Friday, 4 December 2009

Paul Rowen - Gravy train lobbyist of the year?

Congratulations to Paul Rowen - "Parliamentary Campaigner of the year". Apparently.

A Googlewhack.
(Thankfully an internet term and nothing to do with Cyril Smith's past deviant activity).

Until RAW's exposee today, type the words "Paul Rowen" and "Parliamentary Campaigner of the year" in the Google search engine and... only one entry appeared! His own website (paid for by us taxpayers).

A Googlewhack is a rare thing.

It is not like PR Paul to hide his light under a bushel?

So how did Rochdale's current MP get such a presigious award that nobody else in the world seems to know about?

"For services to light rail".

As many an angry local communter is now thankful for Paul's services to light rail - lets dig a little further.

The Metrolink extention to Rochdale is causing havoc and will do for another 3 years.
Ask people in Rochdale if they wanted it and the answer is a resounding NO.

Apparently Northern Rail could have renewed the entire Oldham Loop with new track and stations for TENS OF MILLIONS of pounds LESS than Metrolink and without the same chaos of a total loss of line service.

But Metrolink was never a transport project- it is a "regeneration aspiration" and whenever these "visions" appear you can bet there are property speculators aplenty ready to make huge profits.

Are property speculators going to benefit from Metrolink in Rochdale?

Only time will tell?

PR Paul has been on several 'light rail' gravy trains- he was an ideal chair of the parliamentary Light Rail group. Apparently he is also "regular columnist" on moving matters, such as industry backed magazine Tranways and Urban Transit. Paul is so regular that the magazine's website doesn't mention him as a contributor.

Shurely Paul doesn't have his contributions on transport issues ghostwritten?

PR Paul also featured on another mystery publication "Transport Matters" whose classy tagline was "if it moves, it matters". The semi-derelict website seems to have moved away from transport into the heady realms of public relations.

"Let us write your success story!" ...the website gushes... "Looking to increase your presence in the public eye?"..."our experienced team of communications professionals is dedicated to strengthening your company's brand. We provide creative solutions to your advertising and marketing challenges, increasing your company's presence in the public eye".

The weblink to their client list is a mystery:

"Over the years, has had the privilege of working with a wide range of successful clients. Here is the complete list:

  • Client 1

  • Client 2

  • Client 3

  • and many more"

So who is "Transport matters"? Is it a publication that is pally with Paul Rowen and his tireless work "campaigning" for overhyped transport projects, dinners and trips abroad researching train-trams? What about PR Paul's possible involvement with property speculators?

Media website How Do has the answer.

Step forward Alan Salter - former transport correspondent to the Manchester Evening News. Based in Littleborough, a town within PR Paul's constituency.

How Do mentions Mr Salter's agency's other activities...

"now secured further project work from the GMPTE...and property developer In Partnership".

Fancy that?!


Anonymous said...

You need to investigate the "big bang" scheme to bring the Metrolink down into Rochdale Town Centre.

Who was so keen to make sure it happened?


Who could benefit to the tune of millions?

What gratitude has been promised or already given?

If it is a gift has it been declared to the authorities?

Has the correct amount of tax been paid?

Anonymous said...

The shameless opportunism and bare faced cheek of Paul Rowen knows no bounds.
His cosy little chats and deals at the GIMPTA HQ at Picadilly Gardens are a running joke.

He is a gormless rent a gob who will do whatever he is told by those who can provide him with soundbites, fancy meals and a few kind words.

If the public knew how transport policy is formed and lobbied they would riot.

No wonder Paul drives or gets driven most places. Good old Terry Mason, no need for million pound Paul to slum it with the peasants who suffer piss poor Paul's ineptitude and bent deals.

Quantum theory said...

another Googlewhack bites the dust. The lonely Paul Rowen reference to him being "Parliamentary Campaigner of the year" is there but now RAW links destroy the Googlewhack.

Like a tree falling in a forest.

Or Shroedinger's cat.

Anonymous said...

Is that one of Malcolm Porno's shirts that Rowen is wearing on the gravy train?

Lawrence G. said...

looks like it.

put the Blue Nun on ice and fire up the eight grand bentley!!!

Dark pinstripe suits and paisley shirts always look good on the older gent with a ponytail.

Serbian pimp/Saxondale/Harry Potter?

Anonymous said...

Alan Salter has been used more by Rowen than vice versa.

Pisspoor Paul is desperate to look like he knows what he is doing. Such a fool is a honeypot for PR lobbyists and commercial churnalists.
All Alan has probably got are a few tame quotes and articles placed.
Be more worried about the property deals and if Rowen is pocketing anything from the speculators.

Anonymous said...

What Paul needs is a nice segway to get him out of the shite.

Could some nice public relations company help out with this?

A PR company for PR Paul?

Anonymous said...

I see Paul is not the only Rochdale LibDem to feel the heat. Ex-mayor Angela Coric is facing a deselection battle in thne Milkstone and Deeplish ward... at least according to a piece of 'fearless' journalism by Rochdale On-Whine.

A particularly arse-licking piece describes Coric as maintaining a 'dignified silence' over the affair. Such hackneyed cliches have not been seen in the Brirish Media since Mr Cholmondely-Warner first learned to hold a pen.

On-Whine goes on to blow its own trumnpet:- "Rochdale Online has come under pressure not to publish this article; however, on balance we have taken the decision that the public has an interest in knowing the political processes going on behind the scenes and that transparency can only be good overall for local democracy."

The Thunderer RO is not. The Whimperer? Perhaps.