Thursday, 14 January 2010

Vince Cable - not a sellout?

An evening with Vince Cable organised by Rochdale Liberal Democrats has been cancelled.

Billed as a party fundraiser, some saw this as an opportunity for the glow of Saint Vince to enlighten the murkier corners of Rochdale Lib Demmery.

With the ongoing thaw, it seems odd that the event was apparently cancelled because of the weather.

Rochdale Council's gritting efforts cannot be criticised.
Not because Impact Partnership and the subcontractors haven't been piss poor. The Roger Ellis dictat was more in the Ugandan sense that if there was to be open critcism of Council Services then those traitors could face an icy Idi Amin/Cyril Smith-like grip of their nether regions.

It is a good job Vince didn't make his visit yesterday to Lib Dem run Rochdale.
The electricity had failed in Rochdale Town Centre plunging shops and offices in darkness.

Imagine the scene if Vince has arrived at Rochdale train station late in the afternoon:

Met by an arctic Mad Max post apocalyptic nightmare. In the dim gloom, Vince is greeted by "agent" Adam Power holding a candle in a jam jar. They dodge the ice, crime scenes, potholes, drug dealers and sex workers as they travel down Drake Street - a near abandoned wasteland, much of it owned by a secret Lib Dem benefactor.

Lib Dem Rochdale: Empty shops, closed offices, abandoned factories but lots of "exciting" regeneration planned in the faded propaganda posters.

Such a senario could be funny if it wasn't so real and serious.
Rochdale deserves better than this disasterous, corrupt and immoral mismanagement.

Is that the real reason why Vince didn't turn up?

Or was it just that, despite a massive mailshot to promote the event, too few bothered to reply?
Poor Adam, taking over Dave's job isn't that easy after all.


Rochdale Online observer said...

How mysterious...

Go on Google News using the search words "Vincle cable Rochdale" and a Rochdale Online "news" headline from January 12th pops up.

It reads:

Vince Cable set for Rochdale Visit

Rochdale Online - ‎Jan 12, 2010‎

Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats and Shadow Chancellor Vince Cable MP will be visiting Rochdale on Thursday 14th January and local MP Paul Rowen is ...

click on the link..

how odd...

a Rochdale Online webpage saying

"Sorry, there were no Events matching your search criteria".

Then check the "news" reports on Rochdale Online for 12th January...

no headline saying "Vince Cable set for Rochdale Visit" is there anymore.

Is Rochdale Online airbrushing out embarrassing news for the current MP who uses his Parliamentary Communications Allowance to fund a website created by... Rochdale Online?

Hell of a service.

Stalin would be envious.

Anonymous said...

Is Adam getting behind?

The latest news on Rochdale Lib Dem's website is from 9th December?

There is a total lack of exclamation marks from the headlines too.

I miss Dave Hennigan. How could Paul Rowen have been so callous in sacking his hardest working member for being sick?

Missing link said...

The mysterious "news" story published then deleted by Rochdale Online is on Paul Rowen's website (the one paid for by taxpayers)

Here it is (The Rochdale Online "news" report was identical- so much for objective journalism)

Looks like Vince wasn't a sell-out afterall...

Vince Cable set for Rochdale Visit
Added 08/01/2010

Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats and Shadow Chancellor Vince Cable MP will be visiting Rochdale on Thursday 14th January and local MP Paul Rowen is inviting the people of Rochdale to come along.

Vince Cable will be the guest speaker at a Dinner hosted by Paul Rowen which is being held at the Broadfield Hotel on Sparrowhill, Rochdale.

Mr Cable will be the second leading Liberal Democrat to make a visit to the town after the Leader of the Lib Dems, Nick Clegg MP, came just before Christmas.

Rochdale MP Paul Rowen said: “With just months to go to the General Election I am delighted that Vince Cable MP, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats and Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, has agreed to visit us here in Rochdale. Over the last two years Vince has been the outstanding politician of the recession. His one line put downs of the PM and commonsense explanations of complex financial issues have won him and our party many friends. Vince is very much in demand both in the media and throughout the country and I am delighted that he has taken time out of his busy schedule to visit us.”

