Monday, 21 December 2009

Paul Rowen - dullest MP in da House?

How very dare The Telegraph from that there London ridicule Paul Rowen.

That is our job, but it is fair to say it is like shooting fish in a barrel.
The latest farce comes from a mystery blogger who has called Paul Rowen "the dullest MP in the House". Has this unkind chap seen Paul drinking on his own in the Strangers Bar or has he fallen asleep to Paul's flat monotonous tones sprouting an occasional shallow soundbite on Today in Parliament?

In the Westminster media circle, pisspoor Paul isn't on any speed dial list for journalists wanting fresh and cogent comment. Back in Rochdale Paul is usually seen with Dave Hennigan or Greg Couzens who help out with the longer words.

The blogger "Inamicus" has been outed. He is a Lib Demmer from the North East- land of T.Dan Smith. Paul's Friend In The North is Greg Stone - Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Newcastle East.
Greg headshot
A politician called "Greg" stabbing Paul Rowen in the back? Unthinkable!

RAW must shout this from the rooftops - Paul Rowen is NOT dull.

Let us explain...

How can you call someone "dull" who has been involved or allowed the systematic cover up of:

criminality, sexual abuse, corruption (financial,planning, party fund raising), political bullying and intrigue (in and out of his party), creative accountancy regarding allowances and expenses, interesting foreign travel and mysterious little helpers?
[Smith+the+Man-RAP.jpg]Paul Rowen MP with Adam Power launching the survey action ... Andy Zuntz, executive director of Rochdale Council, Jo Purcell, executive director of strategy and partnerships for NHS Heywood Middleton and Rochdale, Chief Superintendent John O’Hare, , Mohammad Naeem, the chairman of the local public service board, Roger Ellis, chief executive of Rochdale Council and Craig McAteer, managing director of Link4Life.

Have patience Dear Reader. 2010 will reveal many of the answers.

It will be anything but dull.


Anonymous said...

Mysterious little helpers?

Charles Edward Lord, the Cobden Bright Trust, Dave Hennigan, Hanif and MPACUK?

A clusterfuck.

Anything but dull.

Ugandan Bananas said...

Dull, morose, humourless, motionless and charisma deficient are all prerequisites for 85% of those who make up the numbers in Parliament.

P Rowen fits the bill nicely.

Will he stay or will he go? What difference does it make when one looks at his 'competition'?

Simon Dyslexic and that 'Asian' fellow drafted in to make up the Conservative ethnic minority PPC quota.

It makes you want to weep.

Anonymous said...

But you can't call Paul dull.

Cyril used to drive down to young liberal Paul when he was at university.
Milk from the teet of the old master.

No wonder Paul won't rock the boat and question the sex abuses allegations against Cyril Smith.

Al the Greengrocer said...

Interesting you pick up on Greg Stone. The links with Rowen go deep.

Stone, who is a typical opportunist Lib Dem twat was their candidate in Sedgefield in 2007 in the by-election caused by Tony Blair's resignation.

Guess who the press officer for Stone was in that by-election? Why, it was none other than young David Hennigan. One hopes that Hennigan was not being paid a parliamentary salary whilst he was away in County Durham on Lib Dem election business and not in Rochdale doing the job he was supposed to be doing under parliamentary rules.

I think previously Hennigan has claimed that he took annual leave to go to Sedgefield, but he also got married that summer and took a lengthy honeymoon in the United States, so one wonders just how much "annual leave" he was entitled to.

I think if you look closely at Rowen, he is not the dullest MP but he is certainly a dullard!

Lord Edward Charles said...

Over the late nights during the Sedgefield by-election, Greg will have picked up snippets and insight into the whacky world of Rochdale policitics.

Over cans of larger and takeways what did Dave Hennigan say to Greg Stone to allow such an opinion to be formed about Paul Rowen being so dull.

In vino veritas - Dave thinks he made the Rochdale Lib Dems victorious. Now he has the power to destroy them - or at least leave the skeleton cupbboard ajar.

Dave can't have a fancy dan PR job in London with a criminal record. Is it time to turn queen's evidence?

Anonymous said...

typical Slyman Dumbfuck propaganda from an out of town politican who isn't dull either