Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Rochdale Council's "Spin" to be contracted out?

Rumours abound the offices of Rochdale Council that Roger Ellis' propaganda organ "Local Matters" is no more. Good. The one-sided drivel it often published was an expensive disgrace to council taxpayers.

Accounts of Roger's anger at anyone criticising his actions, or those of his executive officers, are legendary.$plit/C_71_article_1107055_image_list_image_list_item_0_image.jpg
At last tally, Rochdale Council's Communication Unit costs almost £2,000,000 a year.

Is this money to be saved? How will The Thoughts of Chariman Roger and the good news of increased civic tractor production be transmitted to the happy burghers of Rochdale?

Is there a cunning plan afoot that takes the costly council spin off the balance sheet?

Consultants and outsourcing?

But who could promote the good news about Rochdale Council and the Lib Dem (mal)administration an uncritical way?
Like the good old days when the Rochdale Observer knew its place?

Is there any connection with the demise of "Local Matters" and the birth of the "Rochdale and Heywood Independent"?

In all fairness, any new venture deserves a chance. Those starting this newspaper were made redundant by the Guardian Media Group so they could have fire in their belly. If it is truly independent then that can only be a good thing for Rochdale.

However, the cynics have already started. They worry about a business plan that his highly dependent on advertising revenue and may rely on "churnalism" from professional press releases.

Now where could such press releases and advertising cash come from? Shurley not Rochdale Council now that "Local Matters" has been scrapped?

It is common knowledge that Richard Catlow when boss man at the Rochdale Observer was very friendly with Rochdale Lib Dems and the high ups in the council. Now Richard heads PIP Media the vehicle that will drive our new local newspaper. There is also a family connection with Catlow Communications - a "public relations and marketing company" also based in Rossendale. Does PR, marketing and good old fashioned journalism make difficult bed fellows?

However, to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, we say good luck to the venture. We hope the critics are proven wrong and that the newspaper is what it says on the banner - Independent. Not some outsourced propaganda rag that glosses over what could be incompetance, corruption and maladministration within our town.


Rochdale Online Observer said...

Rochdale Online does a good line in Fib Dem propaganda too.

A new paper based local comnpetitor is going to squeeze local advertising spend. There are loads of people in Rochdale that haven't got a clue what Rochdale Online is. On top of that local busiensses are getting sick and tired of nothing less than strong arm tactics regarding advertising. Some in Rochdale town centre know the hassle that can happen if the forelock isn't tugged repsectfully towards Malcolm Journeaux. As if by magic there are a string of abusive forum postings. They appear to be orchestrated. Surely no-one would be as cunning as to email or Facebook people in order to attack others online?

Mulgrew Two Hats said...

good news about Rochdale's unemployment figures on their way down again.

"Three jobs" Mulgrew is now down to just two hats.

He has "withdrawn" as Lib Dem PPC for Rossendale. Apparently when the press contacted Rossendale Lib Dems for comment they said "who?"

If he keeps taking for things for granted then his dad's DVD sales could drop (The ones that didn't arrive in time for Christmas).

After the post production problems, fear not... there will be no shortage of stock... as his dad/employer might say...

there's more!

Get Real said...

Given the staffing restraints, the new newspaper will be able to do little more than re-hash press releases. If "Local Matters" is being scrapped then the R&HI would be the ideal vehicle for RMBC Media Unit to offload their info (with a good amount of advertising as well). The Ad executives will make or break the venture.

I would like to have been a fly on the wall at Rochdale Council when Richard Catlow and is new team made his pitch.

Interesting times!

Al the Greengrocer said...

I see that Mulgrew has stepped down as Lib Dem candidate in Rossendale. If ever anyone needed evidence that he is totally selfish and shallow this is it.

I bet Rossendale Lib Dems ain't too chuffed or indeed the Lib Dem Federal Party about this. Young Dale thinks he's made a smart move, but I'll wager this act of pure selfishness will come back to bite him on the bum as he tries to further his political career in the future.

Dale's dirty little pastime said...

There are plenty of red faces in Rossendale because of Dale's daft off the cuff remarks about his candidature being "a pastime".

What a turn of events!First he helps Greg Couzens unseat Alan Taylor but then it backfires, Greg fails miserably in the leadership election, Mo Sharif gets shafted too and Dale is left in the empty chair when the music stops. Fancy that.

Was it planned or was it all a comedy of errors?

Deeplish bloke said...

yes, why did Mohammad Sharif have to step down as Deputy Leader?

The ousting of Alan Taylor didn't have to do this?

Are those protecting Angie Coric doing this?

Where there is an election that doesn't suit the local Lib Dem 'elite' then run the deselection process again so that Miss Coric has a chance to keep her ward seat.

Did Paul Rowen discuss tactic and support iver the beetroot soup at the Ukranian Christmas celebration party last week?

It looks like Rochdale Lib Dems regard asians as only fit to drive taxis, serve them kebabs and sell them off-licence alcohol.

The portfolio posts of education and regeneration are being directed by officers with the incumbent councillors being told what to say. It is an insult to muslim politicians who have a mind of their own and who want to represent the whole of Rochdale and not just be a token face to make the Focus leaflets look inclusive.

Oldham Road Ladbrookes said...

Ian Dickhead is just a bitter Tory loser.

Is he going to have a flutter on becoming a councillor?

Anonymous said...

All people with an ounze of humanity cannot have been moved by the sheer scale of the terrible disaster in Haiti.

The press, television and radio reports have given so such terrible detail of the suffering.

I cannot beleive the hard faced cheek of some Rochdale Lib Dem councillors.

Two who are up for elction this year (Cllrs Rush and Clegg) have put their name to a letter in Saturday's Rochdale Ob telling supposedly ignorant readers what is happening in Haiti.

Jean Ashworth then goes on to preach in a seperate letter just how good things are in Lib Dem Rochdale compared to the earthquake torn carribean island.

Utterly shameless drivel. Just how sick are these weirdos to try to make political capital out of the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people?

Lib Dem corruption and mismanagement in Rochdale? Don't worry it could be worse - look at Haiti.

Rochdale Lib Dems should hang their heads in shame.

Pennine Pravda said...

have just seen a copy of the new "newspaper". You are wrong RAW - the "Independent" is a combination of old Rochdale Council press releases, postive media statements from other public bodies and adverts plus fluffy advertorials from a variety of companies with mysterious links to the Rotary Club and local Freemasonry.

There is even that classic Obby chestnut - the Boy Scout story.

The only thing missing is Cyril Smith, Dave Trippier and the Britannia coco-nutters and it would be like an old copy of the Rochdale Observer.

The Audit Commission needs to look at to how Rochdale Council taxpayers' cash is being spent on this new venture that is a shameless commercial version of Local Matters.

Public Purse said...

The Rochdale "Independent" is a commercial Frankenstein blend of Lib Dem focus and RMBC's Local Matters.

Journalism or churnalism?

Good news only? Is there a clear political agenda?

Appropriate use of public funds?

What do the independent advertisers and distributors think of the "newspaper"?

Could there be a backlash?