Vince Cable MP said: “It’s a delight to be visiting a great town like Rochdale with such a long history of Liberalism. I am hoping that as many people as possible come along to the dinner to learn more about what the Liberal Democrats stand for and the policies that we believe will help get us out of the recession.”

Mr Cable added: “I am glad to be supporting Paul who has done a great job for Rochdale since becoming MP back in 2005 and I am really looking forward to finding out what the local issues are for people here in Rochdale.”

The Dinner will be taking place at the Broadfield Hotel, Sparrowhill, Rochdale at 7pm for 7.30pm. Tickets are priced at £35 and are available from Sue Etchells at 142a Drake Street, Rochdale...

Binman said...

Are the cancelled event menus in the Broadfield Hotel wheelie bins?



Tossed salad (locally sourced)

Onion argie-bhaji

Cold lame duck soup

Main Course:

Cooked Goose

Humble Pie



banana split.

Ugandan Bananas said...

Its a pity the event was canceled as it would have been quite a sight to witness 'Morose and Moroser' entertaining the troops with anecdotal tales of everyday LibDem political life.

But would it have been beyond the limits of human endurance to listen to those two for an hour AND eat a full meal?

Perhaps we shall never know.

Anonymous said...

Vince will be back. The Federal Party is in deep panic about key northern marginals.

The advance is in retreat.

Word in Westminster is that Nick Clegg was not impressed with Rochdale.

Nick doesn't mind getting a slice of the filthy lucre from "fundraising" but it does make him look a hypocrite when he criticises "corrupt politics".

CRB said...

Do Nick Clegg and Vince Cable really want to be associated with sex offenders?

Just the Facts said...

Isn't it strange how John Heyworth will not answer Ian Duckworth's simple question about criminal records on the Rochdale Online Forum.

Ian is hardly a soviet son of the soil so the Lib Dems, Phillip Gilligan or the rest of the Dirty Dozen could hardly accuse the former Conservative Councillor (and prosepective Conservative councillor) as batting for the other side.

Why will John Heyworth not make any mention of being found guilty for having sex with a minor and another criminal conviction for dishonesty?

"Heymaker" John Heyworth has been lobbing half-enders from Crystal Palace but the silence is deafening when a simple question is asked about his past convictions and criminal behaviour.

were there's muck there's Brass... said...

Oh the brass-ington neck of the Lib Dems and their mates on the Rochdale Online forum!!!

A simple question is asked about the RAP sheet of John Heyworth yet no answer- just a series of innuendos about criminal convictions for violence.

Those Rochdale Online libel lawyers will be able to explain the difference between criminal convictions and private prosecutions (like the sort a troublemaking lummox of a Lib Dem candidate took years ago after a kerfuffle with someone a foot shorter).

I wonder who "Tosca" could be? The name was used for a pathetic character in the BBC Drama Our Friends on the North. He had a band that failed but did better for himself when he joined the freemasons...

Fred Done said...

Is this the same Ian Duckworth who use to come into my betting shops?

Someone once told me he nearly lost his house to the vice? I couldn't honestly confirm that, however.

I feel sorry for his wife, she's actually a really nice lady they say.

Anonymous said...

Tosca = Malcolm Journeaux

Anonymous said...

The post on me bears all the hallmarks of an ex employee of a Rochdale Politician.
I bet at William Hills oldham Road, an occasional Lucky 15 on correct scores on the football. I.E. £15 a go.Anyone is quite welcome to quiz the staff.
I must have really hit a raw nerve with the usual suspects.
Never mind the smears, what are the facts on John Heyworth? Someone with two convictions for the most heinous of crimes.
Let's have an answer on that Dave.
Ian Duckworth.
Must sign off as anon 'cos I don't know how to sign in.

Paddy Power said...

I see the John Swarbrick/John Heyworth axis of weevil is hard at it.

Smears and slurs against Ian Duckworth and coy remarks about former councillors with criminal convictions and the Private Eye comments about the Standards Board.

