Monday, 25 January 2010

Axed henchman hints at Night of Long Knives?

A former Rochdale Lib Dem spin doctor is keeping his hand in.
DEPARTED ... David Hennigan.
Dave Hennigan has been loyal since his unceremonial dumping by Paul Rowen. But are there now hints of things getting ugly? Is the cock crowing three times?

"I have no doubt that Dale [Mulgrew] will be an MP in the near future, probably in Rochdale".

Fancy that. Is Dave imagining a future, a near future, where Paul Rowen is not Rochdale's MP?
Dave was close to Greg Stone in Sedgefield- the North East blogger who described Paul Rowen as the "dullest MP in the house".

But are Dave's latest comments just another unfunny joke from the Jimmidy Cricket stable?
First, Alan Taylor is given the boot (after Dale and others spent months briefing against him).
Then Greg Couzens fails in taking the leadership.
Dale ends up becoming deputy leader then abandons his "pastime" of standing as an MP in Rossendale.

Now Dave Hennigan gives Cyril Smith's godson the thumbs-up by suggesting he could probably be Rochdale's MP in the "near future".

Dave could of course mean somewhere else in or near Rochdale where Lib Dems are standing. Could Elwyn Watkins be for the chop in Oldham or Wera Hobhouse pulled from Heywood and Middleton?

Or is cheeky Dave hinting at the rumours about the strange going-ons with Paul Rowen's parliamentary expenses, the Rochdale Reform Buildings and local party donations?

Even though unemployment is finally going down again in Rochdale, could Paul soon be heading for the Job Centre Plus in Fleece Street? Or could he be going somewhere else, all paid for by Her Majesty?

A week is a long time in politics. Ask Cllr Denis Whittle.$plit/C_71_article_1180456_image_list_image_list_item_0_image.jpg
Lurid allegations were made last year about him showing pornography to a young female police officer. Denis says it was a bum rap but his denials didn't stop leaked reports of him getting a right rogering from Mr Ellis the council's Chief Executive. Now Denis has been de-selected. With all these goings-on, does the right hand know what the left is doing? Sharif

Angie Coric has been de-selected too. But there are moves afoot to have the meeting that did this dirty deed deemed dud. Does this spat have anything to do with Cllr Mohammad Sharif losing his deputyship?

Paul Rowen was seen consoling Angela over a bowl of beetroot soup last week. Perhaps her seat is safe after all?

Meanwhile, the Rochdale Lib Dem meltdown continues after Vince Cable failed to show up for his dinner.

Paul seems to have the golden touch for Rochdale Lib Dems...
Dave Hennigan - gone from Drake Street
Alex Webster - gone from Westminster
Alan Taylor - gone as Leader
Mohammad Sharif - gone as Deputy Leader
Greg Couzens - having a well-earned rest
Denis Whittle - deselected
Anglea Coric- deselected
Dale Mulgrew - resigned as PPC for Rossendale.

As Dale's dad might say... there's more!


Anonymous said...

I've just been watching Dr Who in a parallel world. It must be the world you inhabit, because in this world Alan Taylor was Leader and Irene Davidson was Deputy Leader. Md Sharif was a mere cabinet member.

Dave's cheeze dreamz said...

It was all a dream Dave.

Wake up. You still have your job.

Alan is still the boss, Paul's expenses are all in order, Angie Coric hasn't faced deselection and Denis Whittle's phone is clean as a vicar's conscience.

Kingsway Business Park is full, with thousands of new jobs.

Cyril didn't abuse those young lads or take bungs from all those property developers and businessmen.

Silly you, you must have just had a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

According to the latest Rochdale wide Lib Dem leaflet, received yeterday, Alan Taylor is still the leader, Angela Coric hasn't been de-selected and the Tories haven't got a candidate.

Flash Gordon said...

In that unflaterring photo Henningan looks like Ming the Merciless.

Ming not minge.

Obviously, the thought of Paul Rowen avoiding minge would be ridiculous.

Hubris biting Dave H right on the arse said...

Denis gets deselected. He was shafted at the time of the lurid allegations. There were mystery briefings against him that were written in a way that protected Rochdale Lib Dems. There was even public mention of Denis having treatment for a brain tumour written in a way that suggested he was ill, not fit for office and not responsible for his alleged actions.

All this was done against Denis by his own party.

At the time Dave Hennigan was Paul Rowen's spin doctor.

Now this muppet has the bare faced cheek to suggest others have been smearing Denis.

I don't know what medication Dave is on but it screwing with his memory. But keep it up Dave as it is putting a wry smile of the faces of those who know what you have been up to over the years.

Your lies and spin have already started to unravel. What goes around comes around you sad man.

It is worth haing a small wager on what happens next.

never trust a smiling politician said...

Dale Mulgrew's smiling visage is next to the terrible news that elderly council care is being cut.

The caption under Cllr Cricket's sick smile says it all... "committed".

Yep - he should be.

How do these clowns sleep at night after causing so much damage to our town and most vulnerable citizens?