr Shafiq”.