Sunday, 3 January 2010

Nick Clegg receives book on Rochdale Foul Deeds...

Truth is often stranger than fiction.

Poor Adam Power hasn't got the hang of press releases yet.
Or is he cryptically drafting his own resignation note/"get out of jail" card?
Paul Rowen and Nick Clegg with a copy of the ‘Foul Deeds & Suspicious Deaths in and around Rochdale’ written by John ColeA
In an attempt to make a news article from the recent lacklustre appearance of Nick Clegg at Rochdale Town Hall, a crass story has just been published about him receiving a book on past Rochdale criminality and "foul deeds"

Oh the irony.

Rochdale foul deeds? That is a tag line that will haunt Rochdale Lib Dems throughout 2010.

Will Paul Rowen be now choking on his banana daiquiri on some sun kissed beach holiday with Terry Mason? Has Master Power made a Freudian slip with reference to a book about Rochdale criminality?

...Property developers, dodgy land deals, crooked planning permissions, unaccounted for cash, thuggary, skullduggary, backstabbing, abuse and shenanigans?

Looks like Nick Clegg may have received some spankingly interesting bedtime reading about Rochdale from Paul Rowen.

With any Lancashire tales of ghosts from the past and skeletons in cupboards, let's hope Nick doesn't have too many nightmares.


mystic meg said...

Will Paul Rowen have the book thrown at him soon?

Anonymous said...

when will there be a book all about Cyril Smith's foul deeds?

guardian reader said...

I see you have picked up on Nick Clegg's comments about corruption.

Unreal. Is he on drugs?

Anonymous said...

Is all the budget of the Impact Partneship fully accounted for?

Do any little jobs get done for senior people in Rochdale "off the balance sheet"?