Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Typical Shameless Family promotion?

Project "Secret Santa" has begun.

A ruthless pursuit of power by the ambitious and shameless?

Unfortunately our town suffers as a result of such political self-promotion.

But what is project "Secret Santa"?
Rest assured Dear Reader, it isn't a hideous Paul Rowen Santa Toby Jug giveaway.

Yo ho NO.

Are the worthy aims of the "Shop local" campaign about to be hijacked for petty politiking?

In the run up to Christmas the Lib Dem friendly Rochdale Observer will run a feature and competition to promote local shopping for the "typical" Rochdale family.


Could it be...

The Manson Family?

The Addams Family?

The Smith Family?


No. No. No.

But there is a clue as to who this "typical" family will be.
There will be lots of happy photos and product placement.

The "typical" family will be:

Mum - Jayne (age 40s)
Dad - Greg (age 40s)
DaughterBianca (age 21)
SonSebastian (age 18)
DaughterGeorgia (age 12)
DaughterAmber (Age 6)
Grandma (age 70s)
Granddad (age 70s)

Obviously this is a fake, made-up family?
No-one would stoop so low as to use their private family for petty public politics?

Greg (age 40s)?

Shurley not Cllr Gregory Couzens?
Could this mean lots of photos of grinning Greg in the Ob acting as Father Christmas?
Bulging sacks, full of loverly gifts for charidee?
Our Greg - just the sort of "typical family" man that should be Leader of Rochdale Council instead of that "exposed" Alan Taylor?
Is that the sinister side to Greg's shameless self promotion?

Alan, beware of "ambitious", "typical family" men bearing gifts in bulging sacks.

Rochdale Lib Dem politics is a dirty, shameless business- even when "Secret Santa" is involved.


Anonymous said...

Of course its greg couzens. This man is a shameless media whore. The only thing he stands for is advancing his career. He does nothing for Rochdale except appear in pathetic photo shoots with the Tweenies.

Anonymous said...

The Smith family?

Didn't know Mo Shaffiq was related to Cyril?

Could that explain Norman's certain ugly opinions and atttudes to "that sort"?

Anonymous said...

On this shameless christmas list will there be a table tennis bat for great uncle Cyril, some stationary (more brown envelopes) for great uncle Norman and a one way ticket somewhere that doesn't have an extradition treaty for uncle Paul?

Folly Walk said...

At least no-one has to buy a £325 rug, a chest of drawers costing £295 and an £85 bedside table for Paul Rowen this Christmas.

All his Chrismases came at once when he discovered the parliamentary John Lewis list.

Does ambitious Greg fancy his chances for the big job?

Anonymous said...

how about a nutcraker for Cyril seeing as he his losing his firm grip of power

pain in The Butts said...

Greg's political involvement in the town centre is a dodgy ego trip. He wants his photo and name everywhere and pushes everyone else about.
Hubris is going to bite him right on the arse.

It is appropriate his rented hair salon is by a place call The Butts.

Anonymous said...

If stuck for a present you can't go wrong with booze.

The bins behind 144 Drake Street used to prove that

corruption sniffer said...

Shameless Greg Couzens is at it again in the Rochdale Observer letters page pushing himself as the next council leader.
According to his modest self, Greg is a successful businessman, inventor of the car boot sale, bizarre bazarre, the thick fringe and spends his spare time removing chewing gum off Rochdale's streets.

Meanwhile, Paul Rowen is making a shameless arse of himself pushing the Mayor off his podium so that Rochdale's current MP could be seen on the telly welcoming the same Royal Regiment that his buddies in the "Peace" Group accuse of being butchers. Talk about taking it both ways Paul.

Cyril would be proud of you.

And nice to see a lovely photo of Paul Rowen enjoying a pint with Adam Power and Terry Mason. Who says the Rochdale Observer doesn't have a sense of humour?! Perhaps the 3 musketeers will share a cell together? (Monks of course) But who would get top bunk?

Anonymous said...

bullshit all this is kite flying bullshit. You have no proof that Greg is allowing himself to help promote Rochdale Town Centre.

Prove it or shut up you whingers.

just the facts... said...

Subject: Shop Local Initiative for Rochdale Observer - Christmas Presents for a typical family WANTED!
Importance: High

Dear Businesses,

As you know, the Rochdale Observer, Rochdale Borough Council, Town Centre Management and local businesses have recently been working together to encourage the public to Shop Local.

We can’t just ask people to shop local – we need to give them a reason to do so. In next week’s Rochdale Observer (Saturday 5th Dec), we want to show readers that, despite what they might think, they CAN buy Christmas presents for all the family in Rochdale town centre. We will be doing this by showing a photograph of a ‘typical’ family, and then for each member, a photograph of a suitable present, the logo of that store, and how much it costs. So…we are asking for town centre businesses to come up with an idea for just one member of the following family –

Mum - Jayne (age 40s)
Dad - Greg (age 40s)
Daughter – Bianca (age 21)
Son – Sebastian (age 18)
Daughter – Georgia (age 12)
Daughter – Amber (Age 6)
Grandma (age 70s)
Granddad (age 70s)

You need to be able to donate this item as a prize for a competition that a reader of the Observer can win. In return you will receive the above publicity for your business, as well as for that particular item.
The deadline for interest for this is Monday 30th November, so that we can arrange the photographs etc.
I hope to hear from you soon,


This is the email from the Rochdale Town Centre Management Company.

Everything that RAW revealed is true.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Was that Robin Parker trolling about again? The sick puppy cannot help himself. He's lucky not to be in jail.

Al the Greengrocer said...


You would think Greg were the President of the Chase Manhattan Bank the way he carries on!

Greg lad - you cut hair mate!

GMG van driver said...

The Rochdale Observer are going with the "Swizz family Couzens" photoshoot and Town Centre Promotion feature in tommorrow's edition.

A few red faces as there is a realisation of a stitch up between "ambitious" politician Greg and the way Suzy from TCM who always seems to quote Greg or use his photo.

Where does she get her hair done?

Do all employees of RMBC and partner companies have to declare any interest in any services they receive from local businesses that also happen to be run by local politicians?

Is a cheeky cut price trim at Greg's worse than getting your plums or melons from 'fruity' Alan Taylor?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Ugandan Bananas said...

The above poster (04 December 2009 04:05) is obviously quite paranoid. Why else would someone try to conceal their writing style by producing a post written in a Yorkshire dialect (I accept it could have been written by a native of Barnsley who I believe don't mingle much with the outside world)

The Town Centre Management? What a joke of set up. Last I heard the administration costs were about £100,000 per year. For a staff of three who 'organise' a handful of events each year I would say its par for the course for mis-managed Rochdale.

RAW - Rochdale's Alternative Website said...

Dear Foul mouthed libellous anoymous troll. Your familar IP address has been logged.

We know you are not Robin the Joker.

Given your IP address and system set up, you could be making a right burke of yourself. Now behave and go and do something useful with the time you have on your hands.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that Malc 'Strike the Pose' Journeaux reads this blog?

No sooner is it reported that he has anonymised his Rochdale-on-whine postings, then he suddenly appears again, bold as brass.

The total postings though do seem to be well down. Perhaps we are only to be privy to that which is vaguely fit for human consumption.

how to keep your job in 2009 said...

doesn't look like it if you look at the Rowen Online massage board...


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