It is all starting to make sense as to Lib Dem tactics in tipping off Private Eye...

no wonder Cllr Clayton was taunting his opponents in the Council chamber openly reading Private Eye instead of taking notice of the meeting. This was just before Robin Parker was shafted by Private Eye when those close to Steven Burke were expecting a little coup.

Fancy that, the Dirty Dozen being shafted and double crossed by Rochdale Lib Dems?!!!

Judge Jeffreys said...

I will have a bet on at least one Rochdale Lib Dem seeing the inside of a court this year.

Anonymous said...

Still no response from John Heyworth about his criminal conviction for having sex with an underage girl or his criminal conviction for dishonesty.

Instead just some flannel from John Swarbrick raking up dirt about John Murtarza and the Standards Board rulings against Robin Parker, Peter Roberts and Colin Lambert.

The distractionary slurs against H&M Labour by the Lib Dem attack poodles are then supported by Mark Hollindrake "Up The Dale / Strongbow".

A classic pincer movement- Robin Parker and Colin Lambert being shafted by both the Lib Dems and Steve Burke's raggle taggle rebels. No wonder Private Eye had a field day with them.

Anonymous said...

I doubt "Tosca" is Malcolm Journeaux.

Given his colourful business activities and other matters of legitimate public interest (regarding staff, irratic bevaviour, boastful threats and inappropriate internet posting) he wouldn't be that stupid.

Would he?

Surely the Board of Rochdale Online wouldn't be that stupid?

Would they?

What happened to the Link? said...

"The distractionary slurs against H&M Labour by the Lib Dem attack poodles are then supported by Mark Hollindrake "Up The Dale / Strongbow".

A classic pincer movement- Robin Parker and Colin Lambert being shafted by both the Lib Dems and Steve Burke's raggle taggle rebels. No wonder Private Eye had a field day with them."

Think you will find that "Mark Hollingdrake? "Up The Dale/Strongbow is in fact questioning....... the "suitability" of Stefan C and Simon D.

Also you will find there is no problem between the rebels and Robin and fact its Simon and co that Robin and Colin have the problems with. In fact they loath Simon and co.

Oh yes think you will find that the "dirty dozen" is an underestimate........try adding another half dozen or so!!!

thy enemy's enemy is shafting you said...

Same Dirty Dozen (and a half?)
Same smears.

Same muppets who don't know what a pincer movement is or when they are being shafted.

John Swarbrick/HeyworthDave Hennigan shafting Robin Parker in Private Eye and rubbing his nose in it on Rochdale Online with references to John Murtaza and the Standards Board.

You've been had. Big time.

And silence over John Heyworth and his criminal convictions. Not rumour - facts.

Sugar Daddy as no sugar left for weeping mistress. said...

If you say so.......not really bothered, as long as Sugar Daddy and his disciples get an electoral stuffing (which they WILL) and we play a part in it, while at the same time helping to get good Labour Party Comrades elected in Heywood and Middleton.

Anonymous said...

by telling lies and distributing smears?

Do Jim Dobbin and Coin Lambert want to be associated with such tactics motivated by bitter and twisted malice.

Talks of "sugar daddy" and gloating that someone has lost money is very odd.

Steve Burke has boasted how he has emailed certain documents that will destroy the PPC's reputation. Is is sure these documents are correct and can be relied on?

hursty said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

then why doesn't John Heyworth come clean about his criminal record for having sex with an underaged girl?

Is he on the Sex Offenders Register?

The smears about Ian Duckwprth are low but lame. But they do show what a nice set of folks are batting for Paul Rowen.

Is pisspoor Paul that desperate?
Are his little helpers making posts on the internet during office time?

Those who smear lies and innuendo about someones home and family life do not understand the difference between what is private and what matters are of public interest and
are legitimate to discuss. Perhaps one day someone will get a writ that explains the difference.

Anonymous said...

Absolute lies about me.
Why don't these people come clean with their real names so I can take the appropriate action.
I'm quite solvent, always have been for the last 30 years of my marriage.
Just desperation and which political party would have such people as these in them? And why are they not disowned by their own kind?
they must be very, very worried.they're even putting out in Bamford what appear to be Conservative leaflets with the Lib Dem candidates face and name on them!
My name is Ian Duckworth, what is yours hursty?

