Thursday, 19 November 2009

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

Poor Dave Hennigan.

Although callously removed from Paul Rowen's lucrative parliamentary payroll, he remains outwardly loyal. Dave warns he is back in Heywood and will make sure Cllr Rush retains his seat. That is Peter Rush, the landlord, who lets Dave stay in one of his abodes.

Mysterious Dave has also been making some coy threats - on a late night forum posting he threatens that he will teach the Labour party "one last lesson".

So what stroke of genius is Dave planning?

Not something to top Spanker Cyril's 80th birthday bash?

A charidee pardee for a party that lacks charity?

175 years of Liberalism - putting Rochdale on the map?

That could explain the odd press releases about John Bright's statute and some unsubtle similarities with press releases from Rochdale & Littleborough peace group.

175 years of Liberalism?

That leaky vessel that is the Rochdale Lib Dem and their secret comrades aren't too happy with what is planned. They worry it could put them in the spotlight and allow some very awkward questions to be asked.

What have been some of the highlights in the past 175 years?

  • Freemasonry, gangsterism and Rochdale Reform Buildings?
  • "Lifelong liberal" Cyril Smith doing the hokey cokey with his party membership over the years?
  • Serious unresolved allegations of sex abuse - Cambridge House and Knowl View School to name just two.
  • David Steel's infamous quote published in Private Eye defending Cyril Smith ""All we are talking about are a few spanked bottoms"
  • Long standing planning corruption- no word of a Lye?
  • a backstabbing, bullying cult of personality?
  • Chief Whip Cyril Smith briefing the press about his then leader Jeremy Thorpe (and dead dog Rinka).
  • "loyal" Liberal Cyril Smith undermining David Steel with attempts to form and lead a new "democractic" party in the early 1980's. Did this help the Tories and cause bitter divisions in the nacent alliance between the SDP and Liberals?
What about Liberalism from many years ago?
  • Lloyd George? Insider share dealing shenanigans with the Marconi wireless companies? Corrupt sale of peerages? A Prime Minister during the bloodiest war in human history? Enforced conscription in Ireland 1917? Disgusting opinions in 1934 about the right for the air force to "bomb n*ggers" in British colonies? Adolf Hitler, described by Lloyd George in 1936 as "the greatest living German"?

Poor Dave is having a spot of bother getting key note speakers to attend the shameless Rochdale bash to promote local Lib Dems in the run up to the election.

No wonder. Do they really want to be associated with Cyril Smith and Paul Rowen?

With all those who "unfortunately can't find room in their diary", what sort of party is Dave going to have?

Cheese and Onion Pie followed by Cyril Smith, Paul Rowen and Jimmy Cricket as a comedy trio?

Or could Mark Oaten give a reading from his new book "Screwing Up"?

Perhaps "shocked" Charles Edward Lord would come to chew over the fat about the old days?

...and a whip round from "businessmen" supporters with cash to go to that shadowy unincorporated association, linked to 175 years of liberalism - the "Cobden Bright Trust"?


Anonymous said...

Well done again RAW.

I also noticed recent mysterious concerted media releases regarding John Bright's statue from the sultans of spin at Drake Street and a local "peace" group.

It all smacks of yet another clumsy Dave Hennigan spin exercise.

Although your choice of some of the worst examples of "liberalism" of the past 175 years is somewhat harsh, I understand the reason why you needed to uncover the hypocracy of a spin doctor attempting to airbrush history to create a warm, fluffy base for shallow electioneering. Rochdale Lib Dems are not shy in shamelessly rewriting history for their own advantage.

Dave's clumsy spinning actually now gives an opportunity for a proper, grown-up debate about some of the more murky episodes of Rochdale Liberalism.

Cyril Smith, sex abuse, cover-up, corruption?

The truth is out there and no amount of airbrushing should hide it.

LLC said...

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Anonymous said...

Is that John Heyworth? Or Denis Whittle?!

You two are sick puppies...

175 years of fruit and nut udge said...

saw a photo of Cllr Whittle in the Ob a few weeks ago next to a police woman.

Did he try chatting her up with any fruity double ententres or did he just stick to not showing her his very liberal porn collection?

and don't get me even started on "conviction" politican John Heyworth...

Is Rochdale just a Liberal deviant magnet?

Anonymous said...

weExcellent post on Chris Paul's site giving an update on Paul Rowen's airbrushing gaffe.

ariston said...

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ariston said...

I am trying to nail someone you have tried to nail in one of your articles....

Stefan's Facebook Friends said...


You can contact me here:

Where you can visit my 7 principles (one more than supporters of my attempt to get elected in Rochdale) I am standing in Balderstone and Kirkholt but have ignored the Kirkholt side as they will vote for me anyway!

Principles don't exist though on my proper page where you will see a good spread of teenage girls available for your enjoyment:

PS Don't tell Christine, she may stop me using her address for the election and then I wouldn't be able to pretend to be local!

Rochdale's Alternative Website said...


nail away.

You can contact us at our email-

Anonymous said...

Labour of Love's, email.

Anonymous said...

John Heyworth has got the cheek to say that Dave Hennigan's departure is a private matter that shouldn't be comment on.

Oh, the irony.

Drake Street Don said...

Are Adam (the washing machine)Power and John (dirty old man) Heyworth up to dirty tricks trying to smear a Rochdale Lib Demmer?

What would Paul Rowen (or the Sergeant At Arm and Fees Office) have to say if taxpayers money and constituency computer equipment was used for political smear?

Surprisingly about a Lib Demmer?
(If Mo Shaffiq still calls himslef one).

A warming example of Rochdale Lib Dem community cohesion?)

did he have the cheek to say this said...

"Surely every local taxpayer has every right to know where their money is going?”

Adam Power 2008

Tyler Durden said...

well, the dinner to celebrate 175 years of the Rochdale Reform Association went down like a fart in a lift.

(everyone suspicious of each other)

Was all the cutlery accounted for after the meal or were some knives missing? Was Alan Taylor watching his back?

And the big name who hosted the damp squib of an event?


Crikey - things must be getting desperate.

oh, an an unelected Lord made an appearance... not Charles Edward Lord...

Did the cock crow three times at this last supper?

and did the soup have a funny taste?