Thursday, 7 January 2010

Nick Clegg and "corrupt politics"

According to the Guardian Nick Clegg has used his strongest language yet to attack both the Conservatives and Labour, saying a vote for either of them is a vote for "corrupt politics".

Has Nick had a bang on the head since his short visit to Rochdale in December?

Is Nick Clegg suggesting that his Lib Dems in Rochdale are not corrupt?

When Nick came to Rochdale did he not see:

  • The Cyril Smith Special Branch files relating to Cambridge House sex abuse?
  • The mysterious Cyril Smith Friends of Rochdale Liberal Democrats "Fighting fund" double entry book keeping- cash from property speculators that has not been declared?
  • Yet more mysterious cash donations to the "Cobden Bright Trust" not available for public scrutiny.
  • The significant amounts of cash collected from Rochdale Lib Dem tithes from councillor allowances (10-20%). This must run into tens of thousands of pounds yet nothing has been declared to the Electoral Commission for years.
  • Parliamentary cash donated from Paul Rowen's allowances and expenses paid to the regional and national party for "consultancy".
  • The envelope stuffing machine that was part paid for with a maximum claim of £6000 of Paul Rowen's allowances.
  • Parliamentary cash claimed by Paul Rowen for "advertising" in "Rochdale News" - a political leaflet printed in Derby.
Did Nick Clegg have a guided tour of the development sites that have benefitted from the special brand of Rochdale Lib Dem planning magic? Sites that officers had recommended refusal but mysteriously ended up going to committee and then voted through?

Which sites? Which developers? Any connection with gifts and donations? What role did Paul Rowen personally play in some of these planning consents? Did he lobby Lib Dem members of Rochdale Council planning committee? Which councillors are involved?

We predict that Nick Clegg's smug comments about corruption will come back to haunt him. Soon.


Anonymous said...

If this has been going on in Rochdale then why isn't it being investigated?

Parliamentary standards? Ombudsman? Police? Taxman?

With all the rules and regulations about money laundering and financial probity it should be too hard to find out if large amounts of cash have been passed to prominent Rochdale Lib Dems and trousered or used for political purposes. Anything more than a grand would stick out like a sore thumb.

It isn't going to take Poirot to go through a few years of Rochdale planning applications linked to certain prominent businesses.

Ordninary councillors will have to make a choice- if there is a criminal investigation then keeping silent if they have personal knowledge of wrongdoing is not an option. Conspiracy and perverting the course of justice can carry long custodial sentences. Loyalty to party or a influential friend is one thing but is it worth attempting to cover up fraud and corruption if there is a real risk of going to prison?

Who signed up for the shame and consequences of a criminal record just for being a small cog in a much bigger machine?

What was initially a small political favour or turning a blind eye to what others have done or said may be enough to ruin a career and reputation if found guilty of a crime.

When the mighty fall they can lose the respect of others plus their jobs and pension rights. Some vital financial services such as getting insurance, bank loans and mortgages become very costly if not impossible.

People who once respected or voted for you could shun you.

All for what? A bottle of wine and a few kind words from a political colleague? A few pounds? A small gift? Some twisted favour?

Those who know what has been going on have a choice - come clean or wait for the official knock on the door- by then it will be too late.

Anonymous said...

Have all Rochdale Councillors filled out their declaration of interest forms properly?

Is it a criminal offence to knowingly make a false declaration?

Anonymous said...

Dale Mulgrew as deputy leader!!! Don't make me laugh. Jimminy Cricket's son and his comedy capers. Can things get any worse in Rochdale?

List 99 said...

there is a rumour going round that Garry Glitter / Paul Gadd is moving to Rochdale.

Given the unresolved allegations of serious sexual abuse by Cyril Smith at Cambridge House lads hostel and the criminal conviction John Heyworth got for sex with an underage girl then will Gary Glitter be welcome if he applies for membership of Rochdale Lib Dems?

Could he be the leader of their gang? The man who put the bang in gang as one of his unfortunate song lyrics once boasted?

Anonymous said...

no - Paul Gadd won't join Rochdale Lib Dems.

He still has some standards.

John Heyworthwatch said...

Is John Heyworth spending much time involved with younger Lib Dems, fundraising and finance?

With his track record perhaps he wants to keep his hand in?

At least Garry Glitter wasn't a thief

Rochdale Rapper said...

If Sara's Law makes the statute books will John Heyworth mve house?

No wonder the Lib Dems are uncomfortable about legislation against child abuse. They have a track record in Rochdale for having deviants amongst their midst.

John Heyworth - Conviction for having sex with an underage girl.

Cyril Smith- allegations of late night visits to young lads hostels - Cambridge House is just one of them. Joining the police doctor and squeezing testicles as part of sick fake medical inspections?