Monday, 16 November 2009

Unemployment- "million pound" Paul's champagne solutions?

Two people lost their jobs with Paul Rowen MP last week.

One was Westminster researcher Alex Webster.
Did she leave a hidden message on Paul Rowen's website? (the one WE pay for from HIS Communications Allowance).

Under the ironic news title "unemployment soars" is a photo of bespectacled Paul with a glass of champagne in front of him. The photo, attributed to Ms Webster, has the heading "solutions" above it.
Paul Rowen MP

What is all this? Is it a Photoshop job? A cruel airbrushing?

Is this a wicked suggestion that Rochdale's current MP looks for "solutions" to the problems of the day with a glass of champers?

As Private Eye have revealed this week, Paul Rowen will have received about a million pounds in Parliamentary salary, expenses and allowances for his time as an MP.
Including that 40p banana.

But not content with just the one job, as Cllr Mulgrew's dad might say..."There's more!"
"two hat" Paul has paid Ugandan discussions for the east African arm of Rochdale property company Corinya.

Paul was also getting "double bubble" expenses as a Rochdale councillor in addition to his MP dosh. Six months after his late night internet confessions about the extra council cash, Paul still hasn't delivered on his promise to come clean on which charidees he supposedly gave the money to.

Then there are other mystery cash streams... Cyril Smith's fundraising and the shadowy Cobden Bright Trust. Add to that, the rent for his Constituency office (paid for via Parliamentary expenses) that goes to Rochdale Reform Buildings Ltd... then back to the Lib Dems?

Plus the Parliamentary cash used for a very expensive stuffing machine for envelopes.

Now that his office "complex" 142a/144 Drake Street has a bar, it can be trebles all round for those seeking "solutions".


Rochdale Rapper said...

is that a Jim'll Fix It badge balanced on Paul's paunch?

Gym can't fix all that gluttony and guzzling of fancy dan champagne.

Nice to see him enjoying himself at our expense

Anonymous said...

He looks like he is surrounded by 2 dimensional characters.

No change there then.

Ugandan Bananas said...

Is it really Champers? Is it really Rowen?

Hard to tell with those 'Zorro' glasses on.

Swish, swash, swish (that's the sound of Zorro, not Cyril, by the way)

Anonymous said...

More like the mark of sorrow.

Big red sore marks on'tharses of those Cambridge House victims.

Anonymous said...

Talking of sorrowful Marks, "Up the Dale" is having a senior moment.
Mr Hollidrake seems to have forgot about being expelled and is commenting on the Rochdale Online forum as if he was a well informed "friend" of those expelled.

His ire is misdirected given that John Heyworth is gleefully encoraging all and sundry to buy Private Eye.

But then again, those who drink Strongbow aren't the sharpest cookies in the jar.

Anonymous said...

Stefan, Bat Faker and Dumbfuk think they are so smart getting the NEC and region to cut a deal with tory tossers at Private Eye. No one reads that smartarsed shit anyway. They are not proper journalists. All they do is find the worst crap and put there own twist on it.
Real people in Rochdale know what is really going on without the need for a conservative comic that doesn't want to know the truth

Anonymous said...

Mark Hollinrake!Pour yourself another Strongbow!Tom Stott will be round with a fresh crate soon.

binman said...

not a critical peep on Rowen Online?

funny that.

Is Malcolm losing his touch?