Saturday, 24 January 2009

Paul Rowen: YOP. Acceptable in the '80's ?

The world economy is in turmoil. What is Rochdale's current MP Paul Rowen's solution to save jobs?

According to today's Rochdale Obscurer Paul's words of wisdom include:

"There is an urgent need for job creation along the lines of the community programme of the 1980s"

Thatcher's Youth Opportunity Programme? That is a truly original peice of blue sky thinking from the Lib Dems deputy, shadow, shadow DWP no.2 spokesman. Keep this up and we will see much more of Paul's paunch on TV behind Nick Clegg at PMQ's. Trebles all round!

How does Paul Rowen propose we get back to the 80's? Borrow Lord and Lady Speakman's DeLorean and fuel it with leftover cheese pie from the Old Spanker's 80th birthday bash? Cheese Pie 2
David Hennigan

Acceptable in the 80's? Michael J Fox meets Calvin Harris? No, that is very wrong.

Poor young Dave Hennigan, he was a failing choir boy back then and had only just started experimenting with booze and fags.

Is Paul Rowen for real? The 1980's?

A 23-year old Greg Couzens at the opening of his hair salon in 1983.
(Cllr Greg Couzens - hairdresser since 1983)

The 1980's-
A time of greed, dispair, bad hair, bent coppers, racism, corporal punishment, asbestos shenanigans, sex abuse and planning corruption?

Come to think of it, little change for some Rochdale Lib Dems?

Rochdale, like TV's Royston Vasey, is for some very 'local'. A town that time forgot.

But we should not forget the 80's and especially the role some politicians played in making Rochdale the basket case it is today. If there is justice in the world, one day the truth will come out.

-Knowl View school- vulnerable young boys abused and institutionalised. Making pocket money by turning tricks in the Smith Street toilets.

-Cyril Smith and asbestos. Enough said. Shameful.

-In the days before Sky TV there was Rediffusion in Rochdale council houses. Did some of the subscription money end up in brown envelopes?

-Rochdale Hornets had its own ground in Kingsway (near today's muddy fields). It was sold off to a supermarket. The millions trickled away. Now our RL team is in Administration.

-Take a look at the poor quality 1980's developments that stick out around Rochdale like a sore thumb. Follow the money. Was planning achievable in Rochdale for reasonable contribution to party funds? Has Rochdale been sold down the river? Who was on the planning committee in the 80's?

-Gross miscarriges of justice such as the imprisonment of Stefan Kiszko. Perversely, Spanker Cyril, as "Liberal" MP, wanted him hung. This poor innocent, vulnerable scapegoat got a long sentence. Not helped by Cyril's media showboating and his Tory parliamentary mate, barrister Dave Waddington MP (who enjoyed his tea and sandwiches with Cyril at the Turner Brothers Asbestos factory).

The list could go on. And will.

Paul Rowen has mentioned the 80's in some lame excuse for a soundbite. Thanks Paul, we remember it well. For the sake of making Rochdale a better place rather than a basket case, justice needs to be done.

Dodgy going ons to investigate about Rochdale in the 80's?

Fire up the Quattro!


panorama said...

there is someting wrong in the first photo showing Charlie Kennedy, big bellied Rowen and defective MEP Sajjad Karim...

...were the hell is Mohammed Shafiq?

Anonymous said...

Was Cllr Norman Smith MBE on the Rochdale Council planning committee in the 1980's?

(p)Ennis to Cyril's Boss Hogg- the real Dukes of Hazard.

Someone needs to do a pie chart listing all the planning decisions that the Smiths were involved with.

Only trouble with a pie chart is that the thick greedy buggers would try to eat it.