Saturday, 9 January 2010

Et tu Mulgrew...come here, there's more...

Jimmidy Cricket's comedy politician son Dale Mulgrew has just been made Rochdale's "vice Caesar".

A direct consequence of giving poor Alan Taylor the boot?

What a funny old world.

As reported by RAW here, here ,here, here and here.
Dale instigated the Rochdale Lib Dem leadership crisis with Cllr Greg Couzens. For months they briefed against Alan Taylor and openly criticised his leadership. Dale instigated the backroom vote of no confidence. He left the pearl handled revolver on Alan's desk so that he could "do the right thing".

In December, Dale's buddy Greg failed miserably in the leadership election.
And now the three horse race for deputy chair confirms that "ambitious" Greg Couzens is as popular as a turd in a swimming pool.

So, (by default?) Rossendale's prospective parliamentary candidate is now also the deputy leader of Rochdale Council. Responding to a question about conflicting loyalties, Dale was profound: "I would have to think about it".

A double filling of those golden wellies? Make sure you don't mix left and right Dale!

Godfather Cyril Smith will be pleased as punch. Someone who can be "guided" near to the top.
Who would dare ask about historic sexual abuse to someone closely connected to a national comedy legend? Also, with Dale as vice leader and still in charge of Health and Social Care in the borough, can there be a cover up as to why Cyril Smith has been able to stay in Rochdale infirmary since August 2009? Wouldn't ordinary mortals have gone into a care home?

There will be the positive spin and froth spewing from Rochdale Lib Dems about the "exciting" times from the "new leadership" but RAW detects some profound cover-up, fiddling and avoidance happening.

What has happened to the third man in the deputy leadership election?

What has happened to the old Deputy Leader and portfolio holder for regeneration - Councillor Mohammad Sharif?
Why is he so busy bullying Angie Coric out of her seat? Cllr Sharif
Does Mohammad Sharif's demise have anything to do with Rochdale's failed regeneration game?


Godfatherwatch said...

Dale was inept as portfolio holder for Adult Care.

His comments about Rochdale being a priority for him now he is Deputy Leader suggests he has given up his aspirations to be Rossendale's next MP.

Looks like his dad's efforts at fundraising for his charidee DVD have gone to waste.

Within the Lib Dem party in Rochdale, Greg and Dale's backstabbing has tarnished their reputations.

Bacup Eye said...

Dale Mulgrew has suggested that his standing in Rossendale is a "pastime".

Has he got too much time on his hands?

I wonder how the people of Rossendale feel about how seriously Jimmy Cricket's lad is taking them.

Anonymous said...

How odd. The Rochdale Lib Dem press releases quickly gushed about their first female leader.

But silence about ditching their muslim deputy.

Has Cllr Coric got the whip hand?

Seek and ye shall find said...

Rochdale Conservatives had a female leader over 20 years ago with Pam Horton.

A good friend to Cyril Smith, Pam kept a eye on Rochdale politics even when she retired to the south coast.

Her past knowledge of social services in Rochdale was still useful just prior to her death last year. Who asked her questions about what went on in Rochdale all those years ago? What did she tell them?

Have all the files been destroyed or were some copies made?

Rochdale Rapper said...

John Swarbrick and Dave Hennigan have gone all holier that thou on the Rochdale Online Forum.

They say they are digusted by smears and bullying but seem to forget that their last leader and deputy leader has just been booted out in a mini Lib Dem coup. They have forgotten about the way Alan was openly briefed about for the last year by Cllrs Couzens and Mulgrew and Adam Power. The rift between the new leaders and Mo Sharif and Zulf Ali is an open wound within the Rochdale Lib Dems.

No doubt they will be blaming others for the deselection attempts of Angie Coric next.

But what do you expect from a bunch that has remained silent on the sexual abuse of young lads at Cambridge House hostel?

Ugandan Bananas said...

Seems to me the local 'politicians' and those who closely follow their mutterings end up living in a world of their own.

Come local election time, a monkey could be standing but 80% of voters will, in zombie-like fashion, cast their vote in the time honoured way by voting for the party they have always voted for. A sort of political flagellation, if you like.

And then what? A few more years of the same bickering and bull**** until the next local election.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, incompetence runs amock within the Council.

Anonymous said...

Spot on UB.

The thing is that the hubris of some in Rochdale Lib dems must catch up with them one day.

Alan Taylor and Mo Sharif were sacked by their own no matter how they want to dress it up.

Dave Hennigan was sacked by Paul Rowen. Dave remains loyal and will help out with Rushie and a few others but it must stick in his throat to have been treated so badly by the guy he got into power.

What Dave told Greg Stone when campaigning up at Sedgefield was true - just a bit unfortunate the indiscrete "Inamicus" blogged about it. Paul Rowen is the dullest MP at Westminster. Out of his depth as an MP - and it is showing now Dave isn't doing his PRs.

Anonymous said...

Well, the full Council meeting last night sums up the dire state of Rochdale. A working example of the mess that happens when Fib Dems get power.

Thank god Greg Couzens wasn't able to seize power - his performamance last night was lamentable. People were actually feeling sorry for him until they realised just what a mess our town's finances are now in.

The regeneration projects are in absolute disaray and the grand highways projects are destroying what is left.

The first thing any sensible administration would do is scrap the plans for a £65,000,000 PFI office block that will tip our town's finances completely into a permanent blackhole. Problem is that the property speculators that secretly contribute to Rochdale Lib Dem party funds and the corporate fat cats who depend on these grand projects for their livelihoods will not allow this to happen.

God help Rochdale.