Anonymous said...

Firstly Stefan,congratulations.

I bet you never thought you would write something that was read by tens of people? must be a vast improvement on the circulation figures of "The Link".
Least when you wrote "The Link" it was what you actually believed regardless of how different it was to mainstream politics.
Do you now feel a bit sad and guilty about misrepresenting yourself all them years and becoming a poodle?

Matthew Baker, the documents I am supposedly bragging about are very reliable. If they were untrue then you,Gimley and Simon would take me to court and sue me for libel.

The big difference being I do not have or need insurance for libel so I do not have accountants or lawyers who could pressure me and would quite happily go to court.

Simple, it could end it either way so why not sue me? The truth could set you free.

Your articles are still crap by the way and you would never have got anywhere near the publication of RAP.

oops-Sugar Daddy is heading for an electoral dumping!!! said...

Keep telling you....... we don't lie about Simon, Stefan and co...we just tell it how it is!!!!

If that helps keep ex useless cllr Surrender to the BNP Bint, ex "leader" of the very small Paris based Trotkyist organisation's British section(about 4 people)Stefan, Sugar Daddy, and any other of the Pathetic half dozen of Simon's cronies elected then.. ......GREAT!!

We will continue to tell as many people as possible about events here and abroad......and its FACTUAL!!!

As far as people attacking Ian Duckworth,they are PISSPOOR for doing so. I for one respect Ian Duckworth and will encourage as many people as possible to vote for him against the Libs.

Dunkirk Flop said...

what would the point be of issuing libel proceedings against an obsessive moron living on the breadline in the seven sisters?

In the sad, sad world of this weirdo, he would love to consider himself a martyr.

What are these "reliable" documents this fool refers to?

oops... I have abused my mum on the phone, and been charged with it....give me another bottle of vodka. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
RAW - Rochdale's Alternative Website said...

The person who is representing themself as Steve Burke (IP logged) is getting very tedious.

The comments have been deleted but retained in case they are required in future.

You seem a very troubled and angry person.

Your latest comments about yet another person you don't like are just more of the same vile lies.

Please seek help. Don't suffer alone.

Anonymous said...

Dear RAW.
"IP logged" means nothing. Even IF you can log IP addresses, there is nothing you could do with the information, in any way including in law, UNLESS you were to spend tens of thousands of ponds on court orders, which none of you can afford.

Now I would suggest that you stop allowing "vile lies" being said about others as well. If nasty comments were to stop against certain people then they will not have to resort to defending themselves. You keep attacking the Council,MP etc leave us alone, and we will not bother coming on here.

By the way it is FACT that a certain person mentioned was charged with abusing his mum down the no lie.

Anonymous said...

you are a sick puppy Steve.

keep it up!!!

Dirty Dozen Pondlife said...

"tens of thusands of ponds" Steve?
You've been paddling for too long in the shallow end of the gene pool.

Now what about these "relaible" documents you keep boasting about?

Broadfield Hotel FACTS will come out said...

oh very funny. Taking the piss out of someones education. How PATHETIC.

Steve might not have loads of qualifications but he still does alright. For a start he isn't a gambling tory TWAT or a wife beating TOSSER.

Ooop"Andrea Shaw" the weeping mistress of Sugar Daddy. said...

If there's a problem with Steven's genes, then there's a problem with the genes of the weeping mistress too. At least he is not a Burke who has sold out to join Sugar Daddy's half dozen scum life.

go and wash said...

Mick Coates - unmistakable.

Strong wiff of B.O. male chauvanism and beer.

Oops-don't have a go at Sugar Daddy's mistress-she will cry. said...

So it's ok to have a go at Steven Burke but not his sister? Hm-patronising as usuall.
Talking about BO-you lot smell of sh_t, as you realise what an absolute thumping Sugar Daddy is going to get in the General Election.

Ugandan Bananas said...

There appears to be a lot of angst between various political factions.

Just accept that each party is as rank as the next. Only then will you truly enjoy the game of political musical chairs that comes around every few years.

Banana sandwiches anyone?

