Friday, 10 July 2009

Rowengate: very naughty envelope stuffer...

Recently, Paul Rowen went bananas about published articles detailing his Parliamentary claims for a 15p knob of butter and strange fruit.

There is also a huge sum of Parliamentary cash claimed to part pay for an envelope stuffing machine.

Paul Rowen MP with Adam Power launching the survey

£6000 pays for a lot of stuffing.

Despite his legal threats and gagging, mystery still surrounds the current Rochdale MP's office and staff expenses.

There are vague mentions of caseworkers but no names are given. Young Master Adam Power remains a Rochdale Lib Dem mystery- Paul Rowen is adamant he doesn't employ the young whippersnapper but that is probably because of the trouble Adam landed himself in when caught out briefing against Tony Lloyd MP.

But apparent strangers Paul and Adam are dogged by a photo showing them together in a compromising situation with a Lib Dem "Yoof Survey".

Paul Rowen MP with Adam Power launching the survey

Adam had told his MySpace chums that he worked for an MP. His name is on the bottom of the Rochdale Lib Dem website as a promoter of the "Drake Strett" (sic) office. But Paul left the young man in the lurch .

So, if not funded by vague Parliamentary expenses, is young Adam paid from a slush fund of local mystery donations and contributons from Rochdale Counillors allowances?

This conundrum has come to a head with an article that has just been printed in today's Manchester Evening News.

In addition to a 15p knob of butter and 40p banana, it seems Team Rowen also won't pay for stamps for junk mail to young constituents.

The very naughty envelope stuffer ommited paying postage for a "yoof survey" letter.

As a result, a local young constituent, waiting for answers to job enquiries, received a Royal Mail notice that a letter was waiting for him at the local depot but would only be handed over if £1.27 in costs were paid.

Imaging the joy in the unemployed lad's heart to pay cash to receive junk drivel from the current MP?


But, as Cllr Mulgrew's dad might say..."there's more"...

Adam Power is a naughty boy. A few months ago he was been spotted, in a cunning disguise, with a scruffy older man, photographing fresh graffiti on the front wall of Rochdale Labour Party HQ, just before photos of said grafitti mysteriously appreared on Dave Ottewell's MEN blog.

Adam's shenanighans in trying to spike Tony Lloyd's comments on unrepentant spanker Cyril Smith got Paul Rowen into hot water with the Sergeant At Arms.

And there was also the mystery of the hacking of the open source Rochdale DLP website. In boyish high jinks, a photo of Gordon Brown was removed and a replaced by a Milliband. Within hours Dave Hennigan and young Adam were boasting of a upcoming scoop in the Daily Express.

But, surely expensive but moronic envelope stuffing has nothing to do with mystery web comments and shenanigans?


Given the swift yet similar themed comments that have been posted on the MEN news webpage.

"Steve Cooke,Mark,Radcliffe., J. Peasmold Gruntfuttock, King of Peasmouldia, Mad Welsh Scotsman, Cadishead, and Al Capone of Atherton" all taking a keen interest in an apparent non-story. Doth someone protest a wee too much?

Has someone had a cunning plan? Use a couple of computers and a few bogus accounts (with a few profile name changes thrown in) to spike the news article with criticisms about it being old/boring/un-newsworthy.

Have the spunky young Cadets got a MySpace or 2Facebook accounts?

Surely none of those IP addresses would never be associated in any way with 144 or 142A Drake Street?

Surely such daytime shenanigans would never be paid for out of Parliamentary MP or Rochdale Councillor expenses or allowances?

Could Paul Rowen and Adam Power or "J. Peasmold Gruntfuttock, King of Peasmouldia" put an answers on a postcard?

But please remember a stamp.


Anonymous said...

you think you are so smart but like bartlett's old RAP you are so biased no-one takes you seriously.

why not investigate the Lab Cons like Simon Dumbfuck or failed Coucillor Duckfuck?

what about the tories in Norden helping out there mates with planning applications. eg the attempt at getting holiday houses at Ann Metcalfs mates "ECO" caravan park?

"Princess Anne" the woman that became a councillor on the back of moaning about windfarms with David Bellamy then gets david bellamy to give an awared to her mate Chadwick (who also stood as a tory in the Norden ward seat).

She was working ovrertime with the planning committee trying to convince them that this greenbelt application was good and did no harm.

Freemasons and rotarians are all over the place in norden. its amazing what you can get done for your business or land if you know who to ask.

why dont you look at that instead of stupid stories trying to make someone look gay?

Anonymous said...

This is a non story!!!!!!!!

Let's have a proper story please!!!!! Like how Paul Rowen is bringing exciting times to Rochdale!!!!

Dave Hennigan

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow Paul Rowen is planning on touring Rochdale's Feel Good Festival to tell them of the exciting plans he has in store for Rochdale.

Let's hope someone slaps him with a banana

Anonymous said...

so it has now come out that Adam Power is paid for by a Rochdale Lib Dem slush fund contributed to by direct debit from councillors.

10% basic allowance and 20% of the lucrative postings plus an annual membership fee.

it would be cheaper and less psycologically demanding for these poor souls to join the Scientologists rather than the LibDemologists.

Anonymous said...

what special additional functions does paul Rowen's pricey envelope stuffing model perform?