Sunday, 24 May 2009

Paul Rowen MP attacks priest - very late at night.

Not a case of bishop bashing... (as with fellow Rochdale Lib Dem Mohammed Shafiq)

[Rowen.jpg] Nick Clegg MP with Mohammed Shafiq by shafiqjcp

Bishop Ali, previously bashed by Mohammed Shafiq- who claims to be an adviser to Nick Clegg's on diversity issues.

For troubled MP Paul Rowen, this is more a case of priest poking. At 2.06 am Saturday morning.

In his desperate defence of his Parliamentary salary, expenses and allowances, Paul Rowen (and frantic “agent” Dave Hennighan) has been pushing an urban myth of 80-100 hour working weeks.

Rather than working himself thin, portly Paul looks as though he has been living off the fat of the land.

Does sleepless Paul consider his trolling about on local internet messageboards as “work”?

In a week when the BNP have attacked the clergy for getting involved in politics, why has Paul Rowen (and associated local Lib Demmers) jumped on the bandwagon of publicly dressing down men of the cloth?

The answer is intriguing. The “Heywood Parish Priest” -Paul Daly- has asked some simple questions about Paul Rowen's income, including a time after 2005 when Paul Rowen MP remained a Rochdale Councillor (claiming civic cash).

Here is what the MP typed at 2.06am:

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What I used my Councillors Allowances On

I've read with some interest the thread on MPs Allowances. Given what has been happening in Parliament in the last few weeks and the need for fundamental reform I'm disappointed at some of the comments.
in particular:

(a) Ian Duckworth - I appreciate that losing your Council seat to the Liberal Democrats TWICE is a personal disappointment and has nothing to do with the topic in this thread. If you cannot contribute positively to this discussion please shut up!

(b) HeywoodPP - as a Catholic Priest I am disappointed that you cast doubts on my honesty. I was a Councillor for twelve months when first elected an MP. I continued to Chair the committee that set up the IMPACT partnership. I played a full part in the running of the Council and attended Council meetings.

I made a voluntary decision to donate my allowance after tax to charities. I did not have to do this and my decision has nothing to do with council tax payers.

The bulk of these were Catholic based charities hence my disappointment at your carping critism. If you spent as much time ministering to souls as you should be doing I would have more respect for you.

However, in the interests of total transparency I will post up a full list of those charities over the weekend.

After which I will expect a full public apology from you.

The ugly nocturnal gnashing by current Rochdale MP Paul Rowen is very telling. He has never been backward in coming forward as a good catholic boy. Lots of lame press releases from Dave Hennighan about associated Roman Catholic and 'Oirish' issues.

Was this designed for Paul Rowen to hoover up sectarian votes? Attending "Catholic brotherhood" dinners, wrapping himself in flags, and apparently giving his claimed council cash to charidee.

So taxpayers' money was claimed by the MP who refused to step down as a town councillor. Paul insists he gave OUR money to several, unnamed charidees. Which worthy causes have benefited from Paul's largesse (of our money)? Palestine perhaps? (no, he only discovered Palestine in late 2008). Abused, vulnerable young people? Drug and alcohol abuse treatment? Paul has promised to name the charidees and demands an apology from the Parish Priest for his nerve in asking where taxpayers' cash has gone.

In a nasty side swipe at the Catholic padre, Paul suggests much of the money went to... Catholic charidees?

Well fancy that.

Al Capone was known to be a generous businessman with other peoples' money. The Chicago gangster's downfall came from an unexpected source. Discrepancies in his tax records.

Here is a simple question.

What are the tax implications for Cllr Paul Rowen MP claiming civic cash in 2005-2006 but then giving it "after tax" to charidee? By giving this cash away, were there any knock-on tax benefits for other elements of Paul Rowen's income?

On that note, where else has Paul Rowen derived other income and benefits in kind from?

How much has Paul Rowen received in other jollies? "Fact-finding" trips to overseas tram factories and award dinners?

What about other expenses and allowances that might not fall under the Westminster remit? Council of Europe travel, lodging and food? There looks to be a large Paul Rowen shaped hole in those decalrations. We guestimated that it cost £6.66 a word for Paul's trip to Strasbourg earlier this year. Have these receipts been dusted down yet?

On overseas trips paid for by various sources, do UK taxes get paid?


Anonymous said...

Paul Rowen has been exposed as a liar on Rochdale Online's messageboard. He said he was a councillor for 12 months when elected Rochdale's MP.

Not true. He was a councillor for two years and only stood down in May 2007.

This man has no shame and will trouser all the public money he can.

Rochdale's Alternative Website said...

TWO years as both a councillor and MP?

Did Paul BOGOFF with his Rochdale Council allowances for charidee?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, off-topic, but with one aim in mind - to get the truth about what happened to Madeleine McCann: can anyone there help with the role that might have been played by David Payne, one of the Tapas Gang (mother Rochdale resident), Ed Smethurst (lawyer for Gerry McCann), Brian Kennedy (patron saint of the McCanns)? Any links with the "underworld" of deception, exercising power over Govt and media, and abuse?
Much appreciated. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Freemasonry link with the lawyers and helpers?

Seek and ye may find.

Anonymous said...

Seek and ye may find, eh? Well, that's what I'm trying to do, from a few hundred miles from Rochdale. Give us a clue.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll play along. Smethurst a mason? Yes, almost certainly.
Kennedy a mason? Probably.
David Anthony Payne??? I really don't know.

Anonymous said...

Chances are Mr Smethurst is Royal Arch over at Bridge Street in Manchester rather than a mere Craft Mason out in the sticks.

You could be onto something with this.

lenny said...

Ah, thanks for the tip, but it's really DAP I'm after. Nice old mum (widowed??) in Rochdale, while he's down in Leics/Derby hanging around with a very undesirable crew. Losing little girls and then claiming abduction, and raking in 2m from a Fund. That sort of thing. Possibly worse.
Any more leads?

Anonymous said...

what was the name David Anthony Payne was born with? has he changed his name? if so, why?

the Rochdale connection is probably masonic/rotarian. Mr Smethurst is an interesting character. I am suprised the national media never picked up on his memory and behaviour when he 'lost' his driving licence.

will have a dig around.

Anonymous said...

Look no further than local porn baron Malcolm Journeaux if you need help. He's busy promoting 'Freemasons open nights' on his vanity publication today.

Anonymous said...

Porn-O is also busy helping to smear the reputation of one David Bartlett (former co-owner of RAP back in Cyril's day)

Is Rochdale Online doing this at an attempt of investigative journalism or is it some arrangement that puts RBH and Rochdale Council )or other advertisers) in a good light?

Or is Porn-O flexing his love muscle?

lenny said...

Interested to know why Smethurst is the lawyer representing the McCann duo. And why B Kennedy pledged to support them to the end. Into the mix (McCs have no Rochdale connection AFAIK)comes DAP, subject of paedophile allegations, mother said to be in Rochdale. No other name to my knowledge.