Sunday, 12 July 2009

Rowengate: MP and boy attack neighbouring parish priest

Recent gaffs and heavy-handed shenanigans show that the wheels are falling off Team Rowen.

40p bananas,

paid second job Ugandan shenanighans with links to Rochdale property speculators,

daft legal threats against the Rochdale Observer,

stampless "yoof" junk mail and Facebook mithering,

Feel Good Festival political hijacking,

all demonstrate the sort of weird goings-on from Rochdale's current MP that previously didn't get reported.

The nagging issues that dog Rochdale are very serious. They will not go away. The truth will emerge. One day.

Concerns over:

  • Spin
  • Corruption
  • Cover-up
  • Mismanagement
  • Failed regeneration projects

and.... threats.

A few months ago, RAW reported on a late night attack of words Paul Rowen made against a Heywood Parish Priest. Writing on Rochdale Online's Forum at 2.06am, "devout"Roman Catholic Paul Rowen defended his "double bubble" expenses claiming when he was both an MP and Councillor.



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What I used my Councillors Allowances On

I've read with some interest the thread on MPs Allowances. Given what has been happening in Parliament in the last few weeks and the need for fundamental reform I'm disappointed at some of the comments.
in particular:

(a) Ian Duckworth - I appreciate that losing your Council seat to the Liberal Democrats TWICE is a personal disappointment and has nothing to do with the topic in this thread. If you cannot contribute positively to this discussion please shut up!

(b) HeywoodPP - as a Catholic Priest I am disappointed that you cast doubts on my honesty. I was a Councillor for twelve months when first elected an MP. I continued to Chair the committee that set up the IMPACT partnership. I played a full part in the running of the Council and attended Council meetings.

Crikey- so Paul Rowen is to blame for the seeting up of the Impact Partnership?! A "for-profit" organisation that has been screwing RMBC and Rochdale Council Tax payers to the tune of millions. (much more on that soon).

Back to the MP and boy attacking a parish priest...

Mr Rowen suggested that he was only doing both jobs for a year- until it was pointed out to him that he claimed the civic allowance for TWO years.

An extraordinary claim was then made by Rochdale's current MP at 2.06am Saturday morning . Late night internet typing that he seems to be now regretting:


I made a voluntary decision to donate my allowance after tax to charities. I did not have to do this and my decision has nothing to do with council tax payers.

The bulk of these were Catholic based charities hence my disappointment at your carping critism. If you spent as much time ministering to souls as you should be doing I would have more respect for you.

However, in the interests of total transparency I will post up a full list of those charities over the weekend.

That was the last weekend in MAY. Almost a dozen weekends have come and gone yet Paul Rowen has posting nothing, zip, nada, about his "charidee" donations of the cash he received as a councillor whilst also claiming a salary, allowance and expenses as an MP (and a paid "consultant" to IDEA)...oh and a paid employee of the Ugandan arm of property company Corinya.

As fellow devout Rochdale Lib Dem Catholic family, the Mullgrew-Crickets might say..."there's more"...

It appears a boy (who definately doesn't work for Paul Rowen MP?) has been also interfering with the Man of the Cloth

Paul Rowen MP with Adam Power launching the survey

Has Adam "The Machine" Power been using the t'internet at 142A/144 Drake Strett (sic) in botched attempt to get the parish preist of a neigbouring constituency "moved on"?

Paul Daly "Heywood Parish Priest" has alluded to the threats and political interference eminating from Drake Strett (sic). The sort of dirty shenanignas one would expect from a Banana Republic:

One such example, sent from a Rochdale Lib Dem email address, contained the lines:

I have also been informed by two councillors that you have phoned them personally enquiring about my work.

which is either an untruth by the two Lib Dem councillors, if they exist, or by the author of the email.


your behaviour is a disgrace to the Catholic Church and in my opinion you should seriously consider moving on.

or the following text message sent by someone employed by Paul Rowen and paid for by the taxpayer:


One of the more abusive text messages I have received from local Lib Dems working out of Drake Street stated:

I have kept a file on your behaviour over the last few years and will be sending it to your superiors as an example of breaking canon law and recommending that for the sake of your ever dwindling parish you make a fresh start.

