Monday, 12 October 2009

Rowengate: "Wank bullets" and expenses - Time to come clean Paul?

Who says RAW isn't "down with the kidz"?

We have discovered a new phrase that is sure to become general parlance soon. The rude reference has resonance with many of the murky shenanighans associated with Paul Rowen and his bunch.
"Wank bullet" was a phrase coined in Peep Show (the Channel 4 comedy NOT the £9.99 "entertainment" expense listed in a hotel bill claimed by Paul Rowen).
A "wank bullet" may be used to descibe the selfless act of covering up someone's indisrection with a ludicrous excuse that causes so much disgust or shock that the original issue gets covered up (or wiped away).

Paul Rowen has just published a "private and confidential" letter addressed to him from Sir Thomas Legg. Over the Additional Expenses Allowances, PR Paul was cock-a-hoop. His press release stated that Rochdale's current MP had a "clean bill of health".

Has Paul Rowen dodged the need for a "wank bullet"? Or is there more to that fat wad of expense claims that suggests a tissue of lies? Could things get very messy for Paul and his gang?

The current expenses fist fight is only over ACA- Additional Costs Allowance. There is no mention of other allowances that Paul has been creaming off - Incidental Expenses Provision/Staff Allowance and his Communcication Allowance.

So who in Team Rowen could still be about to take a "wank bullet" for Paul and his sticky situation?

Cllr Cricket Jnr- Dale Mulgrew? He signed off the 2005 Rochdale Lib Dem accounts with information that suggests Paul has recently been economical with the truth to the Guardian Media Group.
Did Dale get his wellies mixed up or did his 2005 accounts show the Rochdale Lib Dems filling their boots with Parliamentary expenses cash for -printing, staff wages and "independently" set office rent?

Boy oh boy - as Cllr Cricket's dad might say: "there's more"...

Are the 3 amigos- Dave Hennigan, Adam Power and John Swarbrick- actually 3 arguidos in the search for mystery money? How much public cash do they get paid? When it comes to websites, photos and emails are these naughty boys not tired of excessive digital manipulation?[dh6swatch.jpg]

Then there is the 40p banana claimed under Parliamentary expenses ? A mystery intern took both barrels for that indiscretion.
Then there are Paul Rowen's late night internet confessions. All very murky. On Rochdale Online at 1.40am one Saturday this May, the MP promised to come clean about the "mostly Catholic" charidees who mysteriously received his "double bubble" Councillor expenses for 2 years. All would be revealed by the "end of the weekend".

5 months on and no confession, although a Heywood Catholic Priest has been suffering a tirade of abuse and intimidation .

Does Paul Rowen seem to be struggling to come clean about his Ugandan dealings working for a property company called Corinya? Does his cup overflow? Will the Jungmyars keep quiet?

Or will older Rochdale Lib Dem members be forces to "take one for the team"?
Keeper of the keys to the skeleton closet- Alan Taylor?

Or Cyril Smith?
The man alleged by Rochdale Alternative Press to be a sadistic abuser of vulnerable young lads (aged 15-17) at Cambridge House hostel in the early 1960's? Although not medically qualified, Cyril apparently "helped" the Rochdale Police doctor Ian McKichan with medical examinations. Testicle squeezing - what sort of sick pervert gets off on doing that to vulnerable lads a long way from home? Bottom spanking? What sort of politician - at the time heavily involved in "youth services" abuses his position to administer "punishment" and abuse young lads late at night?

Rumours persist that Cyril Smith was later treated with medication to control his urges.

Even if Cyril Smith later "fired blanks" - do all these shenaighans and revelations help Paul Rowen dodge the current line of fire over MP's expenses?


Anonymous said...

Thinking about it, there could be a subtle message woven subliminaly within your blog post. Perhaps I'm reading too much into this but would it not be too unfair to suggest that Rowen and his homies are a bunch of wankers?

Rochdale Rapper said...

Cyril is definately no oil painting but Drake Street keeps making a news story out of Ogden Trust pictures of Cyril when ever things get desperate.

Is the media being prepared for the old spankers final curtain call? Lets hope not before the police get round to interviewing him.

According to Paul Rowen he is stopped on a daily basic by other MP's asking about Cyril?

Really? What do they say?

"Did he only spank a few bottoms?"

"Did Lord Reynard tick him off for his cash whip rounds from propert speculators for party funds?"

"Did Cyril really act as kingmaker for both the Lib Labb pact in 1974 and the Tories in the 1980's?"

"why didn't he get a Lordship?"

"are the Special Branch files about the sex abuse kept somewhere safe?"

Get Real said...

Perhaps Hughes Hall, Cambridge has decided to clear out the trash before the shite hits the fan about Cyril.

NSPCC, Ogden Trust, Rotary - probably all decent organisations who would cetainly not want to be associated with damning allegations of historic sex abuse.

Anonymous said...

Paul Rowen has put a lot of weight on.

Prime candidate for a tossed salad.