Thursday, 23 July 2009

Rochdale - libel threats, sex scandals and brown envelopes...

Lessons from history...

On this day in 1987 Jeffery Archer won a libel case.

Several years later, Lord Archole went to jail for perjury relating to said libel victory.

What is the Rochdale connection and what can be learnt from this sorry tale?

The hubris of Jeffery, the litigious politician, regarded a "brown envelope" stuffed with cash paid to a prostitute from Rochdale called Monica Coglan.

The sum of £2000 now has the moniker of an "Archer".

(perhaps 40p will henceforth be known as a "Rowen" - in homage to overpriced Parliamentary soft fruit paid for by the taxpayer?)

Anyway,back to the 1980's. A time of bad hair and dodgy suits...
(Greg Couzens- NB still a tit but NOT linked to this sex scandal)

Sorry, we digress. Back to the future and 1980's sex scandals involving Rochdale folk...

Pedantic Archer thought he was on firm ground. He knew he hadn't had sex with Monica Coglan. There was a lot of talk of an intermediary, Michael Stacpoole, as being the chap handing the cash over in Mayfair's Shepherd Market on that fateful day. However the real story is more complicated- scurrullous rumour has it that Archer himself was the intermediary for, a then, very high ranking cabinet minister. The ambitious author-cum-politician must be congratulated for his loyalty, silence and vigour in "getting on his bike" to defend this mystery recipient of Ms Coglan's services.

The lesson from the Archer perjury case is clear. Being smart with pedantry regarding libel doesn't cut it with the courts. Anyone who threatens libel and wins a pyrrhic victory must be spotless in character regarding the issues litigated on.

That is probably why Cyril Smith NEVER sued Rochdale Alternative Press or Private Eye over the publication of sexual abuse allegations in 1979. The best defence against libel is the truth. The truth hurts, and can be expensive. [Smith+the+Man-RAP.jpg]

Cyril Smith had to eat his words several times in the 1970's after threats to sue R.A.P. for libel.

Can Rochdale's current MP Paul Rowen be so confident regarding his recent pyrrhic victory over the Guardian Media Group's easy capituation over the Rochdale Observer's article on his controversial Parliamentary expenses?

Has litigious Paul Rowen ever signed a statement of truth or made an oath regarding his libel threats? If conflicting facts emerge about his Parliamentary expenses and Rochdale Liberal Democrat party funding then are those who have had to pay out and "apologise" going to have their day in court?

Journalists and news editors who have been threatened and silenced have long memories.

Some say that Paul Rowen has bingo-ing bananas. Has he made a gamble too far?

Is he drinking, alone, in the last chance saloon?


Anonymous said...

Paul Rowen is fucked

Anonymous said...

You think?

Internal Affairs said...

he hasn't for a while has he?

isn't that why he drinks alone?

or is there a special someone with a Parliamentary banana with their name on?

Get Real said...

Looks like PR Paul is having a bad news day.

Guardian Media Group - (The people he bullied with libel threats) have been hard at it with the banana protest story and, for balance, some lame whinges from Dave H about it.

Dave suggests "a hugely serious event" was disrupted?


half a dozen rotarians and freemasons having a bacon butty at the Broadfield?

and what "casework" were they taken off? Bullying a local parish priest with smears and threats?

Anonymous said...

Paul Rowen is the hardest working MP going.

You lot are all fkin bitter retards.

Lorna lost and so will Simon.

Anonymous said...

Stop press, breaking news!!!

An MP who watched adult films on taxpayers expenses has been confronted by protesters - dressed as porn stars.

Angry protesters confronted Lib Dem MP Paul Rowen as he arrived at the pub to take his agent, Dave Hennigan, home from an all-day session.

A spokesman for the MP called it a "terrible" protest and said: "This stunt interrupted a hugely serious, major event of world shattering importance. Dave Hennigan was on the phone to Nelson Mandela at the bar and was just about to share his thoughts on how to solve world poverty when he shit his pants and passed out. Our staff were taken off a high profile, urgent case to deal with it."

Paul Rowen said: "I've had enough. I'm off to Thailand."

Pat Pong said...

...and the Thai visit by Rochdale's current is to help encourage inward investment.

A table tennis ball factory and vibrator warehouse for the tumbleweed central that is Kingsway Business Park?

Anonymous said...

Dave suggests "a hugely serious event" was disrupted?

Oh does he now!
The hypocrite has obviously forgotten his antics outside Castlemere Community Centre when Jack Straw came to visit and he stood outside ranting and raving like the complete idiot he is and had to be errrrr... "moved on" by Special Branch.

The 2 hats of Paul Rowen said...

Dave Hennighan moved by Special Branch?

Isn't the only ting that gets him moving is Special Brew?

Anonymous said...

some of the comments on this blog have the strong whiff of alcohol.

Dave Heineken, or one of his little helpers?

Anonymous said...

Dave H has been looking a tad rough recently.

Gaunt, tired and sweaty looking.

wine Flu?

Get Real said...


There is a unflattering cartoon in the Guardian today of Paul Rowen (with "brewer's nose?) grasping a banana!!!

News is that Rochdale's current MP is trying to to sue Simon Danczuk the Labour PPC because of a leaflet about his 40p parliamentary banana expenses claim. The leaflet calls Rowen "bananas" and the ruddy faced fool is now threatening legal action!!!

Now a nation of Guardian readers see Paul Rowen as a cartoon figure of ridicule!!!

Looks like those Rowen's legal threats to silence Guardian Media Group
have backfired on him like a shit milkshake in a faulty kitchen blender!!!

Editors ans newsrooms have long memories. This could be only the start.