The same Drake Street employee went on to say that I am an:

unchristian attention seeking man with issues

Whilst "not working for Paul Rowen", Adam has form for using emails to interfer with the work of MP's in other constituencies. Its a good job he doesn't work for Rochdale's current MP - or else this would be a matter of parliamentary discipline.

So who does Adam Power work for and where does his wage come from?

Surely there is no cash from Rochdale Council allowances etc being used to pay this naughty boy's wage?

It is fair to say that the funding of Rochdale Lib Dems is a huge black hole.
Is that why Paul Rowen was so touchy with the Rochdale Observer on the matter?

The arrangements regarding:

  • local, unaccountable cash donations- especially those "organised" via Cyril Smith,
  • the rent arrangement between Paul Rowen's Constituency office and the local party,
  • the inner workings of Rochdale Reform Buildings, Rochdale Liberal Democrat Printing Society and other shadowy unincorporated set-ups,
  • the wages and employment arrangements of Dave Hennigan and Adam Power,
  • the second (third+) wages and employment arangements of (Cllr) Paul Rowen MP,
  • Paul Rowen's "charidee" involvement and payments.
all remain shrouded in mystery.

Perhaps a Priest should be called to exorcise the demons?


Chris Paul said...

You have missed out Rowen's role in supporting local property developers Corinya Holdings in their Ugandan enterprises.

How much was Rowen paid as a "remunerated director" fee in previous years?

In the one year he has disclosed this was a mere £1500 and there is an implication that he had to use this to travel to inspect his offshore property portfolio. Is that even true? How much did he draw in expenses?

And how much was he paid in the other years he has not disclosed?

How much is the nominal value of his shareholding?

(Corinya Holdings (Rochdale) have a controlling interest, with Rowen, a Kenyan chap called Michael, and a company Michael part controls, possibly a joint venture University or Govt spin off own the other half)

What would the value of the Rowen shareholding be on the open market?

Was Rowen ever paid fees by Corinya Limited or Corinya Holdings Limited whose property portfolio is centred on Rochdale and Burnley? Or any other related company?

What is his relationship with the Rochdale-based Austrian threesome who are the directors of these local companies?

Did he have any part in negotiation for either Rochdale MBC and/or Corinya of the deal for the former to lease substantial offices from the latter?

That must have been going on around the time when he was Leader of council and/or senior councillor/MP two jobber, was it not?

Have Corinya in East Lancashire any Rotary or Freemason or indeed Catholic Secret Society links?

Have Corinya in East Lancashire any properties past or present that are in redevelopment areas, are slated for CPOs, may find value enhanced by MBC or Impact Partnership decisions, have been subject of planning decisions these last ten years say - apart from the MBC decision to enter into a lease?

What is it with Rochdale Lib Dems and Childrens Charities, Orphanages and Young People's Homes?

(Corinya are sponsors of an orphanage near Entebbe. Cyril Smith is in deep with Rochdale Childer. Etc)

Did any of Cllr PR Paul MP's councillor expenses actually find their way to cahrities or specifically catholic charities?

And did any of this find its way into local Lib Dem funds?

Is there any commercial or personnel relationship between Rochdale Reform Buildings Limited - part owned by the local Lib Dems per se and perhaps further owned by them in personal capacities and Corinya? Or Turner Brothers? or any of the other commercial entities lurking in the historic and present day record in Rochdale?

Was there any connection between Corinya (UG) and their Kenyan Director Michael and the great Kenyan cricket funding rip off of recent times?

I could go on. But I won't.

Get Real said...

please do Chris. This is getting interesting.

very interesting.

the sort of stuff that should make into a Guardian Media Group investigation...

Chris Paul said...

I'd not want to overburden PR Paul and his "gang" with too many questions all at once ...

There are already 18 question marks here, some including subsidiaries.

Chris Paul said...

PS The type size and colour of some of your post are not helping the information see the light of day.

God's banana said...

canon law?

is that what Paul Rowen wants Heywood PP firing out of?

complaints to the Priest's superior? Does that mean God?

so Adam Power talks to God on Paul Rowen's behalf?

