Friday, 23 January 2009

Rochdale Lib Dems in second home expenses scandal?

On the day the Paul Rowen MP hailed a Lib Dem victory in ensuring MP's expenses are made public, his troubled Agent David Hennigan has stumbled into controversy.

The clearly tired and emotional Spin Doctor was seen in Rochdale Town centre in the early hours of this morning. The dishevelled public figure smelt of intoxicants and staggered up Drake Street clutching a pizza whilst inpecting the failed regeneration project sites of the Rochdale Development Agency.

He was spotted entering the Rochdale Lib Dem offices at 1.30am. It appears he spent the night there. Was this on party business? If so how is Paul Rowen ensuring his staff abide by the Working Time Directive? After all, Mr Rowen is shadow, shadow DWP No.2.

(archive photos of Dave Hennigan)

Rumours persist that Mr Hennigan has slept in the Rochdale Lib Dem Drake Street offices on a number of occasions in similar circumstances.

It is understood Mr Hennigan left his marriage and Stockport home last year to spend more time with his politics. In doing so he decamped to a flat in Heywood. His landlord is Lib Dem Councillor Peter Rush. Dave publicly remarked that his move to Heywood would be a positive thing for the town. Despite his arrival the local economy has declined and several pubs have closed.

Mr Hennigan's nocturnal habits and sleeping arrangements pose a problem for his boss Paul Rowen MP. The politics of yob culture and binge drinking issues aside, his public stand on ensuring MP's expenses are fully accountable may backfire.

In the spirit of openness that Mr Rowen has nailed his colours to, will Rochdale's MP answer these simple questions?

-Is Dave Hennigan's salary paid for out of MP's expenses? If so, what pay scale is he on? How does this equate to other members of his staff?

-Is any of Adam Power's wage paid for by Parliamentary expenses?

-How much has the rent for the Lib Dem offices increased by? Has this increase been paid for out of Parliamentary expenses?

-If Mr Hennigan sleeps at the Drake Street offices, does this comply with planning conditions (for office use only) and Council Tax. And what about the smell for co-workers the morning after?

-If this Drake Street address is classed as a second Parliamentary home, will he disclose his John Lewis list?

-Does the Drake Street office have recycling bins to deal with domestic waste (cans, bottles, pizza boxes etc?
(a photo certainly not of Dave Hennigan)

Rochdale Lib Dem Mohammed Shafiq, Cheif Executive of UK's leading Muslim youth organisation, the Ramadhan Foundation, was unavailable for comment.

Panorama have been informed.


nanny state said...

Lib Dem official line on binge drinking:

Liberal Democrat shadow health secretary Norman Lamb:

'These statistics lift the lid on the very serious scale of middle-class alcohol consumption, and the potential health risks that this involves'.


'The figures were the result of massive underfunding of alcohol treatment services'.

Poor Dave, when his own party is so damning. Get that man a double.

Piss Crawl said...

My concern is what was very ex-councillor Ian Duckworth (or whoever else your informant is) doing in the red light area of Rochdale at 1.30 in the morning.

If it was a kerb-crawler, it probably wasn't the very ex-councillor Allen Brett, as he he just been car-jacked.

In fact, maybe your late night informant witnessed that crime as well.

Rochdale's Alternative Website said...

"Piss Crawl" indeed, not only literally Dave but also this has been your past moniker for drunken trolling the comments section of Chris Paul's blog.

If the comment above by "piss crawl" is from Dave Hennigan then it speaks volumes-

Without too much Jungian analysis of this troubled soul, try to look at the world through his eyes, words and actions -

"piss crawl" immediately mentions former politicians. Is Dave's world so narrow that only politics matters? Is everybody else invisible?

He describes the Ward were Rochdale Lib Dem's office is situated as a "Red Light Area" populated by "kerb crawlers" in cars.

So in the twisted world of Dave Hennigan are the people who walk, work and live around Drake Street invisible or merely sex workers and scum?

Are British Asians invisible to Dave?(unless he can garner a votes off then by shamelessly jumping on a bandwagon such as the plight of those dying in Gaza? A place where Paul Rowen never spoke of in Parliament.)

The red mist of alcohol and anger aside, is he that blind to all those hard working people who spot him on his late night Drake Street staggers? Do they not matter to Dave? The predominently British Asian local residents, the bar doorstaff, police officers and CCTV operatives, the taxi drivers, the take away workers- all invisible to the staggering Liberal Democrat Agent of Paul Rowen?

Invisible, Dirty Pretty Things?

In Vino Veritas Dave?

little Mo said...

This Saturday morning, in the darkest hours just before sunrise, the lights were on on the top floors of Lib Dem HQ at Drake St.

Early start or late finish?

At 3am Paul Rowen was posting on Rochdale Online about MP's expenses.
Were the spelling misakes he made on it a result of tiredness? (Carrying 2 bags full of wine from the Off Licence on Queensway does take some effort).

Are Paul and Dave working the night shift or is alcohol keeping them up?

Piss Crawl said...

"If the comment above by "piss crawl" is from Dave Hennigan then it speaks volumes-"

It isn't. So it doesn't. You quite often play childish word games with the names of others and this one seems like a perfectly natural one to use on yours.

And talking of spelling mistakes, Litte Mo. How about these little gems from Mr "Rochdale Alternative Website" himself?

"He describes the Ward were Rochdale Lib Dem's office is situated"

"unless he can garner a votes off then" (whatever the fuck that means)

Were they the result of a late shift or of alcohol?

And, given your obsession with timings, Mo, don't you find it odd that this website refers to an incident that supposedly happened at 1.30 in the morning on a post that is made at 1.25am.

Can we now add prescience to omniscience in the talents of RAW's webmaster?

Piss Crawl said...

I have just read the thread "Little Mo" refers to on Rochdale Online. I can't see any spelling mistakes. The grammer may not be spectacular, but Chris Paul shoulld be the last person in the world to commment about that.

Chris Paul said...

I've made no comments above at all. I don't do aliased or anonymous comments. I am well known for my willingness to tell it like it is in my own name.

Having just read a comment over at my own blog on returning from walking my dogs this morning I've come over to take a look.

Dave Hennigan is a well-known piss head etc, bully etc and also a dyed-in-the-wool anonymous blog poster and letter writer.

Plus Rochdale Lib Dem accounts and parliamentary expenses don't look to me that they can withstand much scrutiny. the shenanigans with the rent at Drake Street being a prime source of unrest.

There should be a complaint to the parliamentary commissioners over Hennigan's behaviour.

Paul Rowen is responsible for this foulness and defamation on his computers, his broadband connection, from his office, on our time.

I would rather be accused of occasional bad grammar than of the crimes and misdemeanours at the feet of Mr "Drunk Again" Hennigan, his weak puppet Paul Rowen MP, and his non-colleague Adam "the Power" Power.

Piss Crawl said...

You are a bloody liar, Chris. It is common knowledge that you often post anonymously. You have even done so on this page.

The comment you refer to on your own blog was posted under your own name, so please don't try to BS everybody. And please don't use anonymity to chuck abuse at people.