I love bananas, they make lovely sandwiches. said...

Yes please, love banana sandwiches.
Mind you I would not base an election campaign on bananas, or put a claim in for one.

Get Real said...

How right-on. Attacking a pregnant young woman in her third trimester. Attacking priate family life and refering. Making patronising "sugar daddy" references.

Attacking anyone who shows any support for the labour candidate with bitter, petty slurs.

Attacking others who have had very tough times and knowing how vulnerable they can be.

Other unfounded disgusting rumours
and lies peddled over a few pints and whispered behind hands like naughty schoolboys.

Bitter, obsessive sour grapes.

No wonder people are sick of politics. That is why there is a bunch of corrupt and shoddy Lib Dems running this town into the ground.

They are loving this silly spat.

Ordinary people just despare of this nonsense.

Absent fathers should pay! said...

Come off it Get Real/Simon,Steffan or Matt. This pregnant woman has been throwing sh-t and telling LIES about people, posing as "Andrea Shaw" etc, so can have some back. She is not some innocent non-political person-she is well and truly involved. She has been telling LIES for 18 months. Can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

We have only come on here to have a go back, after all the lies and slurs by you lot on here and elsewhere. If you carry on we will carry on.

All those we mention have told lies about us. We tell the TRUTH, and will continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

Simon and Stefan, it's a bit rich you two slagging others off for drinking booze, considering the amounts you drink!

Up Your Dale said...

Come off it. The current PPC and his cohorts may be dishing it out at the moment, but the so-called Saintly Seven weren't behind the door in the past when it came to the verbals and the intimidation.

There are many local members who could tell tales of being on the receiving end of a tirade of comradely debate from them.

They now complain about the trotty background of Danczuk supporters. Their only problem being that it isn't their own trotty faction.

They deserve each other.

Anonymous said...

And tales and lies they would be. I am glad that the PPC has got those people around him, they will be part of his massive downfall and loss at the polls.

Sod off back to Darwen with your mistress said...

we will destroy Dumbfuck and not the Labour Party.

We will support Labour MP's elsewhere in the borough and have been doing since the show trial and expulusions.

Jim Dobbin and Colin Lambert support the Magnificent Seven and will have nothing to do with Dumbfuck and Chowbollockbrain.

Leave i' art said...

Dobbin and Lambert support the Sorry Seven! Now I've heard everything. Prove it.

Oops-there is no support for Sugar Daddy from Heywood and Middleton. said...

Don't have to prove it, Simon knows for sure. Certainly they don't support Simon,me hence lack of support and workers from Heywood and Middleton.

Al the Greengrocer said...

It is becoming obvious that vile, shitbag Lib Dems are posting on here to stir things up. As if they ain't got enough problems of their own with Angie Coric and now Denis "Phwoar look at them big 'uns officer" Whittle being deselected. And if things are to be believed there's a lot more trouble ahead for them this year.

Now they are trying to besmirch Ian Duckworth because he had the temerity to question Heyworth's skeleton laden cupboard. They really are a nasty bunch of reptiles. I'll slag off Ian Duckworth, but because he's a Tory and supports Tory policies and not by telling unsubstantiated lies about him.

But, never mind Ian, you only lost a couple of local elections in Rochdale mate. At least you've never lost both your marriage and your job within the space of 12 months. Now who is the sad loser?

Rochdale seven will help give Sugar Daddy an electoral hammering said...

Certainly agree re the terrible insults to Ian Duckworth.

Leave i' art said...

The Lib Dems can deselect every single cllr for all I care, Mike. What's clear is that you are a twisted little nonentity who I shall be making every effort to kick out of the party.

I also have it on the best authority possible that Jim and Colin support the official Labour candidate for Rochdale. If you can't actually prove your claim then at least give us all some evidence.

boo hoo Sugar Daddy is skint said...

Labour leaflets are being delivered in Heywood by those expelled by Region.

They are picked up from Colin in Jim's office.

Dumbfuck was snubbed at the Labour Party Conference.

Leave i' art said...

That shows that the Sorry Seven support Jim Dobbin but not vice versa. You're being played matey.

happy slappy Vision 21 and the Link said...

