Friday, 2 October 2009

Rochdale's billion pound one-legged arse kicking contest?

Let's return to an ongoing theme for RAW:

Spin, Corruption, Cover-up, Mismanagement and Failed regeneration projects.

"Rochdale is booming" announce the faded signs next to many Rochdale "bombsites".

Failed regeneration, compulsary purchase, demolition and wildflower planting aplenty. Most of our town's promised "billion pound bonanza" remains with the Rochdale cowboys who "aspire" and "facilitate" the "exciting" future for our town. But as Nero seems to fiddle, Rochdale burns.

The Mafia of the Mediocre use our money to crow about their "dreams" and vain, 'white elephant' projects. Senior officers from Rochdale Council and its partner "agencies" such as the RDA, Impact Partnership and Link4Life hoover up obscene amounts of salary and pension provision as "savage cuts" are made elsewhere.

The public servant senior executive roll of dishonour is lengthy. It includes Messers Ellis, Hudson, Zuntz, Ewbank, McAteer and Lavery. These men have huge salaries and pension provision (well in excess of £100,000 per year EACH). Yet look around Rochdale and ask if YOU have received value for YOUR money.

About £2,000,000 a year is also spent on 'positive media messaging'. Other regimes would come clean and call it good old fashioned propaganda. We pay dearly for this drivel. First in the wallet and secondly as a result of deluded decision making by these senior unelected officers and the 'puppet' politicians that are appointed to their boards and willingly do their bidding.

An example of how this sorry scheme operates is the board of the Rochdale Development (sic) Agency. Leader of the Council Alan Taylor is a member. His business credentials are given as part of the RDA speel. But does this hirsuite retired "retail fruiterer" know one end of a banana from the other? He should know a lot about past town centre redevelopment disasters given he was Cyril Smith MP's agent during the "wonderland years". Alan was also around during the time of Cyril Smith's "plum squeezing" allegations.


Take the farcical Rochdale Town Centre redevelopment. £200 million, £250 million, £500 million are all figures that have been quoted for more retail and office space in an area with thousands of empty square footage and under-utilised space already. If the contractural fees for future decades of planned PFI "partner services", plus compounded interest charges are added, the final bill for a series of bland, identikit, tin and glass sheds, with a 30 year planned life, will pass the one billion pound mark. Of OUR money.

The latest (£20,000+) edition of Rochdale Council's glossy brochure "Local Matters" gushes about the frantic commercial competion to bid for the redevelopment of Rochdale Town Centre.

Local Matters - September 2009

But does it appear the only thing Rochdale Council and the RDA have been economical with - is the truth?...

It has now transired that ONLY ONE developer has currently made the grade- "Genr8".

Rude local commentators are clear about this unhealthy lack of competition.

After years of fanfare and spin to have only ONE developer willing to gamble on Rochdale's regenaration has been likened to a one-legged arse kicking contest.

As for uniped-based punishment, there are too many highly paid 'executives' that need their arses kicking in our town!

Rochdale deserves much better than this.


Anonymous said...

ideas for new consortia names to compete with "GenR8":

given that some Rochdale councillors wear two hats in that the are both politicians and RDA Board members - how about "2Hats"

or more text speak style "2w@ts"

or something that sums the bosses of RMBC and RDA etc up...?


Anonymous said...

or "Bionic"

given Rochdale is being shafted by six million dollar men?

Sid said...

what about


or "Regen-R8 all the pies"?

Tonto said...

Ellis, Hudson, Ewbank, Zuntz, McAteer, Lavery and the other million pound Rochdale Cowboys...IMHO the sooner that this bunch of carpet bagging, buffet munching muppets leaves Dodge City the better.

Have Dennighan said...

"About £2,000,000 a year is also spent on 'positive media messaging'."

Should that not be "media massaging" rather than messaging?

Anonymous said...

And with rochdale online organising a 'Miss Rochdale' contest, will a certain odd photographer be putting some deposits in the 'spank bank'? Yuk!!!

Al the Greengrocer said...

Will the new consortia be doing any work near Emma Street?

If so, how about: Flagell8

Paul n' Dave's five finger shuffle said...

or "exciting" times for those loners at 142a/144 Drake Street...


(Ha! word verificatiion includes the words "nonse"!!!)

Anonymous said...

Malcolm Porn-O whinges on about Royston Vasey Online being the most "local" yet the photo used to illustrate his MastRb8tory "Miss Rochdale" contest is moggel from 300 miles away.

She did come up to Rochdale to take her clobber off for Porn-O after having a hairdo with creepy and "ambitious" Cllr Greg Couzens.

This has the appearence of weird 'grooming' by ridiculous older men who should know bettter.

Some of these vulnerble young women's skin must crawl after being "pampered" by Malcolm and Greg.

DN said...

sex obsessed web pest media mogul Malcolm Journeaux is at it again in what looks like a clumsy attempt to smear an organisdation who doesn't pay him (or RO)tribute (advertsing cash or arselickin).

A couple of lame "news" reports about RMBC's media unit dressed up as fair comment.

The emails doing the rounds to and from Malcolm's lair are laugh out loud funny. The man is an arse.

It would be interesting if some of these manic emails were to get out. That would be news.

Anonymous said...

come on stefan your game is up. outed you filthy, facebook pervert.

Ste. fan C said...

OK Steve, I'll come quietly.

Good detective work- now that you have a lot of time on your hands. Its a fair cop.

Have you brought the furry handcuffs fatboy?

Anonymous said...


It's got to be pretty depressing when your only friend on Facebook is that Banana obsessed Chris Paul?

Stefan, you're friend are much more interesting to look at. Not too sure how many of those young girls you actually know in real life but it's good to have a dream.

unmarried MP's mystery wedding band said...

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No doubt Space Cadets will try to justify huge expenditure on travel and research relating to this mysterious ring.