Friday, 13 November 2009

Dirty Lib Dem ambitious backstabbing?

Beware the Ides of November.

The runes cast at Drake Street are ominous. Dark clouds are gathering and the porkie swords are out.

Dirty tricks and dirty Lib Dem infighting and backstabbing.

In difficult economic times, "Million Pound" Paul Rowen has let 2 of his staff go. Alex Webster in Westminster and Diddy Dave Hennigan in Rochdale.

PR Paul's press releases have already suffered. Dave's demise remains shrouded in mystery. Although the spin paramedic had been drinking in the Last Chance Saloon for a while, Paul Rowen's method of dispatch was particulaly callous. Dave Hennighan had sacrificed a great deal to promote the public face of pisspoor Paul. Dave left family and friends in South Manchester to rough it in a Heywood Councillor's bedsit and damp Drake St HQ. With every fibby press release and shallow smear, was a little bit of his soul lost?

Adam Power has quickly moved into his post, salary and altar of the Dark Arts.
Dirty, evil backstabber???

But apprentice Adam has form - was he the One who hacked into Rochdale DLP's webpage to replace a photo of Gordon Brown with a Milliband?

He was the idiot caught out lying about MP Tony Lloyd's stance on Cyril Smith and asbestos. The Sergeant at Arms was not impressed.
Adam was also spotted (in cunning woolly hat disguise) photographing grafitti outside Rochdale Labour Party HQ while the paint was still wet.Then the photo mysteriously appeared on a political news blog.

Was Adam's digital pawprints linked to the URL and IP pathways that created a "fake" RAW webpage smearing Rochdale's Labour PCC with anti Zionist. Inciting religious hatred?

What is Paul Rowen getting himself involved in with his new "Agent"?

Has Adam's emailing been spotted outside official Lib Dem circles - encouraging libellous smears, tactics and attacks that Paul Rowen might benefit from but could never put his name to?

But the backstabbing doesn't stop with the knives in Dave Hennighan's back.

Leader of the Council Alan Taylor is dangerously exposed.

"Ambitious" politicians are openly briefing against him and angling for the top job.

Who wants to be the next Leader of the Rochdale Lib Dems before Christmas? a few false starts and cock-ups, one of Rochdale's "bootiful people" - "millionaire" Cllr Greg Couzens is still an eager beaver - trimming away on the thick fringe.

But whose noses are being pushed out? Irene Davision? Mo Sharif? The Hothouses?

The knives are out between the various factions witin Rochdale Lib Dems. It is all rather distasteful given the state of Rochdale and the bloody sacrifices being made by some of citizens.

Who is using the bloodbath of Afghanistan to look good? Who suggested Paul Rowen wrap himself in the Union Jack to support the lynch mob against Asda?

Who is allowing former servicemen such as Cllr Bailey and Cllr Clegg to wear their medals with pride whilst furtively communicating outside the party with "Peace Groups" for co-ordinated smears and politiking whilst service personnel are butchered?

Even though Dave has gone, the Sultans of Spin remain at Drake Street with huge wages taken from Parliamentary expenses.

Rochdale is poorer for it.


Anonymous said...

Did Dave take one wank bullet too many?

Al the Greengrocer said...

Interesting reading - your speculation on the Lib Dem Council leadership.
I hope that one of the Councillors Bobblehat gets the leadership - either Billy Bobblehat or Wera Bobblehat.
Have you seen Wera's Youtube channel? - watch it - funny as fuck!! It's like watching Children's Hour.
The latest video has Billy and Wera saving Springfield Park and opposing the golf driving range. No mention that it is in fact the Lib Dem Council that has been trying to railroad this through. All their video keeps referring to is "Link for Life - the Council's Leisure Trust". Note they use the term "The Council" as if for the all the world it had nothing to do with them. Cheeky bastards!
But seriously folks, it would be great if one of those two muppets became Lib dem group leader - but, they won't because they are hated inside the Lib Dems nearly as much as they are outside it.

eyeball said...

For pure comedy there can't be a better choice than Greg Couzens.

He is a backstabbing deluded moron.

Is he shallow lightweight that talks the talk for public consumption but gets involved in really shady deals behind the scenes?

Funny but tragic for Rochdale.

Ugandan Bananas said...

Does 'Dear Leader' A Taylor work his puppets with a foot peddle at council meetings?

Are such meetings a beacon of light in local democracy...or are they more like Phoenix Nights meets the Wheel Tappers and Shunters Social Club?

Why are about 75% of them incapable of stringing together a spontaneous and coherent, verbal interjection of more than 10 words?

Its often the case that incompetents surround themselves with the stupid. It makes life easier.

Rochdale Online observer said...

Rowen Online is hard at it again promoting Greg Couzens' fringe trimming and maggaging Malcolm's ego.

A puff peice to promote his hair salon and Porn-O's pervy photographic entics.

And "Chill" is up to his usual grovelling praise. Strange that he isn't so nice about Malcolm and Rochdale Online when on other internet fora. TwoFacebook?

Anonymous said...

Chill is a tit.

Have you seen Rowen in the Daily Mirror today? Wonder if Malcolm Porno was responsible for that Photoshop twiddling?