Think what you want but Simon Dumbfuck and his stooges will not win. We will make sure of that.

There is no-one to help Dumbfuck post his leaflets. We will put ours through thousands of doors. The public will find out the truth about Dumbfuck for sure.

Leave i' art said...

Wassup Mike. You collect your leaflets from Colin to post through thousands of doors. Yet not a shred of evidence that he or Jim support the Squalid Seven. You are being played for the one note banjoes that you have all become.

Bat Faker said...

who was it that bleated to the Rochdale Observer about being "bullied"?

a stupid move by Sugar Daddy and his young mistress.

Have they never heard about the schoolyard rhyme "sticks and stones"?

Anonymous said...

What we have here are people who believe the false notion that "my enemies enemy, is my friend." And now to avenge their ejection from their party have ended up in the gutter with the type of people they affect to despise.
It is understandable to be manipulated by a Machiavelli, but John Heyworth and a failed spin doctor?
What fools they are, and what a bad
ending they will meet.

Stefan, Matt & Simon - the gang of 3 said...

Stafan, there is loads of room in the gutter for you, Simon and his mistress on May 7th whilst decent MP's like Jim Dobbin will keep their seats.

We will destroy Simon Dinchuck's reputation.

Stefan "The Link" Facebook, red light jumping twat doesn't have a reputation to destroy. People in Balderstone are already finding ut about him and see him for what he is.

Ugandan Bananas said...

On a more serious note, what are the bookie's odds that in the next month yet another page filler article will appear in the Observer that:

1) Concerns Ian Duckworth
2) Mentions the fact that he is an ex-councillor /prospective Conservative candidate or
3) Mentions the Conservative party in some way and
4) has a photo of Ian Duckworth holding/pointing/squatting down and pointing/ standing on one leg / juggling and riding a uni-cycle etc etc etc

Credit where its due, Ian Duckworth is making himself known to the electorate.

Perhaps its one of the reasons why some on here seem to despise him. He's obviously got a bit of nouse which the obviously haven't.

Tory Lad Broke said...

Duckworth is known to the electorate of Bamford - he lost 2 elections.

Ian - stuffing your nuts down the engine of his mondeo and blaming it on squirrels is hardly top flight politics mate.

Stick to the gee gees.

Anonymous said...

Having read this thread I have only one question.

Is Rochdale really this mad?

Ugandan Bananas said...

It all started to go wrong when the Tories started the ball rolling by creating a semi-private system within the NHS. A policy enthusiastically continued by Labour.

Cue the money men and the closure of long term care facilities etc etc.

Care in the community might have seemed a good idea at the time but its really thrown a spanner into the local political scene as can be seen in this thread.

Sugar Daddy all alone said...

try taking photos outside the Catholic Club this Friday and you will see how mad we are.

Full house against Simon and his mistress versus an empty Labour Club on Oldham Rd.

"Businessman" Dimchump is a closet Tory twat. His hangers-on are not trade unionists so are not welcome.

Anonymous said...

Not Trade Unionists so not welcome?

What Trade Unions? The days of the 'real' unions with 'clout' has long since passed.

What exists now are state funded ones who rattle the cage every year for a pay rise (ie screw the private sector tax payer for more cash)

You are living in the past.

Wanna know a secret? Even the Labour party isn't Labour anymore.

Its an offshoot of the Tories 9and vice-versa)

yorkshire Social worker alert!!!! said...

Is Phillip Gilligan in a union- other than the mother's union?

I bet he is there at tonight's meeting together with a little bunch of followers. So angry for supposedly peaceful folk. At least Paul Rowen and his little munchkins will get a full report on events.

The Magnified 7 said...

The Sleazy Seven appear to have become the Silent Seven. Still no word from them after their Friday night meeting at the Catholic Club where they all arrived in the same cab.

Are they going to put up or shut up? The clever money is on them doing neither.

Anonymous said...

Ha,ha. You idiot. We had way more at our meeting than recent Labour Party meetings, including Labour party members.

We reaffirmed our campaign to make sure Simon and his cronies get thrashed in the elections.