That is quite a feat for someone who supposedly doesn't work for the Rochdale MP.

still, it is interesting to see how these Lib Dem movers and shakers operate. Shifty emails when tings get awkward.

why hasn't Paul Rowen given the information he promised in May about the charity donations made with all of his council allowance and wage since 2005?

Anonymous said...

The Electoral Commission website shows that the Rochdale Lib Dem Accounting Unit a substantial amount of cash from
Rochdale Councillors.

Was Cllr Paul Rowen MP paying some of his council allowance to this slush fund along with all the other Rochdale Lib Dem councillors?

If so then how could "all" of his allowances have gone to charity- mostly Catholic ones?

Is this why he has stayed silent since he promised to release all the information about his "double bubble" expenses?

No wonder he wants the turbulent Priest banished from his thiefdom!

Chris Paul said...

By the way, now they are legible those drivellings look like the work of Dave Drunkagain rather than Adam "The Power" Power. Are some of them from Power's iD and if so have you any evidence that he has not confided the details to Henn as Paul Rowen seems to have done? We must hope that's it rather than Rowen actually spewing out drunken rants at 3AM or whatever himself.

Get Real said...

there is still a frenzy of emails going around at the moment still briefing against Father Paul Daly.

the message is simple - the priest is political and should move on.

there has been a penicious smear campaign against this man of the cloth.

he is a soft target.

he has asked some awkward questions about Rochdale Lib Dem party funding, parliamentary allowances and inconsistencies in the words and actions of all politicians in Rochdale.

how do the Lib Dems react? by answering the questions? by acknowledging mistakes have been made? By learing from their mistakes?

No, instead they have gone for a balls-out attack. Not head on but rather in a sneaking and sinister fashion. By innuendo, by relentless third party email and complaints to "his superiors".

By highlighting spin and incompetence, Paul Daly has touched a very raw nerve.

The same raw nerve that made Paul Rowen take the unwise gamble to threaten to sue Guardian Media Group over revelations about his parliamentary expenses.

If the facts start to come out about real criminality and corruption, how are the busted flush that is Rochdale Lib Dems going to do?

They won't be able to bully a turbulent Priest about those revelations.

Anonymous said...

Attack poodle John Swarbrick is hard at it on Rochdale nline with a cunning plan to attack the parish priest on behalf of Paul Rowen, Dave and Adam.

A load of chaff about hospital chaplaincy payments.

Nobody is falling for it.

Is this the same John Swarbrick that got 'left' PPC Cllr Elwyn Watkin's employ in Oldham. Now a "caseworker" for Paul Rowen in the Drake Street spider's web.

What a sad scruffy old man.

Anonymous said...

The Rochdale Online forum discussion on this is fascinating.

There is a cunning pincer movement going on with scruffy old Lib Dem (taxpayer) funded 'caseworker' John Swarbrick (who has the bare faced cheek to call Father Paul Daly "Heywood Public Purse".

The second part of the pince is from an interesting lady called Linda Phillips (known as "Charlie").

Linda is a good mate of Lib Dem Cllr Jean Jeanie Ashworth. So good a friend she helped with a little Lib Dem election canvassing against a Labour candidate opponent called Christine Akram.

Linda Phillips made a right Charlie of herself with a cunning doorstep canvassing tactic. She whispered to a white person who answered the door

"you don't want to vote for a p*ki do you?"

The shocked member of the public complained and the matter was investigated.

What lovely sweet people these Rochdale Lib Dems are.

The FibDem tactics mobilised to discredit an awkward but honest and honourable Parish Priest are well known.

Anonymous said...

so Dave has been on the phone to Heywood Parish Priest Paul Daly wanting to "draw a line under these things".

beware Father.

drawing a line could mean waiting for the dust to settle then sticking the knife in.

No doubt the Lib Dem Drake Street dossiers they hold on awkward members of the public will remain bulging. Those taxpayer funded employees of Paul Rowen MP/Rochdale Lib Dems will still plot to spin and smear good people who ask awkward questions.

Anonymous said...

"good Catholic" Paul Rowen is in Kenya visiting charidee children's homes.

nuff said.