Saturday, 5 December 2009

Et tu Couzens & Mulgrew: comedy, perfidy and infamy

Poor Cllr Alan Taylor. Lib Dem Leader of Rochdale Council.

"infamy, infamy, they all have it in for me"

There are two very ambitious Rochdale Lib Dem councillors who have been plotting for over a year.

Cllr Dale "there's more" Mulgrew and Cllr Greg "kissing" Couzens.

As Rochdale council's finances falter, our roads' potholes deepen and the adult care service abandons the most vulnerable citizens of Rochdale, what are these two councillors up to?

Back stabbing and undermining Alan Taylor for sure. Greg and Dale have been very indiscrete. Like two crowing cocks, they will disown Alan Taylor by Tuesday.

The simple Lib Dem plan is the worst kept secret in Rochdale.

On Tuesday, Dale Mulgrew is going to fill his dad's wellies and call for a vote of no confidence in Councillor Taylor. For whatever reason, Mo Sharif could be for the chop too.

If the shenanigans all go to plan, then a bashful and coy Greg Couzens will reluctantly grasp power for himself.

There will be kind words of thanks from the self-made "millionaire" hairdresser for the past "great work" of senior Rochdale Lib Dems. But these shallow rehearsed sentiments will leave a sour taste in many mouths of those in the room on Tuesday.

Especially for those who have heard the poisonous whispers that Greg Couzens and his savage cutting crew have been encouraging for over a year.

If trust and loyalty cannot be shown between this bunch then what chance do the people of Rochdale have? Personal, politicial ambition and a desire for power does not demonstrate selfless civic service. Rochdalians have been sold down the river for too long whilst this in-fighting has raged.

Dark days for Rochdale- a town that deserves much better.

The last days of Rome? Burning while Nero fiddles?


Anonymous said...

How has Dale Mulgrew got the time to be organising Alan Taylor's downfall? According to Jimmy Cricket's website Dale is listed as the main contact for Wellie Boot Productions and is busy selling Jimmy Cricket CDs and organising gigs at Shafton Social Club and various caravan parks in Wales.

Obviously a dynamic figure who will go far.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy has been busy doing a dvd for charidee.

Why was it filmed in Bacup?

Shurely nothing to do with his ambitious politician son Dale standing as Lib Dem parliamentry candidate for Rossendale?


Anonymous said...

No pleasing you lot is there?

You grumble about and attack Alan Taylor as an easy target (which lets face it, he is) and then when the Lib Dems do the sensible thing you attack the plotters. Madness

Rochdale Rapper said...

I think Alan Taylor has to worry more about his Lib Dem "friends" and collegues.

If they will backstab, plot and undermine "one of their own" then god help the Rochdale electorate.

This shows how hungry for power some Rochdale Lib Demmers are. The electorate are just a means to an end. This is clear to see in the way they ignore common sense to go with the bent and profitable land deals encouraged by the likes of the Chief Exec and the RDA.

Town Centre regeneration? Follow the grubby money. It stinks.

Ugandan Bananas said...

The town needs more of this. Much more.

Not just from the LibDems but also Labour and the Conservatives. Only when the fake, insincere and insecure plastic politicians of all sides disappear up their own backsides will things get better in Rochdale.

In the meantime Rochdale is stuck with pantomime politics.

Anonymous said...

Here here.

Anonymous said...

Will they have the guts to dump that useless clown Rowen?

Get Real said...

Mr Rowen has already had about a million reasons why he will hang on as long as he can.

He will do whatever he thinks will keep his seat - dumping loyal workers, using very underhand tactics, faking interest in all sorts of groups.

Although semi-detatched Paul has been found out but bare faced shameless cheek will mean that Rochdale's current MP will Carry On Spinning and claiming expenses and allowances.

Al the Greengrocer said...

Phew! All this plotting and intrigue with the Rochdale Fib Dems!!
Could not happen to a nicer bunch of complete, two-faced, despicable, mendacious, anti-social, and totally unsavory bastards!
Burn in hell Lib Dem mo'fos!

Anonymous said...

meanwhile Rochdale goes to the dogs

Anonymous said...

Alan Taylor wasn't deposed last night because he was away so the Lib Dems postponed the attempted coup for another week.

This time Dale 'get your Jimmy Cricket CD for only a tenner' Mulgrew will stick the dagger in a day before Nick Clegg arrives in Rochdale.

Wonder if Wooden Clogg knows what he's letting himself in for...

Arthur Wellesley said...

Jimmy Cricket is handing out more "golden welly awards" for those who have helped him out- for charidee of course.

A Lancashire Evening Telegraph hack?

Obviously no connection with the fact that his ambitious backstabbing son Cllr Dale Mulgrew is diverting his time away from his responsibilities for Rochdale Council's adult care to promote himself as parliamentary candidate for Rossendale?

Rochdale Lib Dems - known far and wide for filling their own golden wellies!!!

mystic meg said...

chances are Clegg will get diplomatic flu for a number of reasons...

Adam Power is crapping it at the moment because there aren't enough people confirming they will come to meet Nick Clogg

Does Nice Nick want to be associated with nasty, corrupt, abusive, underperforming, divisive oddballs with more skeletons in the cupboard than Fred West?

More revelations about Paul Rowen's expenses, allowances and Rochdale Lib Dem party funding could rain on Nick's parade. The Rochdale Lib Dem golden shower are bad for the national Clegg image.

No, chances are Nick will feel a touch queezy by early next and regretfully will have to postpone the Rochdale event until things blow over.

Watch this space!!!

With all this talk of crime and corruption it will be more than the court of public opinion that will have to be convinced.

Chris Paul said...

Took until comment seven for PR Paul to get a mention. He's slipping way down the pecker order.

His agent fired, his mentor Cyril Smith's agent about to be fired, and the corrupt fuck that the three of them have protected and over-promoted all these years about to be fired AND, in an entirely unconnected surprise turn of events, find himself in the dock staring down a long stretch of porridge for his Strangeways in business.

Business as usual in Lib Dem Rochdale. Going Going Gone. Taylor, Sharif and Hennigan. And these being three of the four cornerstones of Rowen-era Rochdale Libdemology it surely can't be long before PR Paul joins them on the scrapheap?

Buggerlugs said...

no Chris, Paul Rowen is right behind Greg Couzens. He is also very close to Dale. Thick as thieves this lot.

Alan must await his fate this coming week as he wasn't around to face the music and praise last Tuesday.

Rochdale Lib Demmers have been given a threeline whip (oo-er) to be on their best behaviour when Nick Clogg is expected at the Town Hall.

Problem is there are raised fists and trouble at'mill. Adam Power is looking a worried boy.

Town Hall usher said...

Is Alan Taylor back yet to face his friends and fellow Rochdale Lib Dem councillors for a chat and a vote of no confidence behind close doors?

Poor Greg Couzens finger nails are down to their wicks with the tension.

Dale Mulgrew has been practising his speech in the mirror and Paul Rowen's phone switches to voicemail when he sees Alan Taylor's number calling.

All set for Nick Clegg coming to town? No wonder Adam Power is getting paranoid.

Meanwhile Rochdale is still going to the dogs.