Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Paul Rowen - who ate all the pies (and gravy)?

Although growing in girth, Paul Rowen is no Cyril Smith.

There are certainly no serious sex abuse allegations hanging over Rochdale's current MP like there are regarding the "Strange Case of Smith the Man"

But we have been worried about Paul. The Audit Commission's new OnePlace website gives Rochdale a red flag for obesity.
Over 2008 and 2009 has Paul been flying the obesity Red Flag with his own lifestyle paid for by the taxpayer? Paul's paunch has been expanding. Some cruel critics suggested he was living off the fat of the land.

The latest allowances for Paul Rowen have just been released.

Has Paul been Greedy with our money?

The 2008/09 ACA receipts have the answer- food glorious food. Over £2500 claimed by Paul Rowen for food without the need for receipts.

So we will never know just what type of food Paul used our money to claim for. Porkie pies? Fudge? Swiss (bank) roll? Chocolate fool? Banana surprise? Pig's ear in thick gravy?

Last year Paul Rowen threatened the Guardian Media Group with libel over reporting of his expenses. GMG folded rather than fight a legal battle but RAW is adamant that the Rochdale Observer and Manchester Evening News were right to question Paul Rowen on the dodgy claims he has made. Especially for his office rent, communications, advertising, staff and envelope stuffing.

So today, the truth is now out for 2008/09 - Greedy Paul claimed over £2500 in food.

Paul also claimed over £600 for bathroom repairs: “Seal joints on cistern and pan”

Did the ever expanding Paul Rowen break his toilet?

Those Rochdale Lib Dems leaks can be expensive- trouble is, the taxpayer foots the bill.

The taxpayer also spent over £200 on Paul Rowen's home insurance. This included legal expenses cover of £22.05. Has Paul informed his insurer, Tesco, that he has made repeated legal threats this year? If he hasn't could his insurance be void?

Would that be more of our hard-earned money down the pan?

Time for a diet Paul- paid for out of your own pocket.

We suggest a large helping of... Humble Pie.


curious said...

Cyril Smith and claims that he sexually abused young lads?

How does this square with the following quality endorsements of Cyril Smith The Man?..

"He'd have made a great Prime Minister" - Bernard Manning.

"Cyril is exactly the sort of person this country could not do without" - Jimmy Saville

Cyril "has always been a good friend and a Mr Fixit...we chose him to be a godfather to our 4 children because he is a wonderful role model" - Jimmy Cricket

Anonymous said...

If Rowen ate humble pie he would claim for it.

Ugandan Bananas said...

I wonder if there are any claims for laxatives or indigestion potions hidden away in his expenses?

It's no surprise, of course. This is the man who claimed double-bubble allowances during his first two years as a new MP.

Strange isn't it how we are told how long and hard MPs work and that their expense/allowance claims are well justified.

Yet Rochdale's MP achieved what some would say was physically impossible ie doing two political 'jobs' in different parts of the country - at the same time. That's very impressive.

Pass me the sick bag.

Betty said...

perhaps hard working taxpayers who have to pay for their own food, TV licences and mortgages could pop down to Rochdale Town Hall next Thursday and "ask Nick Clegg" about the accusations of criminality, corruption and incompetance that Paul Rowen and the Rochdale Lib Dems are attracting?

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work RAW. You have the gang of 3 (Burke, Strongbow-Hollingdrake and Joker Parker) ranting along with Dave Hennigan and the odd Tom Stott snipe now training their collective bile on one of their old comrades.

Fools with too much tme on their hands being played like an old violin by the master fiddler.

Same smeary attack MO - different target. Very obvious that they are one trick ponies.

Socialists using the Daily Mail "benefit cheat" moniker?
The cheek to use Porn-O's organ to act all disgusted about women on Facebook?

The best tiger trap is their wild accusations about suitability to stand for election - could the next couple of months see some Lib Dem cheeks go red if they go all coy about criminality and suitabilty for office?

Nasty, bitter fools that the public can see right through.

Even Porn-O has removed his dodgy comments from the Rochdale Online forum threads. I wonder if anyone has cached them just in case this goes to court?

Anonymous said...

the leaky email trail coming from Malcolm Journeux and being distributed along with phone calls between Steven Burke, Mark Hollingdrake, Dave Hennigan, Tom Stott, Phil Gilligan and Robin Parker is a hoot.

What is the collective noun for clowns? A conspiracy?

A conspiracy of clowns has a ring to it - especially if some of these emails and magically erased forum postings ever saw a court of law.

What are the directors of Rochdale Online allowing to happen to their company and business model?

Chris Paul said...

Has anyone picked up the phone and asked the Wandsworth Hotel where Rowen stayed - at widely varying costs per night - during his early months as an MP and found out which "Television Services" exactly cost £9.95 a pop? He pulled at least two of those.

And there's the minbar and the dinner beverages too. Did the fees off pay out for them? Or tell him to fuck off and boil his head as they did on at least four other big fuck off try ons down the years?

Al the Greengrocer said...

Chris Paul wrote:
"Or tell him to fuck off and boil his head"

Have you ever seen Rowen's head Chris?

It is a rather unhealthy looking ruddy red colour. He obviously heeded their advice and boiled it - long and hard!

Anonymous said...

'one of their old comrades'! You lost the right to be called 'comrade' months ago, Cholewka, when you sold out good people for the sake of Danzcuk's shilling.

Anonymous said...

looks like the Millitant malcontents are spitting their dummies out.

Smears, slurs and threats.

They are showing themselves up for what they are - puppets controlled by muppets.

Steve Burke has his own twisted agenda. Then there is Swarbrick, Heyworth and Hennigan goading on strongbow swilling Hollindrake, the dim Coats(s), former social worker Parker with tankie peace weirdo Phillip Gilligan and disciples.

No wonder Rowen thought he could slip in more money for pies without anyone noticing.

Anonymous said...

Don't be so pathetically paranoid, Cholewka/Baker.

Burke, Hollinrake, Coats, Parker, Gilligan and the rest of the true Labour defectors have no controllers, just the single minded desire to see your muppet master, the dishonest and discredited Danczuk, deselected.

Anonymous said...

And there we have it.

A single minded attempt to deselect someone.

Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

For Rowen, humble pie is an ideal repast for he has much to be humble about. His lacklustre skills were easily ignored before he became an MP. Now of course, his side-splitting, shambolic performances at PMQ are compulsive viewing.

As for Porno, his emails to the cognoscenti are a hoot. The would-be puppet-master would do well to attend to domestic matters if this ex-wino, druggie and second-hand car-dealer really wants to be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

Gilligan isn't an ex-labour comrade. He is a patsy for Rochdale Lib Dems.
Paul Rowen is his mate coz he misheard and thought he was a pasty.

Anonymous said...

Why has the Rochdale Lib Dem accounting unit not submitted accounts to the Electoral Commission for so long?
Councillor tithes must account for tens of thousands of pounds. Then there is the "independently" set rent for Rochdale Reform Buildings Ltd - another five figure sum. Then the mysterious wage claims for mysterious workers on Paul's parliamentary payroll.

Well over the limit for statutory declarations to the Electoral Commission?

Dale Mulgrew did a good job of the 2005 accounts
They can be downloaded from the EC website. Were they too honest with clear admissions that all of the Drake St HQ and all of the staff costs were paid by the new MPs expenses.

Only thing is, the 2005 accounts signed off by Dale Mulgrew don't tally with the final income declared by Rochdale Lib Dem accounting unit.

Are there sufficient grounds for an investigation by HMRC and the police?

Anonymous said...

Rochdale Obscurer gave Rowen an easy ride over his expenses.

Is this what CP Scott meant by advancing the cuase of liberalism?

Belly Buster said...

The cheeky bugger has been claiming for food whilst Parliament has been in recess!

Living off the fat of the land whilst on holiday!

Waffer thin mint Paul?