Sunday, 12 July 2009

Paul Rowen MP- "Cheeky bugger" stealing thunder and raining on parade

The bare-faced cheek of Team Rowen knows no bounds.

The Parliamentary banana claimer and stamp free "yoof" junk mailer has been at it again via a Dave Hennigan exclamation mark strewn press release regarding Rochdale's "Feel Good" Festival.

Local people have started to see through these cheap media tactics with some constituents calling the current MP (in innocent old fashioned Lancashire parlance) a "cheeky bugger".

Paul Rowen claims that he launched "the biggest ever survey of Town Centre businesses". Those Feeling Good in Rochdale over the weekend did indeed see young eager surveyors handing out "I Love Rochdale" shopping bags. BUT- these youngsters were working for Rochdale Town Centre Management NOT the current MP.

The bare faced cheek of it!

Such shameless showboating is nothing new from the cheeky buggers from 142A and 144 Drake Strett (sic).

But bare faced cheek in Rochdale is a two way street. Sometimes it is hard to see the dividing line between the spin of politicians end and the unelected senior executive officers and associated companies and agencies.

Paul Rowen claims "developers are vying to build a brand new Rochdale Town Centre".
He forgets to mention the millions that have already been wasted on failed Town Centre tendering, a utter lack of proper public consulatation and some very dodgy property deals that have gone in a completely unaccountable way but using Rochdale taxpayers' cash.

As RAW has already stated, Rochdale is a town being Rogered. Rochdale Council Chief Executive Roger Ellis has never faced a ballot box yet loves to see his face in the press and council propaganda pushing the "exciting" regeneration of Rochdale.$plit/C_71_article_1107055_image_list_image_list_item_0_image.jpg

As the wheels fall off the promised regeneration, the leaking unhappy seive that is Rochdale Council is full of rumours about the anger and paranoia of the Chief Exec and senior officers and managers at Impact Partnership and the Rochdale Development Agency to cover up the mistakes and failures with ever more eager "positive" press releases about "exciting times" promised for Rochdale.

"Jam Tommorrow"- paid for with about £2,000,000 media budget from RMBC, Impact Partnership, RDA and others.

Meanwhile, the people of Rochdale are being well and truly Rogered.

Existing shops are closing. The current shopping centres presently have over 25% retail voids. Drake Street looks like a bombsite. The outskirts of the town are surrounded by derelict sites and empty cleared land that already has existing planning permissions for office and retail development. Huge amounts of retail space, less than 20 years old and within sight of the Lib Dem HQ, has just been bulldozed.

The faded signs promoting our town by the ironicly named Rochdale Development Agency have the cheek to suggest the "Rochdale is Booming".

Rochdale has been failed by inept, failed, mismanagement. A moronic mafia of the mediocre that has cost us a bomb.

An advertising campaign promoting the attractions of Rochdale in Greater Manchester

The bare faced cheek of Paul Rowen knows no bounds.

The "Feel Good" festival was an excellent idea.

It was originally planned as over 10 days of fun promoting Rochdale in a positive light. But there was an internal Rochdale Lib Dem fight that threatened the whole event. Rochdale Lib Dem husband and wife team Pat and Ted Flynns plus "Millionare" Hairdresser Cllr Greg Couzens wanted to scrap the entire Feel Good Festival. In the end, after civic shenanighans, the 10 day town centre event was cut down to a mere stump of a weekend.
a tit reckoning to be HM Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Many of those contributing to the weekend festival were unpaid volunteers that face the chop because of petty town hall shenanighans and the "exciting" Town Centre regeneration.

Excellent youth organisations including the Back Door Music Project and Skylight Circus are threatened by funding cuts and eviction at the whim of Rochdale Council and their buddies.

For years, Rochdale has been promised a Performing Arts Centre. (Dave Hennighan even had the bare faced cheek to promise to resign if it didn't happen). It hasn't be delivered but the overpaid "agent" remains.

And to add insult to injury, the hard work of volunters and lowly local staff members who worked on making Rochdale "Feel Good" gets hijacked by the same politicians and senior officers who have threatened and failed our town so much.


Anonymous said...

What is it with Rochdale Lib Dems and bananas?

Cyril Smith is remembered for being a useless clown who appeared in a Bananarama promo in 1988.

(Now sadly removed from Youtube)

While Paul Rowen will also be remembered as a useless clown who claimed 40p for a banana under his MPs expenses.

Rochdale Lib Dems and bananas. Both yellow and bent.

Anonymous said...

This Paul Rowen the guy who writes to young Dale kids asking them to be his Facebook buddy?

What a sad tosser.

Now he trawls festivals trying to big himself up to the young uns as well.

Disturbing shit.

I thought we'd got rid of Lib Dem predators when Cyril did the decent thing and fucked off.

Maybe not after all...

Dave H said...

I work all night on a drink of rum.

Stuff banana till the morning come.

Daylight come and I want to go home.

Another hard night at the office with only a kebab for a pillow next to the photocopier.

Thank god the money is good.

Chris Paul said...

Your rhyme don't scan Dave ... "bum" would do it, "part of a team of stumblebums"? perhaps? ... but you naughty RAW boys persistent sexual innuendo is getting really wearing. Cut it out! It's not funny.

Get Real said...

That's a bum RAP Chris.

Aren't those first three lines part of Harry Belefonte's Banana Boat Song?

So the lines end with the words Rum, Sun and Home as part of the old song (apart from the original being in pigin "me want go home"?)

Didn't Harry Belefonte sing his song with the muppets once?

Get Real said...

"Hey Mr Tallyman, tally me banana..."

(and don't forget the receipt to claim the Parliamentary expenses)

and then threaten to sue GMG about it afterwards.

stupid tool.

Anonymous said...

it was an intern's banana.

so that's alright then is it?

40p for a banana, claimed by the office of an MP who has claimed over £1,000,000 in salary, expenses and allowances.