Tuesday, 5 January 2010

RMBC to put brewery services out to tender?

Are we seeing the last days of Rome in snowy Rochdale?

Is Nero fiddling?

There is a lack of grit to keep our roads open but Rochdale Council's £2,000,000+ media unit remain slippery with spin.

Local businesses feel the chill because simple council tasks can't be done. But fear not - "exciting times" are promised with Kingsway Business Park, a new £65 million PFI council office and Metrolink coming to town.

Shattered dreams, wasted opportunities, corrupt (moral and financial) and unaccountable decisions are failing Rochdale.

The wheels of private investment have fallen off the Rochdale Town Centre "regeneration".

Adult care services are being dismantled. A letter delivered on Christmas Eve informed an old folks' home that they have lost their warden...

As Cllr Mulgrew's dad Jimmidy Cricket might say... "there's more!".

The voluntary Wheels on Meals service is now threatened.

The rumours from the Town Hall are rife...
...is Rochdale Council going to put brewery services out to tender?
After all, it seems they don't have the organisational skills required.

Is helpful Roger Ellis drafting Irene Davidson's response for her ?


N. Clarke said...

can't Cllr Greg Couzens help melt the snow on the footpaths with his hot air...from his hair dryer?

Al the Greengrocer said...

See that Jeanie - Cllr Jean Ashworth is spouting her usual semi-literate crap on Rochdale Online.
She is suggesting that anyone who complains about the poor gritting of our roads is attacking hard working council staff.
This is from a woman who has voted to slash council worker's pay in the last year!
Typical Lib Dem tactics. If you criticise the Council, they try to turn it around and say you're attacking council staff.
No Jeanie love, we're attacking you dear and the other half wits in the Lib Dem Group that are making such a fucking mess of running the Council. Stop hiding behind hard working council staff whose pay you have cut recently and start accepting responsibility for your own failures, you saddo!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more, Al. Jean Ashworth is the most blindly obedient nasty little yapping terrier the Lib Dems have.

She will support absolutely anything they do and is utterly brainwashed.

Ugandan Bananas said...

The top brass at RMBC do know how to keep their admin staff sweet. The ones who might know too much.

A bit o' snow and they are sent home early - well at least the ones who made the effort to turn-up.

And the cost of paying the molly cuddled town centre staff for doing bugger all except travel home? Who knows but one thing is for sure, it will be passed on to the tax payer if needs be.


Mole said...

Impact Partnership staff know all about the lack of grit. The phones have crashed twice (some say they were deliberately pulled).

At the same time that Heywood and Rochdale were gridlocked Oldham refused the kind offer to sell grit to Rochdale at a hell of a premium.

As the bad weather continues, other councils will have problems thus legitimising some of the loyal spin from the likes of Cllr Jean Jeanie and her sidekick Charlie. But never forget the problem - Rochdale failed first- and the main reasons for this was a lack of foresight, effective executive management plus ineptitude,inefficiency and duplication caused when PFI subcontracting for a profit takes over a simple council Direct Works service.

Lack of grit.
Crazy road schemes that cost a fortune and fail.

Also, look at the rapacious charges Impact Partnership add to the Rochdale Council bill for anything they do - paperwork, administration, delivery - all with an extra level of paperwork and a profit premium added.


Al the Greengrocer said...

Well, thanks for your comments, Anon 15:32 - you say Jeanie is brainwashed. Did she have a brain to wash in the first place? Have you seen the standard of her Councillor Diaries on Rochdale Online? She is somewhat grammatically challenged! This woman spent most of her working life in the NHS and when the Nye Bevan House LIFT Centre was opened on Tweedale Street, she posted a question asking who Nye Bevan was!
And yes, Mole, we know all about Jeanie's little sidekick, Charly (Aka Linda Phillips)- and Amna Mir certainly knows about her!
It has now come to light via Colin Lambert, the Labour Group Leader, that council staff such as street cleaners, gardeners and bin collectors actually volunteered to come in to work and to help clear roads and footpaths of snow. But, hang on here's the killer - our super duper Lib Dem Council refused to let them!
And, by the way, who is the Lib Dem cabinet member with responsibility for gritting? Why none other than new leader Irene Davidson! Mind you, to be fair to Irene, she only took over the mess bequeathed to her by that complete disaster Wera Hobhouse.
Anyway, must rush off now folks as being a greengrocer I have to deal with all kinds of vegetables. Ah! there you are Greg!

Stall 7b said...

but please don't follow the example of Alan Taylor- former greengrocer and former agent to Cyril Smith - who was well known back in the day for bragging about his sexual exploits of inserting root vegetables and fruit into local lasses.

One hell of a way to give them 5 a day.

Dirty bugger.

Anonymous said...

yes- Roger Ellis is drafting Irene's response for her. It is called a "review".

More fudge than Cadbury's.

House Telegraph said...

Moral is at an all time low with council workers who face savage cuts in wages and budgets.

An email was sent out from above asking for vlounteers to help shift snow in the borough (no doubt for a press release)

The miserable response to Roger Ellis' call to arm was predictable. "That £140,000 fat cat twat can f*** off" was one of the more moderate reponses.

Was Plan B then wheeled out? The one were "Elf n safety gone mad" explained why council staff couldn't clear the snow and ice off the pavements.

Over a million pounds a year salary goes to the senior executive officers and it is clear they couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery.