Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Paul Rowen refutes claims of "airbrushing"

Rochdale's current MP is very touchy on the issue of airbrushing.

Kevin Maguire's column in the Mirror today raised it.

Paul Rowen got value for money from his Communications Allowance by a Full Power assault via Rochdale Online. It was a very ugly scene.

Paul set the record straight: "I'm a Northern lad. What you see is what you get".

So, did Paul fall for the anti-airbrushing PR via cheeky boy Lembit Opik and the Dove soap's commercial Campaign For Real Beauty...?

Is Paul Rowen 'Adamant' that there is no cover up or airbrushing of history in Rochdale...???

  • Cambridge House was never visited by Alderman Cyril Smith?
  • Sex abuse in Rochdale never occurred?
  • Property developers have never given cash to the Lib Dems then mysteriously got planning permission?
  • Everything is hunky dory with regeneration in Rochdale. All above board. No funny money?
  • Greg Couzens is doing well revitalising Rochdale town centre and he certainly doesn't want Alan Taylor's job (and never wants to be MP)?
  • All of Paul's Council and Parliamentary expenses and allowances were properly claimed and used appropriately?

That's OK then.

It's just the problem with digital manipulation is that folk can get caught out.
A few years of a champagne lifestyle can cause things with 'northern lads' to get very ugly.


Anonymous said...

Paul Rowen is bleating on about the need for a code of conduct on his website. If this ever comes into force it means he'll be out the door straight away. And Power and Swarbrick. Father Daly is right. Drake Street is the most corrupt political base that Rochdale has ever seen.

Anonymous said...


More like a trowel.

And Cyril was a magician making that huge Special Branch file disappear.

Or will it finally see the light of day soon?

Anonymous said...

Dave Hennigan was on Rochdale online this morning praising the Lib Dems Rochdale Christmas Lights switch on.
It's tonight!

Ugandan Bananas said...

For one moment I thought the airbrushing was a reference to the 'airbrushing of G Couzens.

Unavoidable thoughts came to mind of A Taylor (Rapmate 1975)having his crotch, coiffeured. Not so much of Brazilian but a Black Forest Gateau.

There was indeed a man who carried out such delicate trims, operating form the unused top floor of a spice packing mill in Manchester.

He catered for all tastes: religious, fashion, gay pride but it is not known if he was acquainted with C Smith or his close allies.

Anonymous said...

Hairy Alan's risque pose wasn't part of any gay abandon (not that there is anything wrong with that).

The pervy photo of Cyril's election agent was sent to a laydee admirer back in the days of Old Spice, Cheese fondu and thowing the cortina keys into a bowl at parties were the Babysham had been overflowing.

Happy days.

Ugandan Bananas said...

Yes, it certainly looks as though A Taylor is trying to emulate that 1970s 'Beefy' Burt Reynolds look made famous in Cosmopolitan.

Pity about the one size too small, 80% nylon 20% cotton underpants that A Taylor felt compelled to wear.

not top of the pops said...

looks like Paul Rowen has successfully airbrushed himself out of recognition over the summer.

Piss poor "million pound" Paul didn't make it onto Iain Dale's Top 50 Lib Dems list.

Even Mark Pack is there at 46.

Is this why Hen is arranging an opening of the skeleton cupboard to celebrate 175 years of Rochdale Liberalism?

Anonymous said...

When the winging Rotten Borough MP is forced to describe himself as 'a local lad' he knows he's in trouble.

Heineken's departure from the Drake Street 'Grey Lubianka' leaves a vacancy for a new 'consigliori'.

Such a pity for Heineken. He has spent the last two years sucking up to the Rotten Borough's movers and shakers such as the self-styled 'incorruptible' Malcolm Journeaux of Rochdale Online.

Under Heineken's direction, it is believed that local Lib Dem councillors were virtually frogmarched onto Rochdale Online's community forum to soak up the free publicity. Rochdale Online has become a great asset for the Lib Dems. Academically-challenged councillors need not worry about their inability to spell, punctuate etc. Within seconds of their contributions appearing online, they are whisked away, airbrushed and reappear as if they had been penned by Martim Amis and all this service for free.

Porn Cave swinger said...

no, not for free. Nothing is for free from Rochdale Online. Everyone has to pay - somehow.

Rochdale Online has received a chunk of cash from Paul Rowen's parliamentary communication allowance.

(The allowance that Sir Christopher Kelly was very critical of and recommends scrapping).

Plus it keeps Porn-O in the loop as a powerful mover and shaker as he is having his wedding tackle fettled by a grateful remaining member of sales staff.

Has Malcolm's loyal wife Pauline ever come into a room whilst the buxom Italian saleslady Ms Natale has been staddling Porn-o, glass of Blue Nun in hand?

If so has Porn Again Malcolm "done a Renee"(Allo Allo) and rebuked his confused wife

"you stupeed woman, can't you see young Mirella has lost a contact lens down my pants? The poor girl has trouble with her eyesight but all you can do is think something sad and smutty is going on"

Lorrae said...

What sort of married born again christian allows a female employee to act out similated sex acts at a public charity event for Springhill Hospice then post bragging taunts that mention his wife and female employee?

How sad is that?

Here is what Malcolm Journeaux posted late last night after a session playing his guitar on his own with a CD player...


11582 Posts Posted - 05/12/2009 22:09:26

Blue Nun.



11582 Posts Posted - 05/12/2009 23:19:59

Sorry Tinkerbell, private joke - Pauline and Mirella took a bottle to the Town Centre Management Christmas Party last night...

Sick pervy wierdo? Get a life!!!

Slob evolution said...

Rowen was never a pretty boy but given his claiming for loads of food on his expenses he is turning into a shameless slob