Monday, 2 November 2009

Rochdale "rebrand" - sneek preview?

Tommorrow is a big day in the history of our town.

Blue sky thinking outside the box from the Dear Leader Roger Ellis will answer all our woes.

Rochdale will be re-branded (what? a burning hot poker on the arse? -Ed)

Our Glorious "Year Zero" will begin with the "exciting" launch of our town's "visual identity".

All for initially less than £100,000 (plus of course the other regeneration and media budgeting plus costs of all the senior executive buffet munching).

Has RAW been able to get a spy shot of tommorrow's powerpoint presentation?

Here is a bad quality photo that could be a hint of how well our money has been spent.
A bold imaginative, yet honest, glimpse of Exciting Things To Come?


Anonymous said...

Apparently, the MOD has its own police force numbering several thousand - to guard our soldiers.

RMBC pays many, many... many millions to 'at arms length' organisations to protect itself from flying shite.

Will the thinking really have been sky blue or will it be just amount to a requisition for some cheap air fresheners?

RMBC whistleblower said...

but who guards the guards?

Roger Ellis and Andy Zuntz farm out responsibility to others- be they "partner agencies" like Impact, Link4Life and the RDA, or to outside consultants.

Meanwhile Rome burns.

Pay and Grading has been a disater with work morale on the floor. Agency staff and quiant spanish practices in the higher echelons of executive staff with pension deals and golden goodbyes and funny handshakes. What a golden shower they are.

Penny pinching on the coal face but tens of millions blown on stupid projects covered up with media spin.

Call in the District Auditor!

Everyone at Drake St loves Chris said...

if you to see how desperate Dave Hennighan is getting with attempts at positive spin for the Rochdale Fib Dem sinking ship then feast your eyes on his lastest press release about a Bury councillor coming to Rochdale to see how regeneration is done?!

So twisted that when 6" nails are eaten, corkscrews are shat out.

Anonymous said...

Is that the Lib Dem councillor who Dave paid to come to Rochdale?

Does he honestly expect people to believe that the Conservatives in Bury can learn anything off that hopeless shower of Lib Dem losers in Rochdale?


Al the Greengrocer said...

Would this "Bury" be the same Bury that has a wonderfully thriving market, a great shopping centre and is currently full of construction workers putting up new buildings?
One shudders to think what Rochdale can show Bury in terms of regeneration. Maybe Hennighan could show this Bury councillor the big empty space that is Kingsway, matched only by the big empty space between Hennighan's ears that imagined a non-existant Arts Centre!

Anonymous said...

Old business saying "if you can't find someone who's right all the time find someone who is wrong all the time."

Anonymous said...

The French military - those geniuses at grasping defeat from the jaws of victory have a saying that is apt about the civic mismanagement of Rochdale:

"The problem with the generals is that we select them from among the colonels."

In industry, to stop damage being done on the shopfloor, incompetance is often promoted.

Al the Greengrocer said...

Well I thought that the new Art's Centre was supposed to help regenerate Rochdale Town Centre. But, as the old song goes: "Why are we waiting, why are we waiting".
We know that Boy David comes on here to troll, so maybe he can tell us where the Cyril Smith Art's Centre is?

Anonymous said...

Would that be a spanking new arts centre perchance?

Anonymous said...

Steady on, Boy David assured us that the Rotten Borough would have a new arts centre. This man wouldn't know how to lie surely?

For opening night at the unbuilt, unfunded Sir Cyril House of Fun we are promised:-

1. A cow-heel chucking contest. (Sponsor Edna's Tripe Stall)

2. Mendicant of the Year Award. (Sponsor Lib Dems.) Presented by Heineken.

3. Miracle Cure After Years in a Wheelchair When You Get a New Piece of Totty Award. (Sponsor Rotten Borough Online) Presented by a recently fully-erect Porn-O

There will also be a live pony eating competition, an arse-licking contest and a Paul Rowen lookalike contest for the gay over-80's. In the event of a dead heat, the winner will be decided by the best essay starting with either:-

"It was a hot summer night in the Boys Home and I was just about to drop off to sleep when I heard a heavy footfall on the stairs. Imagine my surprise when into my room carrying a boy-scout and jar of tripe-flavoured lubricant walked ...."


"Slowly, the tired old man in the wheelchair pulled himself up to his full 7'9" height and with trembling steps advanced towards the seductive young minx on the dance floor.

"You may be old enough to be my grand-daughter." He